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Angela Liyanto Dec 2018
What sound, what fury be the lovers words?
Now promised love anew, sliding head,
Restless heart, heaping sighs, mislead
The bounty confines of wrenched fool,
Thinks for the aching punnet flock of doves -
was mistrusted, for lovers speak kind lunacy
Nor loving poet seeks to find, lesser woe,
Better woe, against the eyes of his lovers’ gum,
Till they fiddle gently to the dire back,
Marvel sounds, magic times, songs of past
Fiddle with earliest lovers’ charm, go forth
Ending heat turn back to warmth
For separate time, distant chores, some fume
      Settled on her lover’s chin till nigh
     And lover’s words gone rest to ghostly chime
Inspired by Shakespeare
Let not my love be called idolatry,
Nor my belovèd as an idol show,
Since all alike my songs and praises be
To one, of one, still such, and ever so.
Kind is my love today, tomorrow kind,
Still constant in a wondrous excellence;
Therefore my verse to constancy confined,
One thing expressing, leaves out difference.
“Fair, kind, and true” is all my argument,
“Fair, kind, and true” varying to other words;
And in this change is my invention spent,
Three themes in one, which wondrous scope affords.
    Fair, kind, and true, have often lived alone.
    Which three till now never kept seat in one.
Angela Liyanto Dec 2018
You say you love, depriving me!
I see ten thousand lovers’ kisses,
Beside their dying babes,
O speak of their love, due, profound,
Touch the fire, with your heart.

You say you love, strangely me,
What do, the painful sleep of agony
Steep, thrusting, bled the blue in me
O wishing star, love me fair
Sting of an angel, you do to me

You say you love, clear speeches
It lives to fail with sad character,
A mossy act of false, what empty love!
With richer fondness you can cherish
My wailing heart of golden fire

You say you love, truly?
My vein bleeds a lofty care
My jealous merriment, for you
On my fixed love, it bruised my heart!
With twice nets beneath the blade

You say you love, grand cues but,
What sad cheeks you turn to me,
O show your fire - o show a littlest fire,
Which blow to deepen bliss to love
With stain, will bloom my daft heart!
Inspired by Keats
Angela Liyanto Dec 2018
With woe, rest – heed, then bow
        Heed, then bow
Tomorrow will chance a lesser woe
        What blessings go find
A better sleep than a thousand so
        Snores of slumber began rest
In idolatry, restore the body raw
        Till lessened troubles,
        till rested woe.
Angela Liyanto Dec 2018
Drink all unkindnesses through with *** creamy glugs
The rested brain of reason with senses drowned, with
No polished quality, nor with the beauteous likeness of tact!
The shift to jumbo laughs, till the song of drunkenness arrives
Come near, booming bounty! We’re the kindred who punch so high,
Like easy fools with faded heads, with a bottle-tease for Life
Our eyes blinker to the clippings of a soft-ochre melody,
Till the butting vows of deepest yearnings spill free
We wish to define our flying feet to straighten placement right
And with pulsing heads squirm to the Deed of liquor
Till it reaches slur-banter, and having nothing, fixing nothing,
We fall to the floor, our frolicked bodies sadly squatting
      Against the beating numbness, in reward for a dying mind
      Till rounded Time pats the lofty heart made once more sound
Inspired by getting drunk, then a hangover.
Angela Liyanto Dec 2018
Come, come, music,
While I kiss your melody
Not even I, can measure
how much love you hold

Hush, listen - the soft tiptoes
So gently, tenderly - sweet!
Your tune is so light
Pure bubbles meet

Schubert’s humming butterfly
Almost forgets the May bliss
She placed Music on a flower
Till her ripples lay in care

Come, come, sweet music
The moon may wink at you
And charm may sleep
Now those notes, she will bloom

Hush, lift the sleepy light
Well done Debussy – O dear
Roses shall dream of pulp’d verse
And music, she well knows what she hears.
Inspired by Keats, Schubert's Impromptu No.3 & Debussy
Angela Liyanto Dec 2018
What do it, he do
Jonny do, his black shoe
Living simply, lives his life
For nineteen years he lived
Daring to punch holes, breathe, achoo

Boyish fun, little time I had with you
You said goodbye before I could
Lips heavy, a hubbub smell of Klein
**** me with a broken ****
Tiny as Poseidon’s pool

You come with an Atlantic hug
Pouring my beautiful cotton over you
Near the waters and sheets off
Nausea! I pray you recover my blue
Balm, adieu

Your Chinese tongue, in this Bogan dream,
Lifted by my Caucasian club dance
Of zest, zest, zest
Funniest meeting you, you dandy ham
My Math teacher.

Says you’re a good dozen or two
Could let out my strangeness for you
Put your foot, on my insane root
Then I could feel good for you
But your tongue is stuck in my face.

Midnight rant with ramen coma.
Ugh, Ugh, Ugh, Ugh
We can hardly speak after
I thought every Jonathan was you.
Here comes the language of sighs

A camera, a camera,
Clicking pictures like a curse
A picture to your phone, apple eyes,
I began to talk like Siri.
I think I may well be dreaming.

I have always liked your sincerity,
With your backpack, and your gooeygoo lips
And your light moustache,
And your different lids, softly blinking
I’ll sleep well on your body, Lover-man, O You-

No God for you, but Nietzsche would be okay too
Virtues still squeak through
Every girl adores good patience
The picture I have of you,
I can see love on your patient chin

You’re at the top Jonny,
Let’s try not break our pretty red hearts in two
I was seventeen when I met you
At sixteen I tried to die
And get back, back, back with someone new

You pulled me out of the sack,
And you stuck me together with glue
And then I knew what I wanted to do.
I made myself the best model for you,
A poet in a sundress with a crazed look.

And now a Love of the beauty and the beast.
I said I’m the beast, not you
So Jonny, I’m happiest through.
Months of friendship if you want to know,
Jonny, you can love me too

There’s something you can make out of my fat heart
A dancing accessory for you
I’ll be dancing for you,
From the hospital to library, I knew it was you.
Jonny, Jonny, you Lover-man, I do, I do love you.
For Jonathan.G
Inspired by Plath
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