Louis Archer Feb 11
She hears the quiet whisper of the man paying his respect to lost love
Wiping his eyes
And offering her heart to lend

Taking him in
Showing love not deserved
But love she was sharing

was lifted
Singing and dancing!
Sorrow was not his fate

His spirit lifted
And all he can think is...
Thankful enough he can never be
Thank you
Louise, happy birthday! I am so glad you are in my life! If I am being honest... You are one of the most fantastic people I know, and I am so happy that you are someone I talk to. Originally, I had planned to come see you this weekend and surprise you! Things didn't work out so this is what I am resorting to. I wanted to read you this poem in person, but since I can't I'll settle for this little birthday note. I wrote this a week ago, I hope you like it, and i hope it helps you understand what you mean to me. Without being all weird, I just want to say that i love you. You are one of my best friends and I hope you have a wonderful bday.

-Love Sam
Louis Archer Feb 7
How did I forget?
How love was before...
It's not about we, or how things ended
But the way it was in the heat of the moment
Back in the country, where love was innocent
And it was a privilege instead of a war
Enjoying it all, instead of fighting to stay together

Despite being a mess, I'm going back
  I might be an old man now
  But I'm still coming home
I still have energy worth spending
And I am excited for the return
                                                          ­                     soon
                                                            ­                    just wait
I cannot be stopped
Because I'm doing it right this time
                                                            ­                     with passion
                                                         ­                          and guidance
These are the words I will stand by
Fix your time, because when I get back everything will be new
And I will smile without questioning my happiness
I refuse to stay held back
Expect me my loved ones
I am coming home!
Expect me
Been holding myself back, but not anymore
Louis Archer Feb 5
First me now her
A friendship spent, in a blur
Upset by false deceit
And feeding from petty's teat

Our friendship dead, cold and blue
Enjoy your sweet nothings, only a few
I'm out now, not in this race
I'd like to put you in your place

You cause me grief, heavy like a bolder
To carry on my back and shoulder
I'm done now, I don't want war
When it comes to you, I want no more
You know
Louis Archer Jan 31
Sitting here alone, still feeling empty
An event occurs and a friend has left me
We parted with words that hurt my friend
He left with tears in his eyes and wounds to tend

Now I am far away and secluded
A friends trust has been polluted
With a wipe of the eye a bond is deceased
And with death came friends release

Now sitting around people I could care not for
It seems my life has taken a detour
He sent me away because he said he must
And as I did with me came my trust

He took our friendship which was just a seed
And beat it red, making it bleed
I sat head hung and I cried
He walked away, as I was swept away like the tide.
When I started dating a girl was had recently rejected one of my newer friends, he told the school about my drinking habits(at the time I was 17). I was suspended and sent home.... which was 4 hours away by plane! (boarding school). I wrote this in the airport waiting to catch my flight.
Louis Archer Jan 29
Our time is running out
And we must make the most of it
I know you feel the same way
I will show you that I'm worth it
You just have to get away from the prying eyes and take a risk
I can see that you're scared
But you don't have to be
Come with me
And we can experience it together
I will be patient...
I'm just anxious
Wrote this after an experience I had with a girl whom I dated for a short time. This poem was pretty much about how I was trying to win her over, but it was taking longer than expected.
Louis Archer Jan 28
Who knew?
That you would be in my arms, staring into my eyes
Pressing your lips against mine
The switch of the mouth and tongue
We lay there in the dark
Keeping ourselves a secret from the ones that would cringe at the -
-sight of you with me
Kiss me softly and slowly in the night, under the sheets.
As our friends lay beside us
But then again, we are only friends.
And the feelings that are betraying my heart
Telling myself to move on, but I want to be more than friends
I don't want to have your lips in secret
I know your secrets, and you know mine
Maybe that's why it's so hard to look at you now
Now I have to suppress feelings and emotions
I wish we could go back to the time we were drunk...
Drunk in a temporary fantasy where I had your body to myself
And no one would have ever known but us
We gave it a try, but it wasn't right
So we cut it out and went back to being friends.
Now I suffer,
Watching your lips as you talk to me
And I wish I could kiss them
Maybe one day we will get drunk on those feelings again
But we are only friends.
I wrote this poem a couple years ago, when I  found myself attempting to do "friends with benefits". It never worked out, partly because I had real feelings for her... which I never told her about because I was too afraid that she would not feel the same way. We stopped doing FWB and after some time she became one of my best friends. I'm glad we stopped, she is like a sister to me now.
Louis Archer Jan 25
For to be younger
To be naive again is my dream
I have seen what is unwanted
and experienced pain I knew not of
I want to be new for you
I was not like this
I must live with the decisions
I should have thought of you then...
To have your lips
Pressed to mine
For the first time
Even for me
I was inspired to write this when I was rejected by a girl that I thought was pretty amazing. It hurt because she rejected me because of the past mistakes I had made in my life.

— The End —