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Mar 24 · 202
Alec Mar 24
sing me a whiskey lullaby
let the bitter taste run across my tongue
drown me in the smoothness
feeling in roll down my throat

the urge to taste it slowly engulfs me
asking me to taste it.

Mar 9 · 270
Alec Mar 9
im drowning
but i wont tell you that

i cant focus
i cant breathe
i need you here beside me
help me please
Mar 8 · 52
yuh get into it
Alec Mar 8
sweat running down our bodies
clothes thrown around the floor
begging, pleading
muscles tightening,
fingers trailing, drifting
from place to place around my body
lips following slowly after
i love how it feels when you love me.
Mar 4 · 159
Alec Mar 4
when you hold me in your arms,
i feel untouchable.
Mar 4 · 92
Alec Mar 4
fire on my skin
your touch ignites me
the way your fingers trail down my side
the way your lips capture mine
the way your arms wrap around me

Mar 4 · 36
Alec Mar 4
they tell you to follow your dreams
then they **** your imagination
with the realness of life.

they tell you to believe in things
then they **** your imagination.

they say you can do it
but they point out what you cant

whats wrong with you?
theyll sure tell you.

you dont know something?
theyll call you stupid.

you want to wear a shirt that falls different?
they wont let you.

theyre supposed to teach you life skills?
all they do is make me wanna end mine.
this is a rant ig idk lol
Feb 23 · 364
Alec Feb 23
forever still doesnt feel long enough when it comes to you.
Feb 22 · 56
thank you.
Alec Feb 22
i hope you know
with your goofy laugh and your stupid jokes
you pulled me away from the stolen kisses in the dark
and the the late night tears

you showed me the light,
stolen kisses turned into walks on the beach hand in hand
parties with family and new friends
the late night tears turned into staying up till 5 am playing minecraft

you pulling me out of my darkness,
pulling me away from it all.
Feb 22 · 58
prt. 4
Alec Feb 22
i hope one day ill be able to tell you.

the soft touch of your fingers on my cheek
brings me out of the darkness,
pulls me away from the walls i had built
into the warmth and the comfort of home.
Feb 22 · 55
prt. 3
Alec Feb 22
i hope one day ill be able to tell you.

i hope ill be able to tell you
how your voice is more gentle than the breeze over a lake late at night,
calming, almost always a whisper,
drowning out the world around, even in the quietest tone.
Feb 22 · 45
prt. 2
Alec Feb 22
i hope one day ill be able to tell you.  

how your touch,
even the slightest brush on your knee against mine
instantly takes me away to a safer, better place,
how it ignites my body in a warm and forever burning fire
deep inside my soul.
Feb 22 · 38
prt. 1
Alec Feb 22
i hope one day ill be able to tell you.

i hope youll learn to love yourself the way i do..

i hope you know this feeling i get,
like the cool crispy winter air
how it makes me want to be alive,
will never go away.
Feb 12 · 170
Alec Feb 12
my love we’ll gonna be the couple of centuries.
just hold my hand and we’ll make it through.
Feb 12 · 105
blue koolaid
Alec Feb 12
i like the blue koolaid the most because that’s the first one you had the day we kissed.

i’d never tell you that though.
Feb 12 · 142
Alec Feb 12
i felt your hand wrap around mine
and suddenly all the ice began to thaw.
Feb 5 · 101
Alec Feb 5
was she right?
am i just someone youre using to get over your last?
Feb 5 · 61
lost at sea.
Alec Feb 5
i keep waiting for you to pull me back to the shore
but i dont even know if you want to anymore
Feb 5 · 32
Alec Feb 5
that stung more than i thought it would.
Jan 27 · 64
Alec Jan 27
she can write books,
poems upon poems.
nothing could ever compare to how you make me feel
with your hands
and your smile
and your touch
and your voice.

the lightning strikes i get when you pull me closer
the butterflies i have when you kiss me
the rush of adrenaline i get when i hear your voice

you make me want to fly
you make me want to do everything right.
everything you do makes me want to be alive.

