It’s hard to find
The richness
In life
When the richness
Is as fleeting
As life
You fight time to do the things you dream of doing.
Samuel Louis Oct 8
you prepare me with your words
and undress me with your eyes
you dismantle me with your lips
and fortify me in between your thighs
Like ohhhhhh yeah..... what? oh yeah
Samuel Louis Oct 1
The world is a better place
And it gets better each day
As i get further from                                          

                                                    ­                                      you
its an old one, but i like it
Samuel Louis Sep 25
It’s one A-M
I’m waiting for you
I’m tired And upset
And feeing so blue
Still I wait
All by myself
I want you here — Right now
And nothing else
But here you are!
Pulling up your car
And pulling me into your arms

   - I’m ok
Let me tell you. This person... is straight up amazing. If I told you I felt like I was drowning, she’s the one who gave me a second wind.
Samuel Louis Sep 24
Life exudes love’s liberty
Through commitment
       and liability
Love ties you down in the most freeing way
Samuel Louis Sep 18
Honesty is the building block
And never fib I try to
Through life and time a ticking clock
I’ll strive to trust and stand beside you
When trying times come — our door they knock
I’ll love and protect and make sure I find you
I beg stay true — firm a rock
Because I can’t again stand — being lied to
Forgive those two words that didn’t want to fit.
Samuel Louis Sep 13
I am drowning in the waters caught
In floods and tides and waves of thought
I try to bring myself to think
But ideas stay beyond the brink
I try so many and succeed in none
I strive to know and finish one
But my mind will stay to fail and flunk
And walk in ways a stumbling drunk
If I try to think of thoughts so many
I won’t be able - to think of any
A mixture of overthinking everything and tad bit of anxiety. I would love to hear back any type of feedback. I am trying to put together an anthology and need to be critiqued as a writer.
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