From my eyes, the glistening stars shine bright next to one another. When In fact in reality they are billions upon billions of miles away.

          Our love is like the stars
A prose
Louis Archer Jun 16
For many - love is one
   Or just a few

For me - to many of you
   I say adieu
I have none for this one.
  Jun 16 Louis Archer
you always were my muse
for good times
and for bad times
I always had you

I wrote poems filled with anger
others filled with lust
some with loving phrases
some with hateful verses

you were always my muse
when I was struggling
I had you to write about
everyday there was something new

maybe that was part
of our day to day battle
fighting for something
while fighting over nothing

fighting to feel anything
fighting about dumb things
up and down
back and forth

you always were my muse
and this poem proves
that without my consent
I guess you still are
muse - a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist

good or bad, I write and I write...
Louis Archer Jun 12
When I use words profane
I lose everything I obtain
From swearing to swearing off
     I can’t abstain  
From beginning to end
     Friends start to wane

In and out of my hands
     I cannot hold onto a bit
     For I treat them like shit
Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer... just don’t lose your friends.
Louis Archer Jun 4
Your sun was hot
Heating my inside and out
        Warming my spirit
        Friends — we are it

My dark days were over
My four leaf clover
        Oh what great luck
        ‘‘Twas I that was plucked

A weed, not a flower
So small, not a tower
        But still you chose me
        Filling me with glee

Your sun was hot
And the water was caught
        Drying the streaks
        Of tears on my cheeks
For some reason I told myself I’d never write about you, but here I am and all I can write about is you
Louis Archer Jun 1
Kisses on my lips
Kisses on my neck  
    Laying in the back
Thinking — what the heck

Stars in the night sky
Above the truck bed
    Thinking of the things
That I wanted said

I think back to that night
It was so so cold
    I thought when clung to you
Of growing old

I don’t regret that night —
I regret things now
    So, I am wishing the best
The best for thou
We live in the future. Everything we do now is just a memory of something we have already done.
Louis Archer May 30
Rocks, all around me
    Rocks, under my feet
Walking through the day
As I suffer the heat

Water, I need some
    Water, there is none
Thirsty and dry
Dried by the sun

Love, just as much
    Love, my life’s crutch
There is no more
I miss your - touch

I hung my legs off a porch to do some reading. There were parts that were high and low, but the ground was out of reach. I sat with my legs dangling for an hour. When it came to my attention, I had to ask myself — why had I chosen the spot closest to the ground? For the ground was out of reach.
How many bad decisions can someone make in their youth? I’ll let you know in a few years. All I do is make mistakes.
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