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asia 3d
why me?
you know...
i was there.
from beginning to end.
through heaven and ****.
i done ******.
but i cared.
seen sides of me..
i never thought you’ll see.
i reached out
many times
with no replies.
im juss so blind..
but lookin into your eyes.
you got me.
broke me.
told me you’ll leave me.
but you stayed.
and said..
im waiting for your feelings to fade..
why me?
maybe you were afraid
but you knew!
i loved you..
but thts not goin to make you stay
one day im ok.
next day im in tears
yellin in my pillow..
waiting for my heart to heal.
i prayed..
and asked god
why me?
asia Jan 25
she said ill always have a thing for you.
no matter where shes at, what she do,
even when youre not mine, are you my boo?
mine! even when you’re not mine, every word was true.
if every words is true, lets continue this breakthrough.
only if youre willing to have me even when im too weak to pull through
all the things ill do. youll never feel blue.
how could you be so sure?
only because i believe in us, me & you!
a.l & kd
asia Oct 2018
your heart gets cold
all of a sudden you
get so bold.
tellin me these
hurtful words..
to destory my heart
you tried to grow
and you had the nerve
to try to get me back?
the rain did that.
all i wanted was to chat.
you a little brat
i cant be attached
you’v reached the ******
my heart is now wax
sticky tryin to detach
this is not love
i wont bounce back!
asia Aug 2018
my words soothings your ears.
but how do i prove them to your heart?
i failed to realize how to start.
i broke your heart.
confused your mind.
created broken art.
i reached your limits.
i never understood how to start?
now i see where you stand.
lost, hurt, probably?
now you see us apart.
i failed to realize how to start?
i realize it was me.. toxicity.
self-love wasnt in me.
destroyed me to destroy you.
i wasnt ready.
but i cnt let you go!
reread these words.
can you help us restart?
and make art!
asia Aug 2018
can i tell her tht
she was her.
i wanted
all of she!
i juss knew
she is
to be w me..
her... she is
juss so beautifully.
eyes, nose, lips
& body... mainly
she is her
her is she
wow she’s so
i juss want her
to be with me
can i make you my
queen on saturday?
nvm.. i think
she’s has somebody..
sadly i thought
maybe it
was jus an imaginary
but now were friends..
and in the end
can i tell you tht?
she is her.
her is she

... i wanted her to be w me
asia Aug 2018
my heart is broken but open
fragile but closin.
my heart tht you chosen
will you embed it?
my stomach is turnin
it is fckn hurtin.
ig im overdosin...
so many emotions
how could you cheat.
the hole in my heart
my heart is explodin
ig were now opponents
blood is now overflowin...
and now tht i think.
why did i open?

now im completely broken...

but open.

— The End —