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Little Bean Dec 2021
You’re awfully talkative when you drink too much.
         Painfully silent when you are not.
Why can’t you talk to me without it?
         Resentfully. Am I that woeful to be
Apologise again.
                                             You didn’t even
                                        what you did wrong.
Blissfully unaware of your own mistakes
                               or rather
         Blissfully unaware of my existence.
Little Bean Feb 2021
The smallest of them you realise in a heartbeat.
The mispronunciation of a name -
The stuttering of words -
Dropping the cutlery on the floor.
You deal with the consequences immediately.
The understandable look of shame -
The internal frustration.

Why is it that the largest stay hidden.
Days, weeks, months.
Nothing to be said.
Until the day of reckoning.
The realisation.
The shame.

                         How terrifying.
Nothing can be done,
With only crippling consequences to come.
Little Bean Jun 2020
If time is a straight line.
Every time I look behind -
I see her.
Mirage -
Rub my eyes -
I think it's more hallucinations in my head instead.
Squawking, talking -
Awake in bed.
The voices whisper -
She is dead.
Little Bean May 2020
Saw nothing -                                      
                          Seeing it.
Hear nothing -                                      
                         ­    Makes me.
Forgot everything -                              
Little Bean Apr 2020
I Still think about you.
I dream and wonder.
Do you ever think about -
Little Bean Mar 2020
I don't have a crush on her.
She's just someone I stare at and I like.
And when she's not here,
It ruins my day.
Little Bean Mar 2020
A simple revolver,
a six chambered gun.
Two shots fired.
The rest are blanks.
I guess it’s done.
I no longer shoot for anyone.
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