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6.1k · Jun 2014
I would ..
Louise Jun 2014

If I could come to you ..

be there for you
speak no words,
just hold you
in my arms,
place my hand in yours ..

I would

If I could be there ..

let you know
with my eyes
that all will be well,
just sit with you ..

I would

If I could be at your side

take your pain,
caress the hurt,
kiss your tears
with my hand on your heart ..

I would

5.5k · Apr 2014
I Saw You ....
Louise Apr 2014
I saw you in the darkness
a silhouette
caused by the light of the moon

I saw you in my imagination
just staring at me
I, just stared at you

I saw you before closed eyes
a clear vision
beautiful, but gone too soon

I saw you in a dream
and wondered,
Did you see me too?
4.2k · Mar 2015
Ocean Blue Eyes
Louise Mar 2015
I'm still unable to see your view of me
from your ocean blue eyes
you say it's a sight to see forever
your love, never disguised

I stumble in confusion
as to why you see me the way you do
It breaks my heart and mends me
to feel this love between me and you

You're the only one to love me this way
forever keep me in your sights
never let us lose this love we share
that I see deep in your ocean blue eyes
for my husband  x
4.1k · May 2014
Time to Ponder
Louise May 2014
On this train journey I sit
with my precious child
I contemplate,
people, places and time,
passing so fast
too fast

It's disconcerting
how it mirrors life,
this journey,
and I worry
that my life too
passes me by this way
I'm concerned that I spend
too much time
fearing exactly this scenario
Yet here I sit
pondering these fears
3.7k · May 2013
Louise May 2013
A sensuous sound eagerly heard
by my raw soul,
a sound like an angel whispering
and kindly teasing
The scent of the salty breeze
caressing and stirring my senses
My heart ceases
at the sight of the swelling ocean,
like a forgotten friend
Twinkling illuminations twirling
on the swaying
saturated skin
Impatient to be at one
with the rhythmic sways
to mother natures
heavenly work of art
Each time the images are transformed
I believe that this is my first time
and I have been unseeing
to this utopia
3.1k · May 2014
Louise May 2014
She can still recall
       the footprints

that were made ..

oh, so long ago

    Left behind
a thousand footprints ago

Footprints on a path
walked in another time

     Invisible to others

She knows they still remain
      'out there'

   she remembers.

They are eternal ..
       invisible footprints ..
                on a path ..

                        she ..
                   will never ..
                      walk ..
2.9k · Aug 2014
~A Scarf~
Louise Aug 2014

Pretty, soft scarves
are my 'shoes'.

I love to wear them
with every outfit
and have many
in different colours
and designs.

They just seem to
'add something'
to what I wear
and they feel
such a comfort
around my neck,
offering a warmth
that I need.

On Summer evenings
when it is just too warm,
very occasionally,
I'll wear nothing
a scarf

; )
2.7k · Jul 2014
Chubby Chaser?
Louise Jul 2014

I really dont know what it is
but I love a cuddly, curvy man
I'm definitely not a fan of six packs
and love a stomache that I can grab
arms should be sturdy and strong
also scattered with **** dark hair
the strength can be wrapped around me
to show how much he cares
I've noticed,  men with the 'extra layer'
usually have great legs too
this is definitely a bonus
and so is a size 12 shoe!!   ; )
So all you men out there who worry
about tightening up your belt
bring those love handles over here
and watch as I just melt

Haha!  Ok, so I know some of this is exaggerated a little but muscly men don't do it for me.  It's the squidgy ones
; )
2.5k · May 2014
Louise May 2014
A 'feeling'


                            ­  over me

I try to find the words
to match it,
   a phrase
     that agrees with the emotion
       and search the metaphor
         to portray the image

It fights for my attention
    this 'feeling'
  and I battle with it
       for a time
It does not waver
      until I submit
I slump, defeated sometimes
       sitting with my pen

Now may not be convenient
      but 'now' is the time,

I offer
and the rhyming story
  is permitted to unfold

        and be told.

