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humanpluto Jan 5
Once a damsel was callous
Now she is crying for everyone's distress
And puts her feet on their shoes
Just to accept them
For she is afraid to be unloved
humanpluto Oct 2019
I never stopped loving you
I just stopped showing it
For you deserve more than anything else
While my purpose will forever be undeserving to you
Hi, if you are reading this rn, i just want you to know that i never ceased to adore you. You are still the greatest and the worst person to me. Time will change, new people will enter into our lives. But to me, you are my forever favorite person that will never be mine even in the altered universe. Im sorry if im full of words but stupid in actions. I know i can do better than this, i just cant be better than them.
humanpluto Oct 2019
What a sorrow
When pleasure walks away from me
Leaving me with grief and self-sympathy
Forcing me to hide under the sheets
And cry silently

I took the bullets naked
No weaponries
With broken fortress
Still I stood and remained bulletproof
'Til they're out of ammos and interpridity

I suffered through intentional pain
With my own carelessness and absurdities
I be entitled the worst being
And with coerced hands,
I woefully live my whole life
And impatiently wait to be perished
humanpluto Oct 2019
Another year
Another life
New set of problems
I will leave minority
With broken childhood
And forced living
It's another age for me
As i enter the era of adulthood
No plans,
No future,
All i am certain is i am still alive
When all i just want is to die alone
But why do they still give me another life?
humanpluto Oct 2019
Im staring blankly on the pad
Processing my emotions to create words
That suit me and my feelings

Im feeling helpless
Confused on the decisions freshly served on my plate
Im in between yes and no
And im crying whether to try or to give up

My guts been telling me to shout
To give myself a chance
To explain myself to people
But how are we gonna do that
If those who only understand us
Doesnt know our names
And we neither know their existence

I wish to weep and disconnect for a while
Only paper and pen can be there for me
Here is where i am becoming me

You are my only friend
My lover
My remedy
My life...

humanpluto Oct 2019
Dont look down and sing a sad song
Just look back to me
Tell me your thoughts and feelings though it doesnt involve me
I have no better advice in my pocket
But i can listen to you all day
Without getting tired of your stories
Call me at 3am
Tell me what bothers you
Say you are sad or you miss someone
Talk to me about your nightmares
Narrate your whole childhood
Let us stay 'til 8 in the morning
Until you feel better again
Make me your human diary
And i will keep your secrets
In the safest spot in my heart
Use me to heal those wounds
Leave the most remarkable memory in my life
And even the smallest particle will abide in my system forever.
humanpluto Oct 2019
Here we go again
Playing my heart with these words
That even so wouldn't be said

I have been saving you
Since the day I heard you weep
Nonetheless, you knew nothing

Through poems and proses
I told the moon to save you,
I begged for the stars to shine for you,
I cried for the sky to heal you,
I sent my shadows to hug you every night

Wordless, I fend you
A mute persona I am,
I whispered to my angels to look for you

All because I care for you
Call this an obsession,
But I care for you more than I care for anyone

And if this letter will be read by you,
I want to reach for your soul
And heal them
In my own recreant ways
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