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Gekyla C Mar 24
It takes one team

To make the dream

That is hungry to perform

And can make a grand slam

A journey full of storm

Will be always above the norm

A frightful way to coform

All  members in a warrior form

A gold medal to aim

For a champion team
Gekyla C Jan 2018
Two damaged lovers
One who left I who stayed
You who loved someone else
I who still loved you

Yet you're still the one
Whom I don't want to be gone
Gekyla C Jan 2018
You were the stars
And I was the moon
We both light up the world
In a place that there would be us

You were the scars
And it keeps me more broken
When I see everything went to bleed
But here I am still hoping
Gekyla C Jan 2018
They say time heals everything
But I guess that time wasn't meant for me
The time is ticking so slow
And I couldn't move on from where I am
Because thats where my heart belongs
Gekyla C Sep 2017
Rose is like a champange
It is bitter sweet like most girls
Rose blooms as season change
But its beauty is timeless

Rose have thorns
That represent limitations
Rose is color red
It empower the nation

Rose have it all
But that's not enough
So it will remain strong
Facing life situations
Gekyla C Sep 2017
Nothing felt like mine before
All the things that define me
Reminiscences of exeptional pain
Grief that fills my heart
In the past where solitary prevailed

— The End —