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Jun 21 · 244
Guilt like bullets.
Mar 5 · 80
lolol shouldve ******* slept all day lol
*** was i thinking waking up and ****
Mar 2 · 104
Its a poetry website lol you have to write a poem rofl
Alla you
Captain Trips Feb 27
what's it really matter though?
take my hand,
this is my revenge.
Feb 22 · 136
Self evident
I don't want to do

Is secretly
That I do want to do
Jan 27 · 185
Every once'nawhile
Captain Trips Jan 27
It *****, y'know,
life & ****.
Everything *****,


But I guess
that's what makes it
good too,


It seems that
is the enemy
of emotion.

Or at least


it is.
Dec 2018 · 210
Thank you Em,
Captain Trips Dec 2018
For the mouth watering food
For the kiss when I walk in
For the earnest determination
In everything you do

For the way you make me laugh
For your educated, diverse opinions
For the unrelenting drive
That keeps you learning

For your gratuitous sensuality
For your Sunday morning sexiness
For each and every day that
You share your life with me

For your love
Dec 2018 · 128
Captain Trips Dec 2018
Father had a rotary,
Whereas I favor flat four
But when Pap has a V8
I cain't argue no more.
Dec 2018 · 114
"Stay awake" says my brain
Captain Trips Dec 2018
Slow thoughts
Hidden thoughts
Whispering thoughts
Creeping thoughts
Sauntering thoughts
Slithering thoughts
Pervasive thoughts
Obtrusive thoughts
Contrite thoughts
Acrimonious thoughts
Petulant thoughts
Onerous thoughts
Wearisome thoughts
Monotonous thoughts
Bereft thoughts

then finally sleep
Dec 2018 · 99
Shitting in the woods
Captain Trips Dec 2018
Tightly coiled,
still slightly steaming
in the chill of the December wind,
what I've made is a symbol
of my life on the road,
smelling like eggs
gone bad.
Dec 2018 · 80
Captain Trips Dec 2018
I smell like dog farts
Stinky little pffts
Whisper quiet dog farts
Stinking up the room
Dec 2018 · 321
Wet paper
Captain Trips Dec 2018
A little voice
Tells me
To hold backspace
Until everything
Is gone.
Occasion arises
And I erase
And with gusto
Until masterpieces
I'm not
I'm not a writer
Or a lover
Or anything
I am whiteout
Painting coats
Onto an
Already blank
Sheet of paper.
Captain Trips Dec 2018
I, but a blessed lamb,
but aren't we all?
Sent forth dithering
into the gaping maw of life
as a sacrifice to
the um....
What's that word
that means
doing something
for the knowledge of everyone?
family dies,
and life goes on.
So yeah.
**** is funny.
Dec 2018 · 94
Captain Trips Dec 2018
Coiled tightly
and buzzing with flies,
on the sidewalk
is where it lies.
I stop to admire
the odoriferous tang,
as a bicycle tire
cuts it neatly in twain.
Nov 2018 · 52
Mud flaps
Captain Trips Nov 2018
Sometimes it claps.
Sometimes it rasps.
Sometimes its silent,
     sneaking out of my ***.

Sometimes it's loud.
Sometimes it's quiet.
Sometimes I'm proud,
     even when I'm in private.

Sometimes it's stinky.
Sometimes it causes strife.
Sometimes my mud *****
     go pppffft in the night.
Nov 2018 · 49
New boots
Captain Trips Nov 2018
There's nothing quite like
a fresh pair of work boots,
stiff and clean.

There's nothing better for
stepping right into a pile
of wet, hot dog feces.

Because what good would
work boots be without
some **** underneath?
Nov 2018 · 1.3k
Rolled the dice on a fart.
Captain Trips Nov 2018
Toxic inside
whiff of rotten eggs
sulfur and brimstone
running down my legs.

Thought it was gas
that I needed to pass
but I lost the gamble
throw my pants in the trash.
Nov 2018 · 166
Half-hour dumps
Captain Trips Nov 2018
Maybe I'll read a book
Or play some tetris
Nov 2018 · 61
Fuck the cunts who run HP
Captain Trips Nov 2018
**** this ******* ******* censoring
You ***** can wipe my ******* *******
With your ******* ******* moral high ground
Nov 2018 · 239
One sweaty individual
Captain Trips Nov 2018
When I wrung out the sweat
it went and stained the carpet,
like when I found that dead cat
and took it in as my pet.

Then I lied to the landlord
said "I don't smell it a bit"
but the bugs gave me away,
too many flys and maggots.

Walking down these dark streets
never going too far,
looking for an empty seat
at any ******* dive bar.

Slugging now, I don't sip,
I ain't got time to not drink,
when drunkenly I trip
and the bottle breaks in my lips.

So now I eat up bits of glass
and they splinter in my gums,
and my teeth start to crack
as I wait for day to come.
Nov 2018 · 251
Potted people
Captain Trips Nov 2018
A leaf here,
roots there,
bloom comes every year
bringing with it
the flowers of new dawn.

Reach for the sun,
ye of old mind,
growth comes slowly
but consistanly
throughout our lives.

When comes frost
riding on autumn winds,
shake off your old leaves
without chagrin,
let growth begin again.
Nov 2018 · 126
Captain Trips Nov 2018
Puddle of shade, both
cool and damp,
I darkle
in the dwindling day.

But a shadow,
is all I am.

Cast forth
by the sun,
as it sets on the man
I once was.
Nov 2018 · 43
Captain Trips Nov 2018
Grab me by the beard
and tell me
to get my ******* **** together.
Nov 2018 · 82
How to write
Captain Trips Nov 2018
Push against uncreation itself.

