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Loki Sep 2018
It was the around the month of August, 8 years ago.
We had just finished class and were about to go home , we had to walk a little distance to catch the bus.
To reach there we had to cross a huge junction , as we we walked out without any warning the sky went dark instantly ,
puzzled by the happenings we rushed to get to shelter before it would start to pour down ! (Wellthere was nothing special in what was happening , but it was because of her .
Yes she's my first rain , the one that could spur a smile from oneself with just a grin eagerly splashed from her face,
her presence could cast silhouettes in the air drawing me to her closer than ever,
such was her pristine yet delicate voice ,
I can never describe words of her unending charisma which knew no bounds such was the power of her presence)
we managed to get to that busy junction ! All we would think was to get that shelter ,
as we were waiting for the signal to turn green, it had already started to drizzle,
she turned her face towards mine and her crystal voice said
"when the lights turn green we will Sprint across the road!"

With my trembling tone I whispered
"I'm scared to cross the road". This time with her Stark grey eyes staring into mine,
she held my hand , my senses shook not to be rattled by the Strom but by her warmth ,
with all this going I felt a drop of rain touch my hand , yes the one she was holding,
so rejuvenating I never thought I could've appreciated the rain as much as I do now,
the magic of her touch had awakened my senses!
As we crossed the road all I could do was Wonder what was happening ,
Was it the rain? Was it her? Was any of this real?

We finally reached the shelter, she was no longer holding my hand ,
Yet I still had the same feeling wiring me into flashes!
Since that day rain has never been the same ,
Every time a drop touches my skin I can still feel the flashes thatI first felt the rain!
Loki Sep 2018
I sit here lost in my thoughts , soaking up with the happenings

I caught A luminous face of olive white ,
the brightest eyes of ocean blue staring into mine.

Would you believe ?
Slowing down of time? I did
As she turned her head
That luminous face changed form
Barely grasping my sight,

Like the breeze before the storm,
The storm I only wish I witnessed.
Seeing her walk away in the most graceful stlye,

I wonder if her peach lips had reflected a smile !!
As she brushed her hair behind her ear,
A Sensed a gentle breeze pushing me out of senses
Was she mocking my reality ?
Was I wrong?
My spring was here a lil late
I only wish I could have taken a glimpse of her eyes
I only wish to prove myself the reality...
This is the first part of the 3
Loki Sep 2018
Yes, I wasn't around you for a couple of days
Yes, few unavoidable circumstances were being put in our ways

No,we haven't had the best of the time and
No, I'm not ready to give up yet

May be , your definition of us is different from mine
May be , it's not always what we are looking for is nice

Sometimes living the moment is our greatest price
To look back and say
"Oh that was happiness in disguise"

And there was other part of me which
was remembering your voice
Which makes my mind slip through time
Repeating your name
Until it rhyme
Your sweet  smile which glows my face .
Just as the sunlight hits the leaf n grace

Remembering our times
all the good and bad
the funny times you cheered me up
and especially the sad.

Remembering your eyes
how they always try to meet mine
remembering all the things you do
to make my life a lil more extra special.

I was wondering when we'll be together
when it will be just us two

I guess I'm just missing you
more than I usually do.
Loki Sep 2018
Falling for a writer is a venture
Whose destination is so indeterminate , as to travel the infinity and beyond to only realise you haven't moved an inch , also to have been still and been carried to around to eternity !
As baffling my words sounds so is the very thought of falling for a writer!

They could read in between the lines yet sometimes fail to see the perceptable words in those lines,

The little things they notice are like the million piece puzzle of the alluring picture they paint!
Only to discern how much it would break them to realize a piece is missing from picture!

We don't fall for them we live through them
Most of us as a chapter in their book
Only a few to have been the witness to their exhibit!!

Don't fall for a writer as it's a venture to the unknown

— The End —