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Samuel Louis Dec 2018
don't fall in love
with the beautiful traveler
because when you do
it won't even matter
for when you've shared your time
you'll be left, broken and shattered
It's not something i am doing, it's just something i have done
Samuel Louis Nov 2018
sweet sweet
as the warmth
from your
to my own
Samuel Louis Nov 2018
I could count
The stars
Before I
The number
Of poems
I will write
Our love
Being with you is like having infinite inspiration
Samuel Louis Nov 2018
Sometimes as a poet
It is easier to write
And relate to the things that hurt

Because the heart knows
What it means
To feel -- beautifully terrible
Samuel Louis Oct 2018
It’s hard to find
The richness
In life
When the richness
Is as fleeting
As life
You fight time to do the things you dream of doing.
Samuel Louis Oct 2018
you prepare me with your words
and undress me with your eyes
you dismantle me with your lips
and fortify me in between your thighs
Like ohhhhhh yeah..... what? oh yeah
Samuel Louis Oct 2018
The world is a better place
And it gets better each day
As i get further from                                          

                                                    ­                                      you
its an old one, but i like it
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