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Virginia Eden Dec 2020
There is a thrill in living
in a universe that starts and ends
in the space between your body and mine
two binary stars orbiting one another in a dance,
volatile and overconfident,
undeterred by the fate
gravity has in store for us.
and the heat death of our little universe
comes fast
rather than slow
abruptly, though not altogether unexpectedly,
we have reached absolute zero.
now here we are
two dead stars
in an infinite expanse,
the last victims
of empyreal and perverted entropy.
Virginia Eden Mar 2020
I fear I have met
the echo of a godling,
listless, but divine.
Virginia Eden Mar 2020
lemon lies and lavender love
lovely and lascivious
with lolling grace and languid liquidity
slaking lust
lemon lies and lavender love
Virginia Eden Mar 2020
She dances
moon soaked and citrine
with pale paper skin,
smooth palms open toward the sky

and from her desert-kissed lips
spill wildflower prayers.

She knows she is but
 a fleeting impression 
against the canvas of the night

so she betrays all her silver secrets
to the all too eager wind
who whisks them away
to some dusky autumnal den.
Virginia Eden Mar 2020
I have stolen
the last
of the milk
from the carton

And now
you will probably
have to eat
your cereal dry

So sorry
my oreos
were thirsty
imitation poetry for class
Virginia Eden Mar 2020
You hoarded firsts.
And I, a fool with many to give,
handed them all over to you.
Virginia Eden Mar 2020
How out of tune I am,
like a guitar that has gone so long unplayed
that the strings have lost their tautness
and begun to sing
in discordant, bellied wails.
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