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Joan Jul 3
I want what is real
Give me people to care about

Show me what I never had
And what true friendship is

Life is so alone
Who is there to love?
Joan Jun 19
I wish for more
In my selfish thoughts

It's never enough
I do as I must

I don't see what I have
My heart is half full

Ignore the wants
Desire the needs

Can't call this a life
If no one wants me
Joan Mar 17
I'll say the wrong things
You will just follow along
And sometimes I don't think your right, we don't belong

You'll say you know better
Deep down you don't
And you just lie or hurt, so I can't and
I won't
Let's break down
Joan Mar 16
Is it me
Or the body I have

Is it the things we say
Or what you want to do

Is it your fantasies
Or the real love you feel

Is it my hate
Or the future that we share

Is it the story's we have
Or the dirt we breathe

Do you want to love?
Or do you want to talk?
Not ready for it
Joan Mar 15
When the wind turns
The snow will fall
The good will stay
And love will call
Joan Feb 6
Listen to your whispers
It's been echoing in my mind
Why don't you scream?
When the world is making you blind
Joan Feb 1
I keep trying to change the world
Deep down I know it's me
We thought we could have it all
But now we're stuck in misery

Left it all behind
So I'll spend my days right here
Later will be found
So tomorrow can appear
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