As I sit
  the words and phrases
    are no longer jumbled

        they're calm ..

            and settle ..

    like tiny


                     glittering flakes

            within a snow globe
Louise Nov 2014
He knows what he's doing
a cruel manipulative mind
An almost 'split personality'
greatly disturbed I find

I thought I was free
as one situation disappears
but now another has arrived
tapping into all of my fears

It has all the same ingredients
but now served by a different spoon
my strength and sanity tainted
a different person singing the same tune

Playing evil mind games
telling ***** lies
witholding information.
He's like a devil in disguise!

This to me is so much worse
than someone yelling in my face
It's without a resolution
so I sit here alone, and wait

I fear vulnerability
it's been a dangerous place for me
his actions take me back there
then through the fog I cannot see

The control is no longer mine
I've never even been close
I can be toyed with anytime
by a wolf in sheeps clothes

So how can I protect myself
when I'm once again a vulnerable girl
disabling rational thinking
causing my mind and head to swirl

Others around me don't sense the threat
He doesn't look a menacing case
but he's repeating abusive behaviour
deceit is written all over his face

It's a lonely,  frightening situation
I can't yet see a way out
I need protection from a loved one
who can be the one to stand up and shout

How can I explain
that this idiot really frightens me?
I'm feeling so insecure
I just want to be held you see

I want you to tell me he can't hurt me
you wouldn't let him so
just hold me a little closer
as I'm not sure that I can cope.
About 2 weeks ago this horrible person in my life (a family  member) was messing with my head and I allowed it too!  I wrote this during that situation and genuinely felt so  vulnerable but I have worked through a shed load of stuff in my head and feel, not in control, but in a  place where I feel I'll be able to deal with the next situation much better. There will be more,  he's not going anywhere.

I kept the original title the same as it's exactly how I felt.
2.2k · Aug 2014
Teasing Tongues
Louise Aug 2014
It's a kiss
you can sink into
forgetting time
unable to remember
if it's day or night.
Plump, full mouths
Tips of tongues,  teasing
Our mouths
are busy
but my body
feels jolts of electricity
elsewhere,  in other places

and we've barely even begun!
2.1k · Jun 2014
♡○Inner Peace○♡
Louise Jun 2014

I need to stand
at the edge of a river
imagining all my




are passing by.

I would take a step back
         and     s


I would let them all


                  ­  n

noticing each one


and just observe the distance.

Already they seem

I can enjoy the

     'here and now'

sitting by the river

      and appreciate a taste

                  inner peace

I can at times suffer from anxiety and have been reading about sitting back and noticing anxious thoughts but not engaging.
Not sure if this makes sense but I have a lot more to read.
I'm hoping the imagery will help me anyway   : )
2.0k · Jul 2014
◇ He Touched Her Soul ◇
Louise Jul 2014

He wrote of
new  horizons
sensual sunsets
and a moonlight
that would touch her soul

He tempted her with
the freedom of the ocean
the wonder of the waves
and pulled her heart
like the tide

She danced
to his tune under the stars
immersed herself
in the waves of his wishes
drowning in his love

1.8k · Mar 2015
Wrap Your Words
Louise Mar 2015

Please don't wrap your words around her
direct them straight to her heart
point them in her direction
bounce them off each shining star

She'll beg you not to mention
words of longing or of lust
enticing her to look your way
words wrapped in cotton wool and trust

Never write words for a woman
as she'll take them to her soul
breathing them in like air
not noticing she's about to fall

Her heart is so very fragile
feelings, just ready to explode
fraying quickly around the edges
when she reads your first 'Hello'

Daniel Bedingfield inspired
1.6k · Jul 2014
Roman Baths
Louise Jul 2014
I'm taking a lovely trip
to the historical Roman Baths
there's hot springs and Roman temples
I'll be following the Romans' path

A mystical work of the gods (they thought)
built between 60 - 70 AD
illuminated by torchlight
An evening tour maybe?!

