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Little Bird Apr 2018
You are not "pretty" or "cute"
you are gorgeous.
All that you are and all that you will be
is for you alone to decide.
Push forward into this world. Become your own fearless and strong woman.
Breathe your fire, blaze trails in your wake, and never be afraid of those who dare to stand in your way.

Let them burn trying
My baby sister is almost done with her freshman year of high school, but I still remember us drawing masterpieces on the walls with crayons as though it was yesterday. I have no idea where the time has gone but I want it to stop running off so quickly. Regardless, I never want her to lose the incredible confidence she has always had. She is the truly fearless one between us and that's what I love most about her.

With love,
Little Bird Apr 2018
Love comes in
infinitely different forms
but never quite the same each time
which is why
it would be foolish
to let go
of what love we have
left between us
because regardless
of all that has happened
it is still ours
and it is


With love, kelsey
Little Bird Apr 2018
I could spend forever
pointing fingers
for there are plenty guilty
of destroying me...

but that does absolutely nothing

it heals nothing
rectifies nothing
erases noting
but my own dignity

there is far too much rebuilding to do here
and I would rather not waste my time
With love,
Little Bird Apr 2018
I have memorized every inch of him
in hopes that when he goes
I might still have something left

but his picture fades with everyday
and now I have only shapes and shadows
of the man that I love
With love,
Little Bird Apr 2018
If she is "fake"
then so am I
while she covers her face
with expensive concealer and mascara
I hide my pain
with long sleeves and cheap smiles
either way
nobody knows
what we truly look like
With love,
Little Bird Apr 2018
...I sit
inside this
           hoping one day
    my voice
                 will finally
                and set me free...
With love,
Little Bird Apr 2018
Long, healthy, happy
or bit and bleeding
they are the first to tell you
how I'm feeling
With love,
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