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L Jul 5
I will paint you a pretty picture,
the lines will blend together .
I have seen a pretty picture,
with passion that breathes fire.
You have seen an ugly picture,
too much paint on one brush.
Such an ugly picture,
A head that holds too much.

Back to the pretty picture,
it hangs tall thin and kind.
Such a pretty picture,
her mind holds no lie.
They were a pretty picture,
but now its covered red.
Once a pretty picture,
now its all in her head.
This just kind of flowed out of me, I'm obviously quite envious of someone.
L Jul 4

It's all the same
You smile and victimise
Yet, I'm the one that's insane
You'll work with me for a sweet demise
Saying that your eyes are on the prize

"I won't lose you again"


I'm a ******* demon
I strangle his neck until he turns blue.
Yes, I'm a ******* demon
But so are you
Daisy daisy, give me your answer do
L Dec 2019
He placed a black lotus, deep into my skin.
Each one harder than the next, holding me in.
The clouds help me escape, with this hell i live.
A lotus garden wraps around the vine of my back.

Next, my dreams attack.
Clouds turn black.
Unable to scream its pulling me back.
I'll hold back i promise.
My mouth will be more than sealed tight.
I'll forget, I'll pretend.

He picked me up.
Put me in a new bed, a box.
He went too far.
My lotus holds me prisoner.
The lotus' are still seen.
I will, I shall wake from this bad dream

My devil is hiding.
We all know a devil, right?
L Oct 2018
Sitting on my porch
legs swinging.
Ripped jeans exposing,
ripped fishnet leggings beneath
sticky cherry *** imprints
the bottoms of my feet
waiting for friends
its finally summer
and I think,
I might just survive.
L Oct 2018
If your the type
to only breathe through
the stitches
of your camisole.
And if you always taste like mint,
when kissed on the mouth.
Just because you don't want them smell,
the self hate.
That resides in the back
of your throat
in your breath.

You're also the type
to call me up
six am
asking for a
L Oct 2018
Love is a mysterious thing.
I have come to find that searching for love,
never seems to work .
You have to let love search for you.
If you wait,
You will eventually find yourself,
suffocating in it.
Love is a mysterious thing and the mystery starts with you.
L Oct 2018
I love you lips when they are wet with wine
and red with a wild desire;
I love your eyes when the lovelight lies
lit with passionate fire.
I love your arms when the warm white flesh
touches mine in a warm embrace;
I love your hair when the strands emmesh
your kisses against my face.

Not for me the cold, calm kiss
of a virgins bloodless love;
not for me the saints white bliss,
nor the heart of a spotles dove.
But give the love that so freely gives
and laughs at the whole worlds blame,
with your body so young and warm  in
My arms
it sets my poor heart aflame.

So kiss me with your warm wet mouth
still fragrant with ruby wine
and say with a favour born of the south
that your body and soul are mine
hold me close in your warm young arms,
while the pale stars shine above,
and we'll live our whole young lives away
in the joys of a living love.
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