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Lore 7d
White to brown
Ash to earth
Orange never goes away
While green forgets its place
Pink stole it
Ran away
No, not the place
Green's only memory
Pink with black is all it needs
But black is black and black needs green
Atop brown
But will not see
Is red!
It cannot be!
Is red
Is Red
Yellow, too
Brown is gray
Orange, ash
But red is black
Hope resounds
Green is green
(Or shall it be seen)
Black is black, but transform all
Red, may
(For another second)
Lore Mar 30
Beneath us, silken sheets they lay
(I dreamt of you the other day)
Fled my eyes in waking gaze
Above the canopy, whispers stay

More like mine, your skin the moon’s rays
But soft, your hands may best the haze
Your eyes will untold remain
You are meant for all the days

Nothing but our hearts to gain
In sticky nights our skin had lain
Blood and roses shunned the rain
(I wish that you would come again)
Lore Mar 28
Gnat, who are you?
Why do you follow me so?
Should I listen to you? What are you trying to say?
I'm sorry I've ignored you.
The truth is, you scare me.
I'm so afraid of you.
Afraid of what you mean.
Please don't leave me alone.
Lore Mar 20
The castle stood,
As castles do.
It was-
As it-
Could see.

And blue.

From brown it rose
For silver it shone
For none it wished to be.
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