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Jul 26 · 57
Eva Jul 26
Flickering lights mimick my heartbeat,
constantly reminding
of the sad melody it plays.
Jul 25 · 147
Greetings from The Dark
Eva Jul 25
I'll accept greetings from the dark,
familiar to its horrors and charcoal designs.
On terrible nights, I'll let the endless stars rock me to sleep-
allowing the cold to sting and bruise.
Yet the chilling darkness,
was the only warmth I could feel,
the only hurt I didn't mind.
Jul 21 · 75
Message in a Bottle
Eva Jul 21
The lid of a stained glass bottle,
leaves a burning sensation in my palm.
What was I hoping for?
Surely, this message will wrinkle-
my painful words silently drifting away.
And all that'd be left was my starving soul,
craving to be found one day.
Jul 10 · 105
I love you
Eva Jul 10
Over time,
words evolve...
Their meanings-
become useless.
Jul 2 · 112
The End
Eva Jul 2
I've been told that all happiness...
comes to an end.
I've never understood,
what they truly meant.
Why have I only understood the value,
once I've lost a friend.
(I just want to make it clear that my friend did not pass away, I'm not sure if my text makes it confusing, I have just lost her as a friend)
Jun 30 · 459
Feelings Pt 1
Eva Jun 30
I'll try to keep on
They'll get lost in
the distance-
I'll leave them behind,
  these innocent
Jun 26 · 139
Lost Courage
Eva Jun 26
Have you ever been scared,
that when you need your courage
You'll be the biggest coward.
Jun 22 · 120
The Deadly Silence
Eva Jun 22
I've learned to love
the silence-
grew numb to all
its screams.

It's like I've died
a million times,
but still know how
to breathe.

Im conscious,
I'm alive...
but am I truly
Jun 19 · 320
For What?
Eva Jun 19
What am I fighting for?
If there's only freedom
in death.

What am I dreaming for?
If all comes to
an end.
Jun 15 · 445
After Life
Eva Jun 15
once your heart
cannot keep you alive,
and you've got no
tears to cry...
you'll rely on death
for lullabies.
Jun 13 · 439
Eva Jun 13
I've fallen before...
Fell into the coldness of a winter night,
and sunk into the chilling shadows of the moon.
I've tripped on the stutter of my words,
and let myself collapse into gloom.
I've never fallen in love before.
Never melted in the tenderness of one's heart...
Or drowned in the eyes of love.
I've never understood the feeling...
of how it is
to truly fall.
Jun 7 · 163
Eva Jun 7
We'll put a label
on what we can not define.
What's wrong and what's right?
Jun 3 · 239
My Grave
Eva Jun 3
Dear Lover,
  I hope you'll visit my grave.
You've left me,
six feet under.
with all your love
and all your sorrow.
Jun 2 · 901
Eva Jun 2
I never liked horror films,
but it seems as if
it's our only reality.
Jun 1 · 106
Eva Jun 1
The hot shower water
embraces me,
cleansing me from the outside world.
Sometimes it takes my tears,
and often takes my pain.
I'm stripped of the negative thoughts,
as they hurry down the drain.
May 28 · 139
Eva May 28
Poor decisions...
lacking logic.

Poor decisions...
crafted by heart.
May 27 · 244
Eva May 27
Our photographs
capture the many memories you've forgotten.
The ones you've thrown out
but I kept close to heart.
May 27 · 159
Eva May 27
I've been searching
for what seems to be nothing.

