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  10h Alec
hell yeah
take my hand
lets wreck this show

and im so glad
that he loves you
because he's really cool
and im sick of hating him
unless you think hes cooler than me
then id have to **** him

and also
i really think
i might love someone too
and shes really cool
(but not cooler than you)
and she makes me feel
lesbian things
and idk
lets be gay criminals

and i miss my
best friend
broooooooo ily no ****
  3d Alec
Cold coffee settles me
And stirs the morning into dew
In a warm body
  3d Alec
the blade sat,
buried in her moon white skin.
rivers ran, gushing their flow down the cracks and imperfections in her arms.
she sat,
the blade buried into her and with a sigh she said
"ill see you soon my love"
  3d Alec
my brain is rotting,
into a maggot covered mess.
my limbs are dying,
crumbling onto the bathroom floor.
my veins are clotting,
running brown and thick.
my head is spinning,
filled with nothing but you.
im sick of this brainrot
  4d Alec
im not gonna do what you think im gonna do.
im not gonna say what you think im gonna say.
im not gonna yell like you think im gonna yell.
im gonna stay,
and say to you
ill always love you
  6d Alec
i hope to one day spend the cold and empty nights in the fullness of your arms.
i hope to look you in the eyes and declare my undying love to you.
i hope to one day shift through the sands of time letting you look at every individual grain.
i hope to love you until the everdying enternity.
i hope to be yours forever.
Alec 6d
forever still doesnt feel long enough when it comes to you.
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