I'll pop to the house of Jane Austen
she wrote of romance and love
And 18th century style gardens
where we'll take afternoon tea 'til we're stuffed
I'm looking forward to a break away but I'll miss you guys.
(I know this piece is a bit 'sub par'  lol but I wanted to tell you that I'm going away for a few days)
: )
1.6k · Apr 2014
Louise Apr 2014
She lived a life less worthy
a life, less worthy she lived
Forgiving not an option
determined not to forgive
Let the fury inside rise
rise against the fury
Scheme and plot a plan
Plan to scheme against 'him'
the less worthy
Biding now her time
her time, she will be biding
To execute her plan
her plan to execute 'him'
in hiding
Inspired by my friend who wants revenge on her ex
; )
1.5k · Oct 2014
A Beautiful Fantasy
Louise Oct 2014

I miss you but I don't know who you are
Want to touch you but you're just so very far

You visit my dreams but we've never even met
It's where I always tell you how much we could have meant

Imagining your scent I close my eyes and slowly inhale
Fantasising of the sunset into which we could sail

The taste of your lips is a memory I'm waiting to have
Yet all the time wishing it's one I'd already had

Will your embrace, I wonder, ever be mine to steal?
Feeling your warmth, mending this heart that needs to heal

I'll hold this dream in my mind so tight and so very close
One day maybe you'll come true! I'll pray, and who knows?


Something is missing from deep inside but will I ever know?
Tell me where you are and to this place I will surely go

Within my dreams there's a place that feels so very real
A gentle voice in the beautiful distance mirrors the way I feel

The scent of Jasmine reminds me of a face I've never met
My heart remains loyal and my mind is already set

Full lips, I imagine, leaving 'lust' as a subtle taste
I reach out to caress you but lose the memory of your face

It's like you've already held me but left the imprint on my heart
I would readily begin searching if I knew just where to start

This fantasy, visiting only at night, will stay with me 'til death
and when I leave this earth, your name will fall upon my fragile breath
This is about 2 people dreaming of their soul mate. They haven't met but are waiting and dreaming about each other.
1.4k · Jan 2015
Louise Jan 2015


1.4k · Jun 2014
I'm Afraid To Close My Eyes
Louise Jun 2014
I'm still afraid sometimes
to even close my eyes
because I know
that right beside me
it is there that you stand.
At first I sense it
feeling tingles up my spine
then you softly but surely
take my fragile hand

I absorb the moment
it's just like old times
allowing myself to fully feel it
flowing emotions, like words that rhyme.
It was just so effortless
'me and you'
yet it wasn't meant to be
a love that ended way too soon

We know how and we know why
and I still lose a precious part of you
each time I breathe a sigh.
Perhaps when
each part of you has finally gone
I'll be more certain that the
'you and me' are done

I'll no longer be so afraid
to gently close my eyes
it'll be 'me' and 'myself'
and quiet empty sighs
You'll never again
be so close beside me
or softly take my hand,
I'll just be closing my eyes
to drift off and dream of
the treasured life we'd planned

An old piece written last year
1.4k · May 2014
Romantic Gypsy
Louise May 2014
I have a very romantic idea
of a beautiful gypsy girl
She is not tied down
and free to roam the world

Beautiful dark, curly hair
falling upon her delicate face
Green eyes with iridescent flecks
She's a Nomad, not tied to one place

Beautiful bangles slid upon slender wrists
pretty blouse, skirt, floral and layered
she walks with a certain confidence and grace
of this life she'll never tire

She suits her Bohemian style
the freedom of flowing clothes
A true and natural beauty
everything seamlessly flows

Ancestors date back to the 9th century
it's an unconventional life
A loyal and faithful community
within this security she thrives

A wonderful wagon is her home
drawn by sturdy horses
She's a friendly fortune teller
sensing other worlds and forces

My very romantic idea
of a beautiful gypsy girl
She is not tied down
but free to roam the world
I feel drawn to the 'romantic idea' of the gypsy and
I think there's a history of gypsies in our family.
1.4k · May 2014
Louise May 2014
Each word
around my heart
like smoke shaped, teasing
wispy fingers

I don't see it ..
               or feel it ..

                     but then my heart begins to tell me.

It moans
                and creaks

                             demanding that I listen.

I can't ignore it now
                            as it hurts.

I lay my hand upon my wounded chest
                               telling my heart,
                                            reminding it

   that we cannot feel this way
                    ­                          not today ..

                                                      not tomorrow.

                 My heart calms ..

