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Lost Garden Feb 2019
My bed is the only thing I can trust in this world.

My bed understands me when I can't express myself.

My bed takes care of me when I'm in my hardest times.

My bed tells me to see the world every time and to comeback to dream on it at night.

My bed never hurts me and always tries its best to make me feel comfy and happy.

My bed is perfect for me and never shall I betray it.

My bed, if one day you read these messages, please know that I feel for you of the most sincere, idealistic and deep love possible;

Dear bed, stay with me forever, we complete each other, grow together, overcome our flaws, weaknesses and hardships together, and if the world would come to an end please know that you're the one with who I shall spend my last times with.

Put simply, I love you.
Lost Garden Dec 2018
Cleopatra, like Caesar my heart concedes
And even though it is only one sided
The hardest quest would be to get you out of my head
Always dedicated to all your needs

Infamy I have bestowed upon myself
The fire burning the hearth of my soul, never dimming
I would give my self to you for your trimming
A romance that you would leave on a shelf

Cleopatra you are the most pure, the most precious
For your happiness I would play the vicious
To be your obsession I would be cottonweed

Wondering if I have truly spoke with you
Could it be that I mirrored myself unto you
Veritably it is not love but only greed
Lost Garden Dec 2018
A very important bird hit my mind with its beak,
With a message from the long lost leaves,
Shattered memories travelled to a far mountain peak.
You'll have to work hard to gather them so wear your greaves

I have come here as a delicate cue,
For your evanescent self to be soon in sight,
Don't be conquered and affright.
Towards the veritable direction, the bird flew.

— The End —