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I look in the mirror,
All I see is fear,
And tears,
Rolling down my face.
  Feb 1 Masher2004
"you're so strong" they said
"you're an inspiration" they said
"you're perfect" they said
"i'll never leave you" he said
"you're the love of my life" she said
"you'll get over it" they said

"i feel so weak" i whispered
"i want to go home" i said
"i can't get out of bed" i whined
"i want to die" i cried
"can anybody hear me?" i screamed

but nobody heard because they were only focused
on themselves
so much so, that they were hurting
the one person who might have just cared the most

"i'm just tired" i lied
as i crawled back to my bed
the only safe place left
that i had

"i'm sorry" i said
"there's nothing to be done" i said
"i tried my best" i said
"i've made mistakes i know, far greater than
you can imagine
but now it's all caught up
and i can't escape myself" i said
  Feb 1 Masher2004
right now, you're looking for an answer
right now, you're craving a touch
right now, you're looking back on your past mistakes
because someone decided to take advantage of your soft heart.
you felt for everyone, you were everyone's go-to for advice.
but right now, you're hurting.
right now, you're crying and it's late
because you can't get out of your own head.
you've put yourself through so much ****

now you're finally able to be free
  Feb 1 Masher2004
"i love you"
is always used loosely
but in my mind
you know
i mean it

"i'll never leave"
is always used as a sugarcoat for the truth
but in my eyes
you know
it's a promise

i told you i'd never leave you
no matter what life throws at us
and i intend to keep it

i don't care if my friends hate you
because what they think
doesn't matter
as long as i still get to hear the jokes you make
and the smooth pickup line you practice on me with
i would give anything to keep it all
close to me

because you're my best friend
and that's all i can ask for
  Feb 1 Masher2004
her eyes, you could get lost in them
with just a glance.
her hair, dark as night but her smile
shines like the stars
which complements her so perfectly.
she is beautiful, and I want to tell her every day.
her mind makes her doubt herself but just as so her creativity
helps her escape all the negativity.
her lips always know how to form
the words I want to hear
and I would kiss them all day if you lived near.
her laugh makes me smile
even on my worst day.
they say laughter is the best medicine, but it’s my only medicine.
she is the definition
of an imperfect perfection.
she is all I need.
I think
I might love
Masher2004 Jan 30
Someone once asked me
whats the point
Of poetry
Let me tell you
Its for people
Who look
Btu don’t see
For people
Who **** at words
It helps us express
What love really means
Its for the people
Who stay up all night
Not knowing what to say
So they just write
Its for the people
Who have no voice
But want to speak
Its for the people
Who feel left out
For the people
Who need to get away
From their thoughts
Poetry has a point
You just have to find it
For yourself
  Jan 29 Masher2004
Is a stranger
Still a stranger
Even when
they have made a impact on you life
Even when
They saved you from the dark
Even when
You know them
What they want to do with their life
What makes them happy
What makes feel free

Makes one wonder
What makes a person a stranger?
Is it that you havent seen their shell?
Is it that you cant be sure you can trust them?

If this is the definition of a stranger
Then I could consider half of my family
As strangers
Half my "friends"
Are Strangers

The google definition of a stranger
"a person whom one does not know
or with whom one is not familiar."

If this is the case...
A Stranger is really...

A potential Friend
            A potential Enemy
                           A Potential Love
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