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S Olson
59/M    The beauty that befell my eyes the very day we met, is more than I could ever hope to see And now as time has ...
42/F/England    I'm 42 I'm a mum stopped writing for ages but it has always been there. not a good speller.but now I have too's in ...
Pagan Paul
Bristol, England    (I am Unique + I am a Capricorn = I am a Unicorn.). . .© Pagan Paul 2016/2017/2018/2019 . .
NY    a 20 year old emo kid with dreams
A writer and an artist. A musician as well. In need of a Savior, I was just a shell. I was a heavy drinker. Alcoholic, ...
Miguel Haciendero
Philippines    A poet who rages along the waves of deception that lurks behind the pages of life
Camp Johnson Crossing NW    “Violins are for sissies” she said “I play violin” I answered “I like sissies” she replied
Just Me R
Scotland    Just a few thoughts x
Toothless Nono
Somewhere in Asia   
Nick ross
Hertford    Peace loving, hippy hearted, sport loving old man
Joanne Smith
A Psalmist
-In the moment    Merely a psalmist striving after His own heart.
28/M/Bangalore, India    "Rather than love, than money, than faith, than fame, than fairness...give me truth"- Christopher McCandless
just north of ordinary    Under construction. Dreaming out windows. Want to hear me read it? Please visit: I have two eBooks on Amazon.
A new day means distance is not a boundary but a disturbance in the balance of happiness.
Ivy Swolf
just banging on the keyboard incoherently. ** for more mumbles if i put this symbol here © does it mean anything at all..
Marisa Lu Makil
22/F/Zeeland, MI    "In this world, there is an invisible magic circle. There's an inside, and an outside. Those people are inside the circle. And I am outside. ...
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