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Little Bird Mar 8
When it’s all said and done
They’ll find me laying in the hallway
Mascara clumped below unblinking eyes
And a massive hole punched into the center of my chest

One detective will look to the other and say
“You’d think she would’ve seen it coming.”
With love,
Little Bird Jan 25
I knelt down
Washed your feet in my tears
And dried them with my hair
Though in my heart I knew
You could not walk on water
With Love,
Little Bird Jan 25
Where others have chipped away
There are now holes, growing cracks,
And each morning she patches herself up
Looking to her battered reflection

Says the porcelain girl
"I am made of stone."
With Love,
Little Bird Jun 2020
Each time, I find something old that’s new
                        Hooked scar on the right hand
                   A freckle behind each ear
            Dimples just below the spine

       Find those gorgeous brown eyes
       Are traced in a ring of green
       Blue and gold flecks dancing
               Shifts and
Love Always,
Little Bird Jun 2020
When my scars
First spoke to me
I muted them immediately
Long sleeves
Stacked bracelets

But laying here
Surrounded in darkness
Nightmares lurking at the door
There’s something…

A humming
Sweeter than honey
Soft, patient
My wrists whisper

“…beautiful, kind,
   smart, brave…

                     …please don’t let go
                         we love you so…”

After all I’ve done to me
My heart still beats consistently
My lungs need no instruction
How are they so forgiving?
Even my skin is singing
Love Always,

Little Bird Jun 2020
Though I’m not certain
Of the soul’s form
I imagine mine to be
One with wings

A little bird
Singing for no one to hear
Beating its wings tirelessly
Against this bulky metal cage
Love Always,
Little Bird May 2020
And of the ashes my soul shall be healed
Charred flesh and crushed bone restored
A witch no more, but a thing with wings
And fire igniting my veins
Love always,
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