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Divine Dao-3 Nov 2018
Ljubezen ~*~
ne ve za povabilo
semper immortalitas

Novi Klinci:9;)
Divine Dao-3 Nov 2018
White Cat-v~.~v-Haiku
˝~˝¨~¨ (˘->w<- ˘=¨˙˙˙

´Mačkon Sanja ... Belo Poljano´˝=  *¨~
¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨
­˝~˝¨~¨   ˝~˝¨~¨
Mačkon Sanja ...
                   Bel     ¨¨~~¨˝~:)˝~˝
¨~¨   Galeb Preleti Most     ( ;  ˝~˝¨~¨
          Hradčanski Lep Grad.   ˝~˝ * ¨~¨

¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨
˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨­˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨ ˝~˝¨~¨
c´mon daarlings, for sure you´ve got
already experienced such a blisful silent moment
numinously and sacredly frozen moment in time - for ever packed deep within nano-electro-magnetic-wire-of your marvellous, great synaptic valentine nice likevoid

  Nov 2018 Divine Dao-3
Peter Balkus
Love isn't blind,
blind are those,
who never loved.
Divine Dao-3 Sep 2018
Where bright cool stream
Encounters the salty sea
We jump in.
It freezes our buts,
But we nevertheless scream and laugh
Like happy kids enjoying the infinity
Of a new day. The magic deep waters.
Divine Dao-3 Sep 2018
Always be sincere and truthful to your deepest core.
Thats what will fulfill your life with goodness, living consciously, honorably and without regrets.

- Yeah, right!  That's not a really good advise!!! If I might say the truth:
I think he'll end up poor and miserable, deeply regreting one day he was not able to lie when he should and grab his material goods when there was still Time.
Divine Dao-3 Sep 2018

Rememberings & Starters

Telepathy then Sanctuary

Time for the Galery of Life
to {(

Mostly welcome on a journey with... !! //Ladies and Gentlement

    %] ~[social media is şajtfb is a masacrw and illusion
persumably one of my oldest colleguaes talked to us and said
its for real the xonnection and that¥€£;/

Would Thou Arts Degree
for sensibility and ethics
Consider His Art for *-+
A lil momentum or.      A gianormous masterpiece... of

Love exposeé
without suffering!?!

What is better:
Being naive _-or ******
, conjur your Evil Selfish Pleasures hatand stuck them ForEternity....Bić

(the later of course is overboard sick friend of yours who has the space above at the beginning of this utterly crazy story sum of events
written with diligence and all the remains of re

nevermore Part
Solely for Them Self Bazzarable
Congregational cherished reasons

My my dearest vulnerable girl
n"toko is super. cool

Was I beeing a buzzz
put a smirk into the tone of yoir voice after recognotion
Like you did? dear foch"fraulein frend "of the best"

I liked joy and your wisdom, shared at
night clubs, cherished the feelings of sympathy and approval towards you
and your nephews years long

honeymooned >were you cute, and still are
Loving ... purehearted, pensive, fragile girl with transmitting ideas
once perhaps more fragile and cornered;
went through more desperate days then I ever...

But my father usualy said those words at rare times ~ Do. not. compare - - it brings only sufferings

Offerings with Love
Crimson female letters saying overwhelming intimate stories.
I've felt with you then inside the tiny nearby library
standing alone inbetween bookshelves, cornered, so saddened... tricklingtears also for you ~ and your tragic story...

Not even once have my heart
my consciousness sent you anything but respect, tender thoughts of gratitude, silent and subtle admiration for your wise deeds and interesting talks with the knowledgeable ones..

I've got to comunicate this with you TK
Like you stopped your public altered slightly hightened pitched syncopated mocking voice
or. rather define that "mockery without the knowledge of all the torments, processes and agony obsessive egotistical madness devoures ~ as I assumed solely upon your media apparitions, what kind of a person you really are-- angelic sublime being~ _~... I was mislead as you were.
Also ~ much truth in your message!

Yet ~ Do not dare to judge me!!!!
Am I ashamed?!! No, before you TK, no, really why should I be -  I'Im a proud human being, a woman, happy to be alive, among kids I love, among friends and family I cherish and a bit disapointed upon you.

When inbetween your pensive earnest soul shined a pure being and stopped your cultural nonelegant disease of a spoiled caracter...

You know your mother is stronger,
You portrude mostly because of her
otherwise someone would have already
destroyed you... Times are rough and rascally
Being popular means being brutally exposed

it does. not. take a genius to guess what will some people do
just to get what they want

but not. you you are genuinly cherished and after the fact youre
crunchable and delicate....

I realy liked you
even now. i. suppose
Nowadays your Angel like mom Surpasses everyone of the ensamble on the scene.

I even liked that you liked Him of who you perceive as
Cosmic explorer of widespread multiverses.

yes indeed
***** all your favorite
recognitions and look through
The  other Sioux
wearing proudly the Tree
of wonders
To humbly
stand next to The True Love shielded Being
of. my blood...

This happenes ~ Thou truest
For the one heartsoulbodymind girlishlike*_*thinwoman garnished in the future
nesting toward Cons........of Highly Evolved Beings
  Jun 2018 Divine Dao-3
Mike Hauser
You may not remember
Me now by name
Or the promise I made
On our wedding day

Through thick and thin
To have and to hold
From this day forward
As we both grow old

Whatever is thrown
Our way my love
It's never enough
To break us up

Even if you
Forget who I am
A promise is a promise
And needs to be kept

Through good and bad times
Till death do us part
Though these bodies may change
Love is still where we are

Though memory may falter
And over time fade
I remember the altar
And the promises made
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