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6.5k · Aug 2015
Ameliorate Aug 2015
I've lived a thousand lives
And died a thousand deaths
Within the pages of my notebooks
5.6k · Jun 2015
On Lust;
Ameliorate Jun 2015
Feeling your hot breath against my mouth as you exhale into me.
Your lips against mine, filling my body with unanswered desire.
A kiss so strong I have to steady my body against yours for fear of falling.
As you find the light in me.
4.8k · Jun 2015
Perfectly Imperfect
Ameliorate Jun 2015
Imperfection intertwined deeply within my roots
But with a smile like this, ah
Who's to say what perfection is anyway?
3.5k · Aug 2018
Heartbreak and sleeplessness
Ameliorate Aug 2018
Another week is done and little has been accomplished
It seems lately I only exist to eat, I’ve barely left the house
Sleepless nights filled with scrambled egg thoughts of a time which doesn’t exist any longer, served up on a plate come breakfast time
My new home although filled with animals, holds no resemblance to what we had built together
The home I finally deserved left desiccated come springtime’s-battle with mental health
The cats although great company do not replace the steady hum of your computer fans
The rhythm of your breathing knowing you were somewhere close in proximity
Weekends brought a time when we felt whole
6 am memories releasing silent fountains of tears do not bring us back together
Hours passing can’t erase the 4 months it’s been since you left me
Or the wintertime when everything had been perfectly comfortable
No, our love left me with a void of blankness impossible to just shake away
Entirely unforgiving feelings, grieving for every kind word you ever said
Id be lying if I didn’t miss you.
2.7k · Jul 2015
Manitoban Skies
Ameliorate Jul 2015
Manitoban Skies

