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Joan 1d
It’s not that I don’t love you
I’m just scared to face the truth
Reality always hit me hard, so I decided to ignore it
There’s something I always wanted to say
I know it’s probably not a good time
And you wouldn’t even remember it
But it’s been haunting me day and night
I need get it off my chest
So here it goes
I’m sorry I never returned your calls
I’m sorry I never visited
I’m sorry I isolated you out of my life
I just couldn’t see you like that
In pain, desperate for salvation
And now it’s to late
You went down
Not remembering my face
Because I left
Because I did this
I’m sorry
Here is something I prepared for someone, but I never had the guts to say it. And now it’s to late.
I learned my lesson not to be a fool and be fearless through life.
Joan 5d
Sleepless nights
Not because you’re here
But due to your ******* snoring
Real events
Joan 6d
This is my last letter to you.
It’s time for me to move on.
I need to open my eyes and see the beauty life has to give.
I need to end my grief
This doesn’t mean that I’m not going to visit you anymore.
Cause I will.
But my tears have dried and run out.
I filled my heart with so much hate and pain.
It hurts even thinking about it.
I want to change.
And it starts with you.
So this is goodbye.
This is goodbye to my guild.
This is goodbye to my torture
This is goodbye to your ghost.
I love you,
Goodbye buddy.
I will find you in the next life ❤️

Joan Jul 11
Everytime  you looked at me
When you made me laugh
If you take my hand
Do you ever stop yelling?
Since you left
You with her
If it hurts, let it go.
Joan Jul 10
Today we cry
Tomorrow we say goodbye
Monday we’re sad
Tuesday we forget
Wednesday we laugh
Thursday you’re long gone and past
Friday we drink
Saturday we don’t think
Sunday I take the blame
Next year it’s all the same
Lost count
Still miss you
Joan Jul 5
To deep in my web of lies
Burnt by my own fire
Can’t even trust myself anymore
Acting all day
These words are as empty as my bedroom
Regret has filled my heart
Smoke has filled my longs
No more tears
No more love
One of those days
Joan Jul 5
When your heart lies
Your eyes tell the truth
Be back for more
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