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Sarah Synk May 2021
Makes the world a wonderful place.
Makes all of our hearts race.
Is like the sun that shines.
Sure, it’s tough to express the love you and I feel,
But expressing love is real.
-What does Love Mean to you
Sarah Synk May 2021
Art is creative,
It’s meant to express your thoughts and dreams.
Art is breathtakingly beautiful.
Art is meant to inspire everyone around the world.
Art represents the color of the rainbow----
All colors.  
Art means it’s full of rich, diverse ideas---
That is strung from the mind.
Art is fine.
Art is creative.
-What does art mean to you? And Why?
Sarah Synk May 2021
The sound of the ocean,
Feels so calming.
The waves splatter on the sand,
But only so lightly.
The sun is bright,
And the sand of the beach feels so warm.
People laughing----
Playing some frisbee,
With beachy kind of music filling my ears.
Sharks lurking about,
People being vigilant.
The sound of the ocean,
Feels so calming.
The sun is bright----
At every corner,
There are beautiful sand castles,
And people taking beautiful pictures.
The smell of beach food fills up the whole beach,
And surfers heads towards the sea,
Saying: “Gnarly waves dudes!”
The sound of the ocean,
Feels so calming.
The sun is bright---
A great beach day is a must.
-What is your version of a good beach day?
Sarah Synk May 2021
I like a warm cup of coffee,
The taste of coffee is amazing.
Coffee gives me gratitude for waking up in the morning.
I like the smell of coffee-
The sound of the brewing machine.
At maximum,
I have three cups of coffee a day,
Which only makes me sane.
-Do you like coffee?
Sarah Synk May 2021
I want those words reversed;  

Into something so positive,

That it would be like a new birth,

And those negative words,
Would be reversed.
Those negative words;

Are an awful kind of thing to even think of,

And they come from our mind,

The negative words are so not fine.

I want those negative words,
Sarah Synk May 2021
I ran so fast.
I felt my feet gliding across the dirt road.

I ran so fast.
Like, nothing else mattered in the world.

I ran so fast,
With anger seeping through out my bones.

I ran so fast.
Like a storm into the midst of the night,
With the sound of thunder
From above.

I ran so fast,

As fast as I could to take a cat nap.

As fast as I could from when I stood frozen briskly with fear.

I ran so fast,
That I felt my feet gliding across the dirt road,
Making the sound of my footsteps so loud,
That it made me collapse.
-How Fast Do You Run?
Sarah Synk May 2021
I saw a light flicker through the night,
It was so very bright,
And when the sun came up,
Goodbye to the night.
- The Light Flickers Through and Through The Night.
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