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Misty Meadows Apr 12
From my friends and lover,
To siblings and mother,
My father, my doctor...

Just please keep it

If I died today, like the
Dearly departed,
Y'all tears would last miles
From the point that they started.

And that's so hard to say,
'Cause the days I could breathe,
Y'all were one step away
In the distance near me.
They hear you scream and cry for help but choose not to care so why do you stay for them they don't care if you go if you stay so suicide isn't selfish for anyone except them they are selfish and put guilt on you even in death you'll forever be your own martyr they had you and didn't see you were here for them not you
Misty Meadows Apr 11
Cannot poker face, unless you phonies
Got some
More ****.
I sip on codeine and kinda dabble
With that
But do not get confused, 'cause I
Will never be
A dope fiend.
Smoking heavy clouds, you see my
Lungs, they got some
I'm easily influenced, if you
Take me under.
I be fearing no flesh and no Gods and
No thunder.
If I feel it
In my veins,
Then I need to be
But please, not too strong.
Can't let it be
My last
Misty Meadows Dec 2018
They gonna put blame on me
Like they always do,
But I'm holding all of y'all
For the results of your
I said it, I meant it.
Don't you ever forget it.
Laugh now, cry later.
I'll never regret this.
Misty Meadows Dec 2018
Stay awake through evenings
And try to fight your demons.
Even if you're bleeding,
On the concrete, freezing.
       I keep contemplating
How much pain to take,
When really, there's not much
Left to break.
My heart gets skewered
By your selfish stake.
My trust is broken by you
      Sinful snakes.
Cut the grass or should I
Cut myself.
Sleep in silence
Or I could scream for help.
My soul is covered by a
Thousand welts.
Stay awake through evenings,
To get prepared for ****.
Misty Meadows Dec 2018
Do you like the sweetness
Of the things you
Can't have?

Walk into a candy shop
And browse with
No cash.

I know you smell that toffee
And that box of bon bons.
All that sugar's bad for me.
You know it's so wrong.

But you know I melt like
Chocolates under early summer

So sweet, I lick my fingers
Then I buy another one.

Sweeter than red velvet
And a glass of cherry Cola.

I forgot I'm diabetic.
But I'll settle for the coma.
Misty Meadows Dec 2018
Midnight tales don't
Do me well.
Warm milk can spill,
But can't fill this ****

Within my head.
You'll like me dead.

Mom's hugs won't help,
I'll really **** myself.

I'm in **** again.
This never ends.

The cycles bent.
I can't repent.

Follow suit.
This could be you.

Right now it's me.
No angel wings.

God is never wrong
He is never wrong
Misty Meadows Dec 2018
I ain't tryna be perfect.
I'm good at flirting with the devil.
With intentions always certain,
I can never play the victim
If I caused the others hurting.
But I ain't give another reason
To get treated like a merchant..
Like a servant
So indentured,
You can't even see she's worth it.

You ain't gonna step up, are you?
Mrs. Get it done when I want.
Procrastination's gonna harm you.
Don't be hating on my blunt.
That's the only thing that seems to
Warm you.
And now, I don't give a ****.

That's what you wanted.
What you asked for.

All this pain is past due.
You talking tryna glue it,
But I'm looking right past you.
Can't be crying, looking foolish.

You don't deserve a look from my eyes,
When they searched your heart for
So long.
You wish you could make me believe
I'm tripping, but that is just so wrong.

And we ain't got no old songs.
No rings and no future.
Nothing left so baby so long.
That distance gon be torture.
But for you, not me.
I'm used to being lonely.
Only difference is, I'm still alone,
You just can't hold me.
****** up flow on purpose. If I wanted to be perfect I could be
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