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Little Bird May 19
And of the ashes my soul shall be healed
Charred flesh and crushed bone restored
A witch no more, but a thing with wings
And fire igniting my veins
Love always,
Little Bird Apr 17
We were children
Playing with I love you’s
Like a box of matches

Stolen from the top shelf
Look at it all now
We’ve burnt the house down
Love always,
Little Bird Apr 17
Rain on fire
Beating at my back
Scorching every inch of skin

Steam rising
Encircling this fragile frame
Spilling out the curtain

Let the river rush over
Carry these tears down the drain
So I can watch the pain
Our love has caused me
Spin round and round
Love always,
Little Bird Apr 17
I loved you to the point it became a religion
Repeating the hymns of our past obsessively
To numb the heartache

In this great temple, I grew so dependent
On your entire existence
Your touch, your smell, your voice
My ecstasy and my undoing

Completely in awe, I believed it was your power
Which summoned these walls up to heavenly heights
Painting them in every color of light
But they were never really rising

No, I was just shrinking
As pieces of myself fell away into you

As the incense hanging heavy in the air
Strip me of my scent
Running greedy fingers through my hair
Stealing kisses, burning skin
While the thundering choir swallows all sound
Screaming but voiceless I drown
You are everywhere, and yet nowhere to be found

I see so clearly now, you were my Great Flood
But now I must conjure the strength
To make my Exodus
Because how can this be love?

How can I love anyone,
                                          if I am no one?
Been a while since I've posted anything...
Missed this place <3

Love always,
Little Bird Apr 2018
I have memorized every inch of him
in hopes that when he goes
I might still have something left

but his picture fades with everyday
and now I have only shapes and shadows
of the man that I love
With love,
Little Bird Apr 2018
If she is "fake"
then so am I
while she covers her face
with expensive concealer and mascara
I hide my pain
with long sleeves and cheap smiles
either way
nobody knows
what we truly look like
With love,
Little Bird Apr 2018
...I sit
inside this
           hoping one day
    my voice
                 will finally
                and set me free...
With love,
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