Clouds are the mountains of the prairies
Towering cumulonimbus masses
Incredible backdrops across an otherwise plain blue sky
Warning call that rainstorms may approach
Vertical reminders of atmospheric instability
Jetted upwards into vast formations stretching miles and miles
Promises of unrelenting lighting and thunder
Cinematic sequences is country folk are lucky to view
Humidity in the summer, ah
What would we do without you?
Rolling clouds are a fair trade for the lack of rolling hills
Clouds are the mountains of the prairies.
2.6k · Jul 2015
Wake of the surf
Ameliorate Jul 2015
Desperate plea escapes from inside
You're on the brink and I'm a surfer
Riding those residual waves back to shore
2.5k · Jun 2015
Cotton Candy Sunset
Ameliorate Jun 2015
Clouds and colors painted across the sky,
Evening is upon us in all of it's wondrous glory.
The golden hour; an artist's canvas.
Sunlight glows over the treetops,
Saying goodnight to the daytime; welcoming dusk.
A sliver of the moon; peaking out making it's presence known.
For in a few short hours the sky will harbor a new scene,
One where the moon becomes dominant over all.
Deep blue darkness with perfectly plotted stars burning millions of miles away.
I wonder to myself of all the star crossed lovers,
Who have looked upon the same night sky.
I feel lucky to have you by my side in this moment of beauty,
For true love shall never die.
2.4k · Jul 2015
Ameliorate Jul 2015
A delicate smile,
So sweet,
Could melt any woman's heart.
And send her boat,
Blissfully cast out to sea.
2.3k · Jul 2015
Ameliorate Jul 2015
Underneath the window to the galaxy we sat,
Basking in the warm red glow of the fire that burned brightly before us.
Swarms of Mosquitos nipping at whatever piece of skin they could sink their spouts into.
The wind roared, causing hot flare ups of the firewood sending us swinging backward batting away embers which had taken flight.
Sipping our drinks, smiling too widely, laughing with our friends.
Sharing unforgettable moments and making priceless memories;
All while the sky unfolded it's beauty above,
Holding each of us in our little places in the universe, so completely.
Pondering the vastness of it all.
Sitting under the Milky Way,
Making new friends and growing closer to the ones you've always known.
This is the magic of Hecla;
Hecla is part of us, forever.
Inspired by the gorgeous night sky over the weekend.
2.2k · Aug 2015
Ameliorate Aug 2015
Whispering wind
Blowing steadily
Carrying the voices of nature
Reaching all corners
Making Mother Nature's voice heard
Sun beaming down upon my skin
Feeling alive
In this moment
Sitting in a field feeling the wind blow
1.7k · Jun 2015
From Ash
Ameliorate Jun 2015
Rising, like a Phoenix out of the ashes.
Burning  the skies strike a match to the tarmac.
Holy water, sprinkle a dose on your sins;
Remember not to let the poison win.
A short little blurb
1.6k · Jul 2015
Ameliorate Jul 2015
She is finally freed from her cage
Her flight feathers grew back
Her wingspan impressive like the dawn of a new day
Flighted, and ready
She takes to the sky
An eruption of beauty
Never to be seen again.
1.5k · Aug 2015
Every Single Time
Ameliorate Aug 2015
I hate being a woman sometimes
Ripe with blistering emotions
Falling into impossible crushes
With men completely out of your league .
Well, it's true.
1.4k · Aug 2015
< fill in the blanks >
Ameliorate Aug 2015
It's the allure of everything unknown that we find most desirable.
Ameliorate Jul 2015
You raise that beer glass to your lips with such expert precision .
We exchange words out loud, yet we've been speaking with our eyes this whole time.
Yours looking softly through your glasses.
Lower, lower, lower.
However unintentionally, I notice when your eyes come to rest on my exposed cleavage.
Have I done this on purpose?
Worn a low-cut shirt to watch you squirm.
As little as I know you, oh I am wildly attracted .
You've snared me with your lips, dimples, eyes.
To know what you're thinking,
As we enjoy each-others company in a room filled with the chatter of many humans.
Each with their own agendas.
How long has it been since someone ****** softly on your bottom lip during the heat of a kiss?
Am I crazy for thinking that maybe you're just as attracted to me?
I fell very vulnerable, exposed as I sit here.
My hair is up and I can't hide behind dim lit campfire.
We just watch each other, with the frustrating inability to read the others mind.
Now we are just locked in another battle with time.
Your laugh is incredibly intoxicating
It has me more buzzed than these drinks
I crave to listen to your voice for hours
Away from this crowded environment.
What could happen if we were alone?
Would you kiss me, heated, like I've been dying to kiss you?
To taste your lips, choreograph a dance with your tongue
You have the strong hands of a man who's been working on vehicles his whole life
Dirt etched deeply within the fabrication of your flesh
What are those fingers capable of?
I shiver, drawn back out of my daydream
People laugh and cheer around us
There's a football game on the surrounding TVs.
The game doesn't interest me
But I need to pay extra attention to be able to hear you over the roar of people
Drown out the sound
It's only static
Watching your lips move
You're a piece of art
Perfectly canvassed for a poetic muse
Yet you're sitting here with me
The lost art of conversation, by now we must be experts
You must be able to see right through everything I am
My good intentions like driving at hyper speed
I wear my attraction so visibly I feel it must be noticeable
You don't give away if you know, though
I'll catch you off guard underneath the stars one day
When everything else becomes obsolete
And we lose ourselves until the sun breaks across the horizon
Yes, I intended to make you squirm
I've added an ending, since a lot of people told me my ending was too abrupt and I wasn't satisfied with how I left it halted.
1.1k · Feb 2016
Time Traveller
Ameliorate Feb 2016
I've been sitting here,
Dwelling upon a time where I no longer live,
Where your voice has been calling out to me from the darkness.
Caution, the past reads to me,
"Proceed with Caution".
You're a stranger to me but so terribly familiar,
The epitome of unknown territory.
With the allure of a once recognizable ground,
Seductive, blue-eyed trickster that with one sharp glance had swept me off my feet.
Set ablaze,
Forever appropriate burden of timeless enchantment.
Insatiable hunger to quell these building thoughts,
Longing for a time in which it's impossible to return.
What shall be our fate?
My lost friend, the time traveller.
1.1k · Aug 2015
My Horns are Showing
Ameliorate Aug 2015
You are sweetness embodied
And I am the Devil, just begging for you to sin.
1.1k · Jun 2015
Ameliorate Jun 2015
There is a moment between the cusp of darkness, and the rise of the morning sun
As the colors of a new day creep forth
The fire crackles as the hot embers burn
Emitting enough heat that I am not cold as I sit here
Soon you return to me
The bench shifts under our weight
You don't say anything for a moment
Allowing the silence take us forward into a new day
We watch the sun slowly creeping
Turning to me, the orange-red of the fire catching the whites of your eyes, bathing them with the soft glow.
I catch you smile and I can't help but laugh
A strange thing us sharing this moment
I am sure you think it's strange too
"Quite beautiful", you say with absolute precision
I tell myself not to read into it
Looking at you, it's hard to not see the attraction
Your features are very warm, your eyes scrunch up like mine when you smile
I think you must know that you're handsome
How could you not?
The sky is a brilliant red now
Glowing off the backdrop of darkness.
The fire seems pointless now, since the sky has burst into flames
Maybe it too looks up in awe and wonder
Welcoming the light of a new day