Do this long enough
and maybe someday, something
might push back against you.
Oct 2018 · 190
Captain Trips Oct 2018
The air doesn't smell any different
on this cold October day.
So life goes on,
just feeling more
like a gift now
than it did before.
Oct 2018 · 87
Captain Trips Oct 2018
That'd be a good word
to have a double G on.
Oct 2018 · 121
The Infinite
Captain Trips Oct 2018
like a mother's love,
is forever.
Oct 2018 · 210
New feelings
Captain Trips Oct 2018
An arctic smile,
pockets full of tissues,
floral aromas mingled
with talc and perfume.

The waiting.

A line forming,
A line dwindling,
bottoms finding chairs,
and you're dead.

The reading.

Crying, sniffling,
snot flying,
you can taste it
in the air.

The prayers.

It feels like
the hospitals
all over again,
but for the last time.
Oct 2018 · 141
Captain Trips Oct 2018
Birthdays won't be the same
Oct 2018 · 116
Fool to think otherwise
Captain Trips Oct 2018
It's really affecting me,
much moreso
than I initially anticipated.

Should've figured.
Oct 2018 · 105
Captain Trips Oct 2018
The great rolling thunder
inside of your head
left your body like a cut flower,
slowly wilting in bed.
I see the lightning
still burned in your eyes,
I collect your petals
that fall to the side.
And your love shines eternal
bringing our hearts to a boil,
as you return to the earth
and are one with the soil.
Oct 2018 · 341
Clean the landing too.
Captain Trips Oct 2018
I'm sorry for all the complaining
I did as a child when you asked me to vacuum the stairs. Really it was one
of my only chores.

Now when I visit and climb them,
the dusty, darkened corners of carpet
bring me to a violent halt.

The ***** stairs haunt me Mom.
Oct 2018 · 193
God is Love.
Captain Trips Oct 2018
The next time I come see you
I want to read to you.
Like you always used to read to me
before turning out the lights.
For every time I wouldn't hold your hand,
I want to hold it twice as long now.
When the blankets slide down too far
I want to put them back on you.
If your pillows fall flat
I want to fluff them for you.
When you cry
I want to be there with
a fresh tissue for each tear.
I want to quit my job
and be there next to the bed with you.
I want to ask you what I should do
when my world is falling.
I want to do everything you do,
and be just like you.
I want to laugh.
I want to hear you laugh.
I want to read to you,

I want to be as proud of myself as you are of me. I love you.
May 2018 · 214
Feb 2018 · 345
Love hurts
Captain Trips Feb 2018
The good ache, resonates.
I like the pain of a long day's work
and I like sharing yawns with you.
Blurry eyed and smiling, come give me a kiss
because baby I missed you today.
It was warm, but misty with rain,
and my boots slipped in the mud.
I tweaked my ankle a bit, but it's a good pain.
The kind of ache you get from working
hard for someone you love.
Oct 2017 · 457
The guns of his father
Captain Trips Oct 2017
He watches the world pass by
as streetlights periodically flood
the inside of his cab with the orange
glow of the buzzing arc sodium bulbs.

Everything is painted lines
on wet asphalt and the streaks
that tiny beads of water make
as rain splatters the windshield.

Tones of exhaust and the RPM
of the engine vibrate within him
as the tachometer races back and
forth between each changing gear.

When he isn't busy working the clutch
he likes to steer with his knees, and
reaches his hands outward, stretching
the sore muscles of his arms and neck.

The night is bountiful with subtle gifts
of empty highways and a full moon
in a cloudless sky that hovers above
the horizon like an absconded balloon.

Sometimes life makes sense and it's
times like this that he can begin to
add everything up into a simple sum
of sensory input, emotion, & memory.

Sometimes life is a singularity to each
within their own mind, and other
times it seems a broad umbrella that
covers us all equally with similarities.

Sometimes life is as easy as keeping
on trucking down an empty road in
the middle of the night. He does his
best to remember this.
Sep 2017 · 397
Captain Trips Sep 2017
A picture of a blazing inferno,
flames frozen in time,
is as I burn for you,
forever this house on fire.

If ever the wood should
wither to ash and ember,  
I would bathe in the soot,
I would burn to remember.
Our love is light and warmth and crazy
I love you Emily
Jun 2017 · 641
Tangled together
Captain Trips Jun 2017
Looking at you, I've missed my train of thought.
Forever blue, earth in a flowerpot.
May 2017 · 494
New leaves
Captain Trips May 2017
Turning the page
has never been
as rewarding as
it is with her.

Finally I've
started a
new chapter
that's actually
worth reading.

The kind of book
that has me eager
to learn what
happens next.
I'm happy.
May 2017 · 766
When we're together.
Captain Trips May 2017
Standing beside you, I ponder...

...was the grass always this green and lush?
...has the baby blue sky seemed this vast before?
...where have these infinite possibilities arisen from? my hand too sweaty to hold?
...have the stars forever shone this brilliant?
...where does time go? does her smile warm me like the radiance of the sun?
...will my face crack from smiling this hard? it possible to love her any more? can I prove it to her?

I'll figure it out, I'll find a covered porch and a glider or a pair of rocking chairs. I'll count the cars and admire her hair in the breeze blowing between our knees as the future unfolds itself out of thin air.
A love I've never felt before,
a beautiful pair...

"what're you thinking about?"

Oh! Me?
I'm just thinking about...
Apr 2017 · 326
Captain Trips Apr 2017
This is all so different,
yet also seems familiar.

I guess the words are the same,
it's just the way they're presented
that has changed.
Apr 2017 · 232
Captain Trips Apr 2017
This is all so different,
yet also seems familiar.

I guess the words are the same,
it's just the way they're presented
that has changed.
Apr 2017 · 372
No icebergs here.
Captain Trips Apr 2017
Whenever it rains
I see her lying before me,
vulnerable atop a picnic table.

Love isn't always a titanic,
more often then not