I've been dreaming
for what seems to be unrealistic

I've been waiting
for who seems to be missing.
May 26 · 202
Eva May 26
Charcoal stockings
jet black gowns
Many tears
broken vows
May 26 · 143
New York
Eva May 26
Abondened on the busy streets of New York.
So many people, yet feeling so alone.
Everyone in such a hurry,
each to someplace different.
They promised me a world where dreams become reality.
With my luggage in one hand and dollar bills in the other,
I gather all the courage and take a step into this new world.
May 25 · 393
Eva May 25
They'd give me many pills
and medicine of all sorts,
but none of them can fix
the heart that you broke.
May 25 · 122
Eva May 25
feels like a drug
rushing through my veins.
And I'm addicted.
May 24 · 461
Eva May 24
We'd be perched on the evening sofa,
our eyes-
fixed on grandma.
She'd tell us many stories
of what her childhood used to be.
Reminding us to savor the little time we had left.
Like idiots,
we'd snicker and push the silly remark away.
Impatiently waiting to grow up.
I wish we understood,
how right she was.
May 23 · 179
Saturday Nights
Eva May 23
Is it possible to have absolutely nothing on your mind.
Just staring at the cracks in the ceiling,
while scrunched in bed.
The gentle taps of the rain
would lightly knock on your windowsill.
Your favorite song-
escaping from your earbuds.
And for a moment, you forget about the world
and all your worries.
May 22 · 577
Eva May 22
Running away-
I don't worry which way is wrong
or which way is right.
I just want to escape.
I just want to run away and leave my problems elsewhere...
Eva May 20
The raging sun burned the tip of my freshly shaven scalp.
Once bright brown shoes, were now worn out rags.
Hope kept us going,
luck kept us alive.
Days turned into awfully dreaded weeks.
My desire for water was the only thing on my mind.
The sorness in my throat was unbearable from thirst.
The nauseous heat choked me-
carving more blisters onto my body.
The haunting sign hung over our heads
"Arbeit Macht Frei"
Oh God...
Is this a nightmare?
May 20 · 132
Eva May 20
Somehow, with just a tiny bit of chocolate
my problems would scurry away.

So colorless, yet so flavorful.
Ready to fill the empty pit in my stomach.

At times I only had my bar of chocolate
to eat away my guilt.

The glossy yellow wrapper would fall to the floor,
while the chocolate melted at my fingertips.

It would stain the fragile pages of my books,
but cleanse the stains of my shattered soul.
May 19 · 81
Hold a Gun to My Head
Eva May 19
You expect me to be terrified,
sweat pouring down the sides of my forehead.
Would there really be a difference if I die?
Taunt me with your threats,
Hold a gun to my head-
see if I care.
May 18 · 251
Is This Love?
Eva May 18
I slowly drown in your sorrowful eyes.
Your tears, suffocating me.

With your lips stretched into a gentle smile,
you melt me.

But within seconds,
you turn me into stone.
May 18 · 377
Eva May 18
A mother
built him with her loving words.
Yet others
crumble the tender heart she formed.
May 17 · 222
Eva May 17
Dandelions carelessly dance in the wind
to the songs of the rustling trees.
What was left of the afternoon sun,
buries itself under the ancient pines.
Insects fill the fields with a mesmerizing lullaby.
Luminous flowers steal the last ray of sunshine,
and hide away into the night.
I hope everyone is doing great in quarintine, stay healthy and stay strong:)
May 15 · 115
Eva May 15
The guilty feeling of defeat devours me,
leaving my blank flag thrashing in the wind.
Surrender was not an option,
It was the only choice left.
The bullets that once pierced my skin,
do not matter anymore.
My soul,
stained by the blood that once was
May 12 · 232
Eva May 12
You've twisted your lies plenty,
now you have a knot.

I desperately try to unravel,
from the chaos that you've done.

But the stories that you've fabricated,
have me all *******.
May 10 · 106
Never Ending Journey
Eva May 10
A chilling breeze raced up my back,
leaving a trail of chills behind.  
In the distance, you could see the never ending road,  
stretching across the world.
Where was it taking me?
Every anxious step I took,
seemed no different than the last.  
Every tense breath,
seemed like a waste.
But I remained on that road,
hoping to find the end.
May 10 · 73
You Became a Stranger
Eva May 10
They say a person can't change,
but I witnessed you become a stranger.  
We used to laugh in the numbing cold,
sipping hot cocoa and swearing to be friends forever.  
We used to snicker at our secrets and gossip behind their backs.
And even on the worst of days, you wiped away my tears,
But now you've just become a stranger, that used to know me.
May 9 · 331
Lost In The Rain
Eva May 9
Drip Drip Drip

These raindrops seem to carry all the sadness as baggage
As they fall onto my palm

Drip Drip Drip

My eyelids grow heavy
as the raindrops pile all their sadness on my lashes

Drip Drip Drip

I'm lost in the rain
Carrying its baggage

— The End —