Your hand finds it's way to rest a top mine,
The instant contact startles me
I feel myself blushing
Your eyes are filled with fire now
A deep burning that I couldn't see before
We sit there silently in the moment
As the morning comes alive.
1.0k · Jun 2015
Snake Master
Ameliorate Jun 2015
Oh snake master, with your deep eyes and your skillful tongue
Please uncage me and let me run my scales wildly through your hands
Hold me steadily, strongly as you tame me
Freeing me from the confines which house me
Oh snake master, your skin cool to the touch like mine
Pale white and smooth
We are different from each other, but similar
My blood runs cold while your veins pump warmly, coursing through your being
Oh snake master
Run your hands across my tiny body
Hold me firmly while you speak
Whisper softly to me as I wrap around your neck
Gripping you tightly as I become comfortable
You are not afraid
Oh snake master
Tell me your secrets
I am content here, now coiled around your arm
Your eyes glisten with hope, face handsome and young
I want to surround you, to find home within your warmth
Oh snake master
I feel your heart beating
You have me bewitched under your charm

Oh snake master
Oh snake master
Oh snake master
1.0k · Jul 2015
Ameliorate Jul 2015
I can't stop thinking
I can't shut it off
My mind is mess
Poured neat on the rocks
Time constantly changes
As we fall apart
And glue ourselves back together
Duct tape around my heart
The bottle is empty
Somehow we drank it dry
Midnight is upon us
I just want to know why?
Quick little scribble
1.0k · Jul 2015
Ameliorate Jul 2015
Un-relentlessly beaconing to us with the ebb and flow of passing time,
Lake Winnipeg crashed against her rocky shoreline.
Creating harmonious ambiance for the star struck budding lovers lost in each others eyes.
Oh contingency, lock your hands with fate.
Make this moment surpass even time.
931 · Jul 2015
Ameliorate Jul 2015
Imagining your lips trailing soft delicate kisses across my skin
Leaving little goosebumps in it's wake
My body tingling in response as you send shivers down my spine
Feeling your breath, hot on my neck as I arch my back in a primal response
Your fingers lingering in the most sensitive of places, calling out a dark sudden urge inside me.
You toy with me, cradled away from the world
For a night I am yours, lost within a sea of blankets and soft, delicious moans.
I am your marionette and tonight, you're pulling on all of my strings.
Control me, puppet master.
Your every wish is my body's command.
921 · Jun 2015
Bathed in Darkness
Ameliorate Jun 2015
Take the plunge with me
Answer to the irrevocable calling that is this moment
Maybe in comparison the fear you might have if you were to jump off a cliff bungee jumping.
For this we won't have harnesses
Only flesh embodied, skin caressed with the warmth of the blankets and each other.
Swim with me in this forbidden pool
The night is young and the taste of white wine heavy on your tongue
906 · Jun 2015
Ameliorate Jun 2015
Maybe I'm chasing a fairy tale.
A deep rooted facade, sending blind fools head first into heartache.
Maybe I'm chasing a dream.
Just out of my grasp, slipping blissfully through my fingers as I wake up from my slumber.
Maybe, just maybe what I lust after isn't so far fetched after all and I too have become jaded.
I've seen irrevocable and wild love, brought forth by gut busting laughter.
Smiles so wide you feel your face might split open seam to seam.
Your souls dancing around one another unable to sit silently for too long.
Moments pass and it already feels like you've been apart too long, even if you've spent days with them.
I know this exists; that warmth, the desire.
An urgency.
A fire coursing through my body begging to be released.
I know this irrevocable, passionate love exists.
But I don't know if it'll ever be waiting to be received by me.
I think we all feel this way at one point or another.
884 · Jul 2015
Ameliorate Jul 2015
You kissed me once, and it was as if the whole universe stood still.
The nights our beings ended up in the same room, inadvertently drawn closer to each other though the dawning of midnight had long passed.
Breaths heavy with the lingering scent of whatever alcohol of choice we drank down through out the evening as we occupied the same space.