                                     for now


                           but I know that it won't be for long.
♡For all you writers who pen words that pull at my heartstrings♡
1.3k · Aug 2014
I Lost My Inner Poet
Louise Aug 2014
I lost my inner poet
apparently she was last seen
just staring idly into space

She was sitting with her notebook,
gently pondering
in a quiet, tucked away place

I could only see the back of her
she wouldn't turn around
I so wanted to see her face

She was always so quiet
and very often reflective
working at her own steady pace

Not only am I left without poetry
I am also lost for words
she may have taken them all
along with my grace

The search will continue
maybe until the end of my days
as I fear she's left no trace
This was something I wrote last year.  I hope I don't ever lose my inner poet lol
1.3k · May 2013
A Corner of England
Louise May 2013
Off to 'The Orchard' for afternoon tea
Beautiful and quaint, filled with history

Rupert Brooke, the poet, started the trend
Taking tea in the garden 'til the days end

Virginia Woolf, a writer, with a troubled mind
Enjoyed the bonds of friendship with a group so kind

It goes as far back as the year 1897
Cambridge students found a pocket of heaven

Blossoming fruit trees arranged in rows
Scattered seating, cushions and colourful throws

Crumbling moist Scones with jam and cream
Carrot Cake and Cordial an Elderberry dream

Horses in the distance and cows by your side
Cool Emerald grass where the insects hide

A wander by the river hand in hand
The most peaceful day that ever was planned

I visited The Orchard yesterday, a most gorgeous place.  I hope this poem gives you a picture of this idyllic little corner of England x
1.2k · Apr 2014
I Just Want ...
Louise Apr 2014
I just want, to peacefully sleep
enveloped in your arms
I don't even want to see
just want to be out of harm
      Staying here, forever in safety
      inhaling your scent, it's home
      you'll whisper so sweet and quietly
      I won't ever feel alone
Tenderly wrapped around me
I can feel the warmth of your love
whispering 'It's me and you only'
it feels like rays from the sun
      Dreaming, here I lay
      softly caressing only you
      will it be long enough I pray
      to let my love seep through
yet I know I am desperately alone
and you are not really here
but my heart, unable to cope
refused to believe love can disappear
1.2k · May 2014
If I ..
Louise May 2014
If I closed my eyes,
drifted into a soft sleep,
would you protect me?

If I faded away into nothingness,
or foolishly left you behind
would you rapidly follow?

If it was just you and me,
just the two of us
would you be lonely?

If I carefully caressed you,
desperately needed you,
would you just take me?

If you had to leave,
disappear and never return
I beg of you to visit my dreams.
1.1k · May 2014
Louise May 2014
Her words are clearly written

full of life and love

yet she is showing you
the emptiness

It's there
between the words

above ..

and below ..
the lines

It surrounds
each and every stanza

and envelops whole poems

You ..

just choose

not to notice
1.1k · Feb 2017
Does He Know...
Louise Feb 2017
I'm not sure if he knows
that often, my eyes are without mascara
and lack the soft sweep of a muted brown

Does he realise
my limbs are not long and slender
and definitely not as lean as they once were

Is he aware
that my stomach is no longer flat
or even slightly firm but rounded and fleshy

Does he know all this
because each day
he looks at me as if I am beautiful
1.1k · Jun 2014
Just a Sentimental Girl
Louise Jun 2014
I'm so lucky to have friends
right here on HP
I love the support that's sent
in each others hour of need

For without this cosy place
to bare my inner soul
I'd have no extra space
my words, no place to go

I often feel closer to you all
than my many friends at home
they only see me standing tall
notice only the courage I've shown

They know not all about my life
a 'side' I like to keep quiet
I do not share that I write
and would not call myself a poet

Although I love them dearly
each and every one
I won't bare myself freely
and doubt that day will ever come

I hold dear these precious friendships
the honesty and trust that is held
a powerful bond between poets
across the oceans, across the world

So I'm sorry, but you may have to forgive
the kisses I'll often send your way
and the loving hugs I have
that I'll send to you each day

I'm just a sentimental girl
with a lot of love to give
If you're on the other side of the world
I love you no matter where you live
1.1k · Jun 2014
Written In The Sand
Louise Jun 2014
I wrote a poem about you
that I didn't want to keep
so I wrote it by the ocean
in the sand beneath my feet

