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Lola Montez Mar 2021
You glisten
like the midnight sky,
skin reflecting moonbeams
shimmering metallic
coating my lungs
with gossamer starlight
as you breathe out
and I breathe in
and I'm left
shaking bits of cosmic dust
from my hair
Lola Montez Mar 2021
Bodies bared
intimately entwined,
hearts beat in harmony
tangled like vines,
moving in rhythm
taking our time

I am yours, you are mine.

Pure unblemished love
causing stars to align,
a divine connection
that cannot be confined,
******* bliss
erupting fault lines...

I am yours, you are mine.
Lola Montez Mar 2021
Fire in my ribs
coals upon my tongue
you fuel the fevered
urgency of my words

Do you feel the burn
when I speak in flames?
Charcoal in my eyes
and my lungs full of smoke;
I inhale ash and exhale remains

Your lips are a fountain
and I'm on fire with your reprisal
Now kiss me like vengence
and extinguish these flames

— The End —