I, constantly going over in my head how I could possibly bring your eyes to mine.
Seductively blinking under tired, intoxicated eyelids.
Our friends floated in and out of the surrounding space, dancing around us until we were left just with each other.

It's been quite a few years now, but we've occupied the same space since then.
Once in a while I find myself wondering if you too remember those moments, and then I laugh cause you were drunk and I was stupid.
856 · Jun 2015
In Friendship
Ameliorate Jun 2015
Welcome Back
My dear friend
I've missed you
You've been gone so long
Lost amongst the passage of time
Yet someone you returned
Made your way
Safely back
Back to me
829 · Jul 2015
Ameliorate Jul 2015
His eyes,
Burned into the deep backwoods of my mind,
Calling out to me even more with the passing of time.

Secretly glancing over at you,
Desperate to know if your eyes want mine too.
823 · Jul 2015
Ameliorate Jul 2015
While you're waiting for things to happen, drive out to the sea.
Make a pact with your past to stay away from the future, without the haste and stress.
Take a swim, plunge into an icy cold bath.
Remind yourself that you hold beauty, the mirror doesn't always accurately reflect.
Find solace in the simple, remember that you're great.
A little bit of self care, can go a very long way.
797 · Dec 2019
December 27th, 2019
Ameliorate Dec 2019
My entire adult life spent through selfies adorned with false smiles, vanity portraying the "best version" of myself.
My own body delusions still presented without filter, although masked.
Raw, vulnerable photographs through my weakest moments, tear strings, pink cheeks and red eyes aren't something I've felt comfortable posting.
However posed my photos are, they still aren't altered.
Playing up my own dysmorphic disorder from youth yet grasping my own beauty seen as overly vain.
Early youth Ex boyfriends told me selfies were extremely narcissistic, and made me seem rampant for attention.
But does a girl who has such little following still seek approval of others when they don't like photos?
I'm not sure.
My instagram feed is dull.
It's not uniform or beautifully choreographed.
I often hide photos, as I too enjoy hiding myself from time to time.
I intended on leaving an imprint of all these useless photos I've taken over the last decade. Physically I no longer share similar traits to younger versions of myself, though mentally I've changed overall time and time again. People have called me iron-clad, the strongest person they know.
But am I?
My body embellished with secrets of a personality I used to be too afraid of showing men until this fall.
How many basic accommodations I've missed out on, how my body soaks up the granules of this love.
My being is a season, wise in my own way and mystic in terms of value.  
Windows beaming with warm midday sunlight, and crispy fall mornings.
Evolving rituals, moonglow and warmth. Certain darkness like still plotted night skies. Teetering vulnerability, and overstuffed closet.
Days less spent pining over lost dysfunction, and moreover trying to figure out who I have become.
Perceived destruction of oneself versus proverbial Phoenix reconditioning.  
Warrior ignite.
This winter's met with welcomed warmth though grazed heartache and sadness.
My dad died this month by suicide and I'm still trying to figure out up from down.
763 · Jun 2015
Ameliorate Jun 2015
Embodied inside flesh, bone, blood
Across distances and lifetimes as they say
Awaiting the day you reconnect with that missing piece
The one who will breathe a new life into you
Electric pieces combine
Fizzing, sparking, fulfilling
Creating a whole once again
Seeking what you once had within
To become what you shouldn't have to live without
752 · Jul 2015
Ameliorate Jul 2015
The suddenness of her lips on his left him momentarily stunned as he fought to steady himself once again
Swiftly recovering  his senses, returning her kiss feveroisly.
Tongues intertwined softly, breathing heavy and labored.
A powerful electricity buzzed between them
The energy from the vastly starry night sky radiating down upon them, casting everything within a ravishing glow.
His dimpled, beautiful smile; powerful enough to render any woman incapacitated.
Her eyes shone brightly as the stars above.
Below them, the lake water called out, beconing.
An inviting sonnet, lapping against the rocky coastline with a steady rhythm like their two hearts beating.
Enveloping them completely, becoming lost within each other and falling victim to the impossibly beautiful mid-July night.
713 · Aug 2015
Ameliorate Aug 2015
Impossibility runs rampant within me
Overplaying scenarios lost within the inner land of "what if's" and possibilities
I've been this way as long as I can remember
Simplified emotions, yet my brain is an over-thinker who's job is to make me as miserable as possible
Oh, but to dream like I do
Blessings and a curse if you will
For I have an idealistic imagination
Dreams play out like movies on the big screen when I slumber
On occasion I've turned what I can remember in the morning into a short story
Most lay unfinished, the flow long forgotten
Perhaps lying in wait to see if I'll ever return
This is part of who I am as a whole though, an arrangement of puzzle pieces mostly correctly assembled.
Strong willed, strength embodied.
It took twenty four years to even fathom who I am and at twenty six I finally truly know.
At times I wish others would see who I am right off the bat and understand me.
I just want to share moments with people, to experience love in all forms.
To run wild down the back roads of the country, stay up late exchanging stories.
Being misunderstood can be left open to interpretation.

