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Ezra Jan 19
I will always remember you
With pain and yet not refrain
For you’re like a scar
Etched onto my heart
Wishing on a star,
Never to grow apart
For now I live with just our memories,
my most valued treasuries.
And so, I’ll always remember you,
With tears, even after all these years.
Ezra Jan 17
Stuck in the middle of a crossroad
Unknown and untraveled
Suffering a painful loss,
regardless of which I choose to cross.
What else is at stake,
Other than my heart,
that’s only destined to break.
Ezra Dec 2020
You made me laugh, wiped my tears,
Held my hand, and walked me through my fears..
You sat beside me like no other,
you made my heart feel lighter than a feather..
Far or near, you made me feel so dear..
No matter what the weather, you made sure we were together..
Thank you for getting me through this year..
Giving me all your love, so pure..
A love with the power to cure..
A love so sure..
You've never failed to make it clear..
That all I'll ever want to be is YOURS.

— The End —