youre where my heart is.
youre my warmth from the cold.
youre my home.
Jan 27 · 103
Alec Jan 27
im scared.
im gonna wake up one day and roll over
expecting to see your face
but it all be a dream

the fear of losing you is suffocating
its like I'm locked in the box
and the only way to get out is you
but if you aren't real what do i do

i sink


that's all i can do.
Jan 20 · 51
Alec Jan 20
i feel your hand cupping my face  
you lips perfectly in time with my own
your arms wrapping protective around me
i feel your warm breath against my neck
and you legs intertwining with mine
i feel my soul intertwine with yours
and my heart speed up
for i love you
with my body
and soul
Jan 20 · 180
Alec Jan 20
i never knew it was this possible to love someone this much.
Jan 20 · 54
Alec Jan 20
i can't help but smile when i look at you

or the way you look down when i say youre perfect

or the way you melt when i say i love you

i cant help but smile at everything you do

im ****** aren't i
Jan 19 · 55
return the favor.
Alec Jan 19
sometimes i look at you and dont recognize you
the carefree laughter
the terrible jokes

i miss the way your eyes lit up when you looked at me

im so sorry your light is dimming

i hate that i cant stop it

so my darling i offer you mine,
in hopes that when you brighten up again
you return the favor.
Jan 19 · 519
i told you it all.
Alec Jan 19
i told you about it all
i told you all my secrets and the stories
the betrayals and the pain
i told you my biggest fears and my happiest highs
i told you it all.

you know more about me than i do myself.

please dont become a stranger with my deepest secrets.
Jan 19 · 50
169 days.
Alec Jan 19
169 days
4,056 hours
243,360 minutes
14,601,600 seconds

all this time spent holding you close
making memories with you
who would have thought,
that in 169 days
someone could grow this much love for someone.
the math may be wrong but like go off ig
Jan 19 · 32
blue flame.
Alec Jan 19
i say you set me on fire,
but not like you think.

its not a bright red flame,
even though it burns the hottest.

its a gentle blue flame,
cool and calm and safe
it keeps you warm without burning you too bad

some times it bites a little but that's okay
the warmth and the calmness
push the pain away
Jan 19 · 35
Alec Jan 19
you set me on fire.

for my body is a match
and your touch the lighter.
Jan 19 · 32
i crave you.
Alec Jan 19
i crave you
yet i crave you in the most gentle way.

i crave the slow kisses and the gentle breathing
the gentle touches and the soft smiles
i crave the rush of relief and the comforting sound of your voice
the way you pull me against you
the way your kisses leave a trail of fire everywhere they land
i crave your touch,
for it lights my body up
let me succumb to the gentle flames of our love
because my love

i crave you.
teehee - e
Jan 19 · 97
Alec Jan 19
if someone had asked me 6 months ago what my favorite memory is
i would reply with one i made up to make myself feel better
if someone asked me today i would be able to pull out a list.

the first sleepover with the four of us
sneaking out to go to the park at 3 am
walking around like we were drunk just for the laughs
laying in the middle of the street listening to music
watching the sun rise and set with you

the beach
walking hand in hand down the beach
watching you goof around in the water
seeing you play with my little sister
playing in the sand

the square
you meeting my cousin for the first time
having our first date
you trying my favorite ice cream place
walking everywhere with you

so if someone ever asked me what my favorite memories are
i don't have to sit and think
i can immediately respond
anything that has you in it.
Alec Jan 19
there’s something so painful
yet so healing
about holding your hoodie.

i sit in tears holding your hoodie to my face
the thought of you holding me
so very vibrant in my mind
the warmth it offers is only a fraction
of the warmth of your arms wrapped around me.
putting it on offers some feeling of you here
your scent lingering on it
just like it lingers on my bed sheets and pillowcases
sometimes i find myself staring at the ceiling
the remnants of your touch still linger on my body
drawing me farther and farthing into a world
where i’m with you
but i’m stuck here, crying.
all because i’m wearing your hoodie.
**** this is actually not supposed to be this sad i’m so sorry
Jan 15 · 61
Alec Jan 15
id set fire to the world around me,
but never let a flame touch you.
yes i stole this hehe
Jan 15 · 113
tell you too.
Alec Jan 15
i didnt tell my mom about you
i didnt tell my dad about you

i told the stars about you
i told the oceans about you
i told my stuffed animals about you

thats how i knew
i needed to tell you too.
Jan 11 · 45
i felt and i knew.
Alec Jan 11
i felt your hands against my chest
and your mouth against my own
i felt your body against mine
and your lips form a smile

i felt your hair brushing my face
and your arms wrap around me
i felt your legs entangle with my own
and your arms give out

i felt my arms pulling you closer
and my forehead touching yours
i felt my nose brush yours
and my lips form a smile