I am free.
704 · Jun 2015
A Girl From The Sea
Ameliorate Jun 2015
She stands for solidity
A force to be reckoned with
Her name comprised of two syllables
Ebbing and flowing effortlessly like ships on a calm sea
Unmistakable beauty radiates
While people are drawn to her presence like a moth to a flame
This girl has a spark which is derived from her selfless soul
The way her eyes smile when she speaks
A true taste of simplicity.
Radiance, compassion
A true friend to have
Kelsey, my cousin
The girl who came from the sea.
Drawing inspiration from someone close to me.
Ameliorate Jul 2015
Thunder rolls in, booming out of nowhere
Disturbing the otherwise clear blue July sky
Just as suddenly as those clouds rolled in
Overhead the heavens broke
Sending rain plummeting to Earth with fruition
An aero plane flies overhead, loud engine roar trying to compete with the ominous thunder clashes
Wind dancing with the trees
Nothing pauses for the rain
The city doesn't come to a halt
Only me, sitting alone on my front stoop
Inhaling the scent of nature
Feeling the cold against my skin, ruffling up my hair
I was born for days like this
I live to become part of the storm
The scent in the air is quite divine.
668 · Jun 2015
Oh Stranger
Ameliorate Jun 2015
Life forces intertwining, strangers if not for a moment when their two worlds collide.
And somewhere lost to the years your soul recognizes one another.
Even if you don't care to admit it out loud.
Getting caught up in a sea of possibility, the unknown darkness creeping up into a new dawn.
And yet there he is beside you, for twelve hours ago you were strangers to an extent.
Meeting for the first time.
However you are still strangers now, as you lay side by side un-touching.
The words which escaped his drawn out perfect lips, ring through your head.
The scent of alcohol and cheap beer still linger in your mouth and cling to your unwashed skin.
You muster up everything in your being not to give in to the temptation laying beside you.
Because lord knows you want to.
But you already realize this is just another game of cat and mouse to him.
And no matter what, he will always be the victor.
642 · Aug 2015
Carried with the Wind
Ameliorate Aug 2015
Over the many years which have passed, my mind constantly brings me back to one place
Where the strong waves crash against the heavy rocks
So powerful, whitecaps form on the waters surface
Could easily knock a grown man off his feet.
But I am secure on shore, dry and content
Blindly in love
For you are beside me where I've always envisioned you
Hand firmly wrapped, untwined with my fingers
You told me I have no reason to fear.

We sit here for a long time, in silence
Connected by our hands, our bodies lost in an unspoken moment with Mother Nature
The wind confirms it's affair with the trees, deep gusts of air blow through rustling up a wonderful sound
I become cold, involuntarily shiver.
Your arm wraps around me, and I shiver again
Just not because of the wind this time
Drawing me closer, I am with you
The birds, the lake
This is all for us
I never want to leave
Transfixed in a dimension furthest from our own

My eyes grow heavy, and I am afraid if we leave here now that things might change
I'm always weary and afraid of the unknown
You pull me to my feet and kiss me so strongly
Breaking apart you say the first spoken words in hours
"I don't know where you came from, but I am so glad you're mine".
The wind carried those words away from us
High above, under the winds of sea birds.
Across the lake, whispering
Across time.

As I sit here, in my
Cobweb covered rocking chair, miles and miles from that spot
I could've sworn I heard your voice carried with that last gust of wind
As it blew through my hair
"I don't know where you came from, but I am so glad you're mine"
Sleep overcame me,
                             And I dreamed.
February 17, 2016: At the time this wasn't written for anyone or with anyone specific in mind. Looking back now at this piece, in this moment, it seems like I wrote this about seven years ago.
636 · Aug 2015
Hunger Pains
Ameliorate Aug 2015
You're a memory etched between my thighs,
You're the tender caresses athwart my shape,
You're held captive, situated permanently under my eyelids,
You're the inspiration inside my lungs,
You're wholeheartedly a piece of me,
Tethered to yours truly,
602 · Jul 2015
Once upon a time
Ameliorate Jul 2015
Seventeen degrees outside, and you told yourself you weren't going to blissfully fall for the danger which knocked on your door last Thursday.
You fought the inevitable, and while eleven pm turned into rough kisses you told yourself "not him".
Because you knew deep down that he wasn't ready.
Eating up his advances like a delicious piece of cheesecake, you opened yourself up to him.
A month ago strangers, first time meeting turned into hours of alcohol induced conversations while you showed each other the music which made your souls tick.
Sleeping on the couch in the living room turned into sleeping in his bedroom and you laughed because everything fit together so easily.
His heart still guarded strongly between the protective distance he built to sway advances of any female he wasn't taking to bed.
But somehow you saw through the defenses, and **** around.
This cancerian writes a new love story each passing day.
I've been writing a lot of love story fantasy pieces lately.
579 · Jun 2015
Ameliorate Jun 2015
These thoughts for you are unrealistic
Motion sickness, trying to get my heart to fix this
Wrong time, right pleasure
Make my knees weak where you buried your treasure.
576 · Jun 2015
Ameliorate Jun 2015
My mind is an ocean
It's harsh waves drowning the things I cannot say for fear of harsh judgements
Toying with the things I want to
Like a small boat on the open water
The darkening skies harboring no nice weather
For your boat is out too far to return safely
You are alone tonight
With your bottle you plan on drinking dry
Your solitude can be your savior but it can also be your demise
And all that's left is me sitting here in silence, wondering why.
December 22, 2014
567 · Feb 2016
Ameliorate Feb 2016
To be nineteen again;
Blissfully ignorant,
Wrapped up in conversation that eventually lead me to be tightly secured in your arms.
Laid out together underneath the warm August moonlight.
We crept outback wrapped in a blanket and you made love to me as the sun came up on a rickety old lawn chair
I was so afraid of being caught,
But we were together and you kept me safe;
Until one day you were the one my heart needed protecting against.
Years pass, like time through the hourglass.

I forgive you.
566 · Jul 2015
Ameliorate Jul 2015
Beautiful and sleepy, Emily snoozed by the bubbling riverside.
Nearly flawless in her own unique way, her plump lips moved ever so slightly as she dreamed.
Lucas watched her, completely awestruck.
Enthralled by the beauty which was his wife.
Married no more than a year, their relationship as husband as wife was still incredibly fetching to the young couple.
A soft sigh escaped Emily's lips, her body roused from her nap shortly thereafter.
"You creep", Emily exclaimed playfully, batting her fists at Lucas.
"You're just remarkable when you sleep", he explained.
Emily planted a swift kiss on her husbands lips.

"I love you".
Trying a short narrative.
541 · Mar 22
Ameliorate Mar 22
Mother is broken
Her heart pumps blood through her veins like everyone else
Lungs breathe air to keep her alive, yet deep down I know she is different.
Her eyes are a brilliant shade of green
I adore her yet she terrifies me.
My mother, the schizophrenic.
Written in 2017 through the back flashes of my childhood.
538 · Jun 2015
From Within
Ameliorate Jun 2015
Mind to mouth, misconstrue
Topic of conversation here's looking at you
My hearts worth more than the money in my pockets
Penny for your thoughts if you could afford it.
My time is precious, you can't deny this
Heaven or hell, who knows which exists.
Mind on a billion things at the same time.
Curvature is more than a four letter word
Maybe my body has been found less desirable
But do you know anything that has been this reliable?
All of these little mind games
We play with each other each and every day
Times are a changing at least you can respect
Before you're left with nothing but regrets
A little something about feeling insecure, and unwanted because I'm heavier than average.
536 · Jun 2015
Ameliorate Jun 2015
Your eyes dance with me, a sweet un-changing melody. I find myself orbiting you, as if I were the only planet in your solar system.
To find myself wrapped in your arms a desirable longing that's left unquenched.
I want to see your bottom lip tremble, to feel the gasp of breath escape your parted lips.
I want to feel you quiver beneath me as you sing a harmonious tune.
Lock eyes with me within our dance.
I want to sing for you, too.
524 · Dec 2015
September 14, 2015
Ameliorate Dec 2015
The notebook of my mind breathes poetry
Constant thoughts, filtering in and out with a desire to be heard.
I haven't been on HP in a while, going to try dedicate more time towards the site.
Ameliorate Sep 2018
Outside the leaves turn yellow and I’m struggling
My mind becoming my enemy, replaying memories from a time which doesn’t exist to me any longer
Two years ago we became one, something I never imagined
We spent days and days together until you asked me to move in with you
Two years later and five months since we broke up yet it’s all I think about
Cascading liquid tears fall from tired eyes as I remember the life I never wanted to leave behind
My eyes are mourners, dressed in black visiting the gravesite of what we were, together  
Each blink is a silent goodbye to pieces I’m still not ready to leave behind
How do you stop loving someone who gave you everything and seemingly took it away just as fast?
Those moments my heart remembers despite fleeting time and energy
Fall apart, fall asleep and dream of then when leaves changing colours meant falling in love with you and building a family.
A family I still see almost every day, but it’s no longer mine.
So yes, five months after the fact I’m still coming to terms with you being gone.
Feelings I cannot control and memories hovering like an unresolved ghost.
I am haunted by what we were and the fact that you can still look me in the eyes after the way you left without a second glance.
Twenty-nine years old doesn’t make heartbreak any less significant and difficult.
Perhaps someday I’ll be able to make sense of being alone.
494 · Jun 2015
When the snow falls
Ameliorate Jun 2015
Thick clouds covered the grey night sky. The air was unusually warm, sitting at just two degrees Celsius. An odd occurrence just days before Christmas. Laughter returned to my ears, bringing me back to my surroundings once more. Casting me out of the haze of a daydream I had been absorbed into.
You. Standing across from me. The blaze of the roaring bonfire being the only thing keeping me from you. Well, in my current fantasies anyways.
Despite all logic I am absorbed by you.
Your iridescent beauty, the smile which melts the deepest ice in my soul.
Just then your eyes snap up from your current conversation. You've caught me staring. We quickly look away, the rush of embarrassment and excitement so strong.
In this moment it's as if this fire burns only for us. An unspoken agreement with the universe if you will.
A romance of wood and fire.

Your hair falls into your eyes, and as you brush it away our eyes come to meet again. My breath seems to be coming in gulps now. Can you read me so clearly or am I as much of a mystery as you are to me? I want to dance with you. To feel the rush of your hands cradling my hips. The thought almost brings me to my knees and with that you're no longer in my line of vision.

"You look cold", you say and with that your arm wraps around my shoulder. Holding me tightly to your body. I could collapse right now and die happy. You're so casual about the whole thing I wonder if you've even been aware of the attraction I have to you.
Instinctively I nestle closer into your shoulder and I'm surprised to feel you tighten your hold on me.
My thoughts dance around the idea of putting my arm around your waist but I decide not to.
"Thanks, that's better" I laugh nervously.
"This fire really is quite beautiful", Cat says from somewhere beside me.
I smile in agreement, for it is a lovely night.
A million stars would be plotted across the sky if not for the cloud cover and the bare trees would make for the perfect canopy.

Slowly people disburse, wandering back into the confines of the garage. The snow is falling heavy now, big chunks of snowflakes sprinkles down on us layering in our hair and our  jackets.
And then it's just the two of us.
The nervous energy sending sparks through my body. I hope you don't pick up on it.
I slink out of your arms to rotate my backside towards the fire which causes you to laugh deeply. "You're one funny girl" you say. I don't know who is shining brighter.
I want to tear your clothes off.
For you to feel the passion raging through my body as I lust after you.
I want you to scream out with pleasure as I wrap myself around you....
You're standing in front of me again, inches from my body.
The ember of the fire burning red off your eyes.
I stand here wondering if I see the hint of desire in your eyes, or if it's just the reflection of fire, speaking for you. Telling your secrets.
Nearly knocking me off balance your lips are now heavy on mine.
Catching me so off guard I am almost rendered incapable of kissing you back.
When I find my footing I kiss you back hard.
Throwing all of my time spent watching you into it.
The times I just wanted to tell you how **** I found you.
Your tongue slips past my lips, lightly brushing against mine.
A harmony
You control this kiss, I am in it as long as you carry forth.
Our passion is coursing through my veins now. Every piece of me wants you to just take me now. Right here by the fire.
You eventually break away and I'm left gasping for air.
The taste of your mint gum lingers in my mouth.
We smile, and I am left stunned.
A winter time love story
488 · Jul 2015
Ameliorate Jul 2015
Rose colored glasses
A blessing and a lesson
Steady rhythm of the pouring rain
Pitter patter against the rooftop
Humidity cast away for a moment
A refreshing pause on the days heat
Thunder booms
A distant siren blares
Emergency vehicles still out in full force
The city doesn't sleep
Heavy wind shakes the house
Rattling the loose windowpanes
Old glass is a true test of craftsmanship through time
The dogs cower beside me, small masses of shivers and uncertainty
I try to reassure them that there is nothing to fear
However I'm not so sure of this myself
More thunder
Cracking through the sky overhead full force
The abruptness of it all startles me into a jump
I am as shaken as the dogs
Despite the wonder
Lightning cracks and flashes like a picture show I can view through my window
Free television direct from nature, the best cable provider
you just need your eyes and a large enough window
If I find myself without power, I'll light the last hour of my candle
Slow burn, write by the flickering light
As this storm rages on I think about the moon
Which part of the world gets to gaze upon your gorgeous surface tonight?
Oh moon,
There is much left unexplained.
Sirens blare again,
Fire-truck perhaps
My mind is now seaside
Imagining I am a sailor, ship cast away enduring this terrible storm on the open water
A woman port-side in the distance sings a sweet, dangerous melody
Her voice soft and heavenly
Unrecognizable words at first until we slowly become closer to her
What once sounded wonderful now speaks of famine, war
A tale of death she bellows
Harmoniously growling, creating an ominous symphony with the heavy rain and clashes of thunder
"Unchanging is the sea, every good man too shall fall. Release your soul to me, for I am the lady who calls".
We are upon her now, her call almost deafening
The siren of the deep issues one last bloodcurdling scream
Then silence
Silence, coldness and pitch black
And I awaken, gasping for breath
The dogs are beside me and my candle still burns
A dream it must've been, yes a very real dream
But in my mind I can still hear that eerie song, sung by the beautiful siren of the deep
Casting her spell on all those who dare sleep.
475 · Jun 2015
No Vacancy [10w]
Ameliorate Jun 2015
One bed, two hearts
Lips meet, fingers touch
Welcome home
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