I sat there by it silently
listening to the waves
just watching the tide come in
at the end of this pensive day

As the sea gently rolled in
and washed away the words
salty tears began to fall
as the ocean took away the hurt

I will never share with you
the words written in the sand
I'll never kiss those lips I long to
or feel the gentle caress of your hands

I remain seated here alone
the poem just a memory in my mind
a pain still lingers within my heart
a mixture of loss and longing combined

One day I'll retrace the words again
in the glorious golden sand
maybe you'll see them this time
and just maybe you'll understand
This came from a conversation about my fear of being stranded without pen and paper.   It went a completely different way, but I followed my heart
: )
Louise Apr 2014

I met your words the other day
those words spoke, only to me
they took my fears away
I met your words the other day
holding the meaning to all I wished to say
comforting me in a way I'd never been
I met your words the other day
those words spoke only, to me
1.1k · May 2014
Dreams of Dark Horizons
Louise May 2014
Collaboration with Jack

Where oceans dance on sleepy shores,
glistening beneath crescent moon breaths,
counting star drop secrets on charcoal skies
I stare at a horizon, a single shadowed line.... waiting

Into the depth of the distance, my thoughts drift
I know they will find their way somehow
I'll remain here, the closest point to you
my time, my freedom, I no longer wish to be my own

Cast upon these harmonic waves, my desires,
whispered into a sea breeze of flowing dreams,
Become one with a metronomic tide of needed current
seeking a path to your perfect heart and I breathe...slowly

Thoughts and desires now run free, seeking their destiny
the direction, always known to them, yet hindered
a moving course across the ocean, the destination, always you
wistfulness and impatient dreams will become a reality

And of this reality, these distant shores, we shall be together...
not of sun drenched morning awakenings,
nor a midnight sky of watchful eyes,
but of one love on a tireless journey, far beyond every horizon ....eternally
I've been so privileged to work with someone so talented.  
Jack thank you for making this so easy!
1.1k · Aug 2014
◇ Apple Scented Soap ◇
Louise Aug 2014

I chose Apple scented soap
for my trip to France

I was 12 ..

Even today
that beautiful aroma
takes me back there
and the room that I shared with friends

The breakfast room
with the huge windows,
bread and jam,
and trying to convince myself
that the tea wasn't that bad

I recall the boy that I had a crush on
from my class..
he was quiet, sweet
and very kind

Apple scented soap
reminds me of all of these things ..

and the 12 year old me.

I think I may have found my good memory of my mother while writing this.
She let me choose the soap and bought me a new pink and white towel for my trip.
It seems insignificant but it wasn't.

(I bargained with my parents by saying that I wouldn't go on any other trip for the 4 yrs I was at middle school so I could go on this trip.)
1.0k · Apr 2014
I Fell In Love
Louise Apr 2014
I fell in love with him
I fell in love with you
fell in love with words
Why am I such a fool?

I fell in love with his arms
I fell in love with the strength
fell in love with the feeling
but never sure what it meant

I fell in love with reactions
I fell in love with his passion for words
fell in love with a presence
and a gentle sigh I heard

I fell in love with thoughts
I fell in love with given time
fell in love with the ponderings
that wander through my mind

I fell in love with romance
I fell in love with a heart in a whirl
fell in love with imagined caresses
Could you fall in love with this girl?
1.0k · Mar 2015
You Do Something To Me
Louise Mar 2015
(Paul Weller inspired)

You do something to me
yet my ignorance is bliss
grasping this wonderful feeling
floating in a warm and scented mist

You do something wonderful
that stops my heavy heart ache
Look a little closer
to see my winding path to fate

You do something to me
I'm hoping there will be a time
to become a little closer
I'll wait here for a sign

You do something wonderful**
and 'take me there' with you
wanting so badly to fall deeper
heart and soul, through and through
1.0k · May 2014
Will I Find Inner Peace?
Louise May 2014
If I just keep on writing
will it 'let it all out'
releasing all the feelings
describing each and every doubt

If I just continue daily
will I find my 'inner peace'
and clear my haunted mind
to keep at bay, that ugly beast

If I promise each jaded day
to create some space in my head
to get rid of things unwanted
and put an end to words unsaid

If I repeat this pattern each time
would it really make a difference
or will I always find something hidden
just over the horizon, in the murky distance
1.0k · Jun 2014
Louise Jun 2014
This is not just ***
but it is what it is
when I need it now
what I wouldn't give

A subtle weight
bearing down on me
able to release,
my desires to be freed

The passion builds
legs wrapped around you
I'll hold on tight
this is my fuel

Until you make it right
I won't let go
Keep the rhythm going
and that steady flow

Treat me rough
I really don't care
Just stay with me
until you take me there

Release the heat
that's deep inside
It's rising up
like an incoming tide

Before tonight
my body was numb
the passion is exploding
the moment ..
                  has ..

                       now  ..

1.0k · Mar 2015
In A Dream
Louise Mar 2015
You came to me in a dream
no dialogue exchanged, all the words has been said
I absorbed the way you looked
knowing I may never see you again

I gazed at a familiar face nearly forgotten
slowly, falling under your spell 
You could always see into my soul
and tell me every tale I had to tell

The seconds were passing too quickly
and knowing once more we'd have to part
I tried to view you through salty tears
once again my insides were torn apart
1.0k · Mar 2015
Into the Night
Louise Mar 2015

Walking into the night
she hoped to find her way
with the moon as her guide
her past, mere footsteps away

She held her head high
the unknown future in sight
moving towards the new day
while disappearing into the night

So small, in this big world,
a girl,  with room to grow
turning footsteps into strides
within her eyes, a new glow

pieces of her she'll leave behind
never again to look back
Looking to a future she was meant for
she vanishes into the night so black

999 · Jul 2014
☆ She ☆
Louise Jul 2014

She heard whispers upon the wind
and soft words upon a breeze
inhaled a fragrance on the moonlight
called out your name among floating leaves
She ran along the sensual sand
compelled by the crashing waves
fleeing from something so familiar
yet her fear was to leave this place
Eventually halted by the stars
as they lit up the life in her eyes
she remained motionless,  like the blackness
reading between the clusters and all they implied
The moonlight fell upon her tender face
a harmony of waves filled her ears
the sand between her toes would forever remain
as she clung to hope as a souvenir

Louise Jul 2016

Seeing you on the other side of yesterday
you softly gazed at me
a memory I had forgotten
a sight I'd never thought I'd see

Hearing you on a silence from the future
you sounded like a different kind of man
I won't know what it is that you said
until that future is part of the plan

Tasting a sadness that reminds me
of a time that is still to come
I wash away the sweetness
that lingers upon my tongue

Inhaling an aroma of what was
I let it settle, closing my eyes
A scent of Springtime and longing
once upon a sunrise

Feeling you softly upon my soul
sending my heart straight back to you
my body is now yearning
my mind, so easily fooled

Written in February but not posted
986 · Jan 2015
Scars of my past
Louise Jan 2015

The waves don't seem to wash away the hurt
Scars of my past are ingrained in the sand for all to see
Salty water, desperately trying to heal the open wounds
but the sun is determined to reflect them back somehow. 
Maybe the past can never really be forgotten
I still hope with each returning tide, eventually,  
only the memories will be washed up
and not me

986 · Aug 2014
Stealing my heart
Louise Aug 2014
You knew you were stealing
a piece of my heart
Please keep it safe
carry it close
in your pocket
or next to your heart
you'll forever have a piece of me
we know we'll always be apart

I will survive
with a heart that's been torn
my movements,  much slower now
but I've no need to hurry
to get anywhere
when the direction's not you
I'll just wait here
but please,
don't take another piece
whatever you do.
Ed Sheeran inspired  : )
975 · May 2014
Louise May 2014
Rippling water

it eases its way
  across the lake

Such a gentle gesture

I wish for the
  waves of harshness

that crash against me

to wash away ..

to transform
  from waves of destruction




963 · Jun 2014
○ ○ Oasis ○ ○
Louise Jun 2014
I struggled through a desert
a bare and unforgiving land
constantly feeling though
I had no one to hold my hand

Many, just weren't there
never offering to show me the way
so I quickly stopped asking
and got used to being afraid

Many years were spent
advancing painfully through the sand
trying to make it on my own
finding ways to understand

I couldn't help but take the long way
making it harder on myself
I truly believed I was lost
and refused to ask for help

Rejection is a cruel emotion
that I know will never leave
it grips from inside out
making it so hard to breathe

I may have found my oasis
really it's been here longer than I thought
but it's hard to recognise a safe haven
when rejection is all you've been taught
961 · Jun 2014
Awaiting His Death
Louise Jun 2014
I may cry
when you pass.
don't be fooled
it's not for you.

It's for the father
I should have had,
the father I deserved.
That's what I'll grieve
not you.

Never you.

What's there to miss?
I can do without you
making me feel awkward,
an inconvenience.

Can you understand my view?

There were no cuddles
for me,
no tenderness
or tender words.

I did not even want you
to 'give me away'
on your only daughters
wedding day.
Escaping abroad
escaping feeling ignored.
You lost all rights
to hand me over
to another man
that would protect me.

You never got that right
did you?
Couldn't even protect me
from yourself.

So I sometimes think
about your health,
you, drinking yourself
                  ­      a

Not sure how much more
your old and bitter body can take

and I wait* ......
this was a real rant written a while ago, unfortunately it still applies today!!  Sorry it's a bit morbid but he's not a nice person.
954 · Apr 2013
Colourful Emotions
Louise Apr 2013
White  as a blank canvas, a pure angelic sight

Yellow  wishes wishing I'd stopped to say 'Hello'

Purple  pleasing and caring words so thoughtful

Blue  feelings being alone without you

Green  eyes hiding tears you've never seen

Red  harsh words left isolated and unsaid

Pink  thoughts so sweet that the paper exhibits the ink

Grey  for all the words I couldn't say

Black  cloud in my mind containing qualities I lack

Cream vision, hoping you'll be in tonights dream

These are my colourful emotions
Tucked away deep inside
Yet the vivid and unpredictable rainbow is frequently arduous to hide
901 · Aug 2014
I, am not a poet!
Louise Aug 2014

I write,  

but I am not a poet

I feel emotions so intense
I spill them in ink across a page

but I am not a poet

I am forced to release thoughts
from my mind

but I am not a poet

my words are presented as I feel them
they do not make a poem

as I am not a poet

my senses view, smell, taste, hear and feel things
so differently from many

but I am not a poet

Phrases and images appear in my mind
I have to share these wondrous things

but I am not a poet

I am not sure what makes a poet.

This I will sit and quietly ponder,
reflect upon,
write about
because maybe,  just maybe

I am a poet

This was inspired by deovrat commenting that he is not a poet.  I never used to refer to myself as a poet and still see others saying the same.   I think we are!!!!!!
: )
892 · Jul 2014
Words speak for me.
Louise Jul 2014

They speak the things
I am unable to speak
cry the pain for me
that I can no longer take,
shout loudly in anger
when I'm just too weak

Words ..

Give comfort to me
when no one is
Help to soothe me
to sleep
with the gentlest
of sounds,
offer me confidence
when mine
cannot be found

Words ..

Let me write of a love
that I've not always known
and of a romance
that I want to be shown
a love that's so magical
it feels just like home

883 · Aug 2014
Open Heart/Broken Heart
Louise Aug 2014
My eyes were open

you saw me,  told me I was beautiful
and you'd never stop admiring me

My arms were open

you held me,  so gently but so tight
and swore you'd never let me go

My mouth was open

you kissed it so beautifully hard
I lost my breath, and mind, over you

My heart was open

you loved it, caressed it, stole it
saying you'd treasure it always

My eyes are closed

they always are now
yet I still see visions of you

My arms are now closed

I hold myself together
until I decide to fall apart

My mouth is closed

the only words that can leave it
are 'I love you' but you're not here

My heart is closed,

I imagine, as I have not seen it
and I'm sure I never will again
878 · Oct 2014
~Fancy Dress Party~ 10W
Louise Oct 2014

Who fancies coming to a party
as a pirate?

My friend convinced me that we should go as pirates,  now she's not going!!!!!
: /
Who can get to England by tomorrow night? Lol
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