i felt my body give out when you held me
and my legs start shaking from the rush of adrenaline
i felt my heart mend with yours
and my soul become one with yours.
Dec 2020 · 123
Alec Dec 2020
if you left i don't think i would ever be able to listen to music again.
Dec 2020 · 46
Alec Dec 2020
this feeling is terrifying.
i suddenly want to eat
i want to be outside and in the sun.
i want to travel the world.
i want to fulfill my dreams.
i want to do everything with you.
and that terrifies me.
because if you leave,
everything will stop being bright and sunny.
everything wont be fun and excited.
cause without you.
im just an empty, hollow being.
Dec 2020 · 65
long distance.
Alec Dec 2020
i love you.
i just dont want to love you from a distance.
not when youre five minutes away.
come back.
Alec Dec 2020
i cant do it.
i cant look into some eyes
not when i have yours to compare them to
i could look into them for hours.
pots of honey and chocolate.
i cant listen to someone else sing the songs youve sung
not when i have yours to compare them to.
silky smooth, soft and calming.
i cant look at someone and think of home.
not when i have you to compare them to.
Dec 2020 · 36
possibility of never.
Alec Dec 2020
i said id wait.
i said id wait.
i said id wait.

im gonna wait.
just please dont be forever.

i dont know how long i can take
with the possibility of never.
Dec 2020 · 31
Alec Dec 2020
i knew this one would hurt
but i didn't realize it would hurt this much.
Dec 2020 · 24
Alec Dec 2020
i went to bed
dreaming of the warmth of you against my back
and your arms wrapped around me
and yet,
i woke up wrapped in a blanket,
cold and alone without you next to me.
Dec 2020 · 21
i mourn you.
Alec Dec 2020
i mourn you,
even though your five minutes away
i mourn the dreams and the memories
every hour of the day.
i mourn the way your hand felt in mine.
i mourn the way our legs intertwined.
i mourn the way you made me feel.
i hate that this is real.

i mourn you.
even though youre five feet away.
Dec 2020 · 20
Alec Dec 2020
peter pan would leave neverland to stay with you.

tinker bell would give up her wings for you.

captain hook would stop being so cricked.

the crocodile would leave everyone alone.

the lost boys would want to go home.

id finally love being home.
idk this kinda ****** im sorry.
Dec 2020 · 25
Alec Dec 2020
you kept me safe.
its my turn now.
ill bandage your wounds.
and wipe your brow.
ill hold you close.
and protect you.
the same way you taught me how.
ill be the guiding star you need.
the one the leads you to safety.
ill be here waiting.
for you to get back safely.
Dec 2020 · 169
my protector.
Alec Dec 2020
you ran out of strength.
to protect me.
you held me above you.
trying to keep me safe.
what neither of us realized.
it was you who needed to be saved.
Dec 2020 · 26
Alec Dec 2020
its always the ones that protect you from the pain
that cause you the most.
Dec 2020 · 28
ill be here.
Alec Dec 2020
ill be here,
when the days are long
and the nights are rough

ill be here
when the world is mean
and people are cold

ill be here
when you give up
and you want to go

ill be here
to hold you high
and never let you give up.
Alec Dec 2020
id still hold you above the water.
even if that meant i got no air.
id still kiss your bruised knees.
even with cuts all over me.
id still hold the world for you.
even if its too much for me.
Dec 2020 · 12
ghost pt. 2
Alec Dec 2020
when i hear the sound of a piano,
when i look at the woods
when i hear any love song
when i roll over at night
when i look into brown eyes
when i feel the warmth of the blanket around me
when i wear your hoodies
when i hear the drumming of the rain
when i hear the baseline of a song
when i see the grass damp from the dewdrops
when i see the movie theater
when i see my bed
when i see my favorite hoodie
when i see my hands
when i see my eyes
when i see my arms
when i see myself
when i hear someone humming
when i hear that song

i think of you.
i think of your smile
i think of your laugh.
i think of your voice.
i think of the past.
i think of everything we could have been.
i think of everything we can be again.

when i close my eyes.
when i listen close.
when i walk around.
i can feel you around me
like a ghost.
Dec 2020 · 22
i feel you next to me.
Alec Dec 2020
when i close my eyes
i can feel you next to me

when i listen to the drumming of the rain on my window
i can hear you whispering

when i feel the bite of the crisp morning air
i can feel you pulling me close, encasing me in your warmth

when i hear the sounds of the leaves crunching
i think of you

when i close my eyes
i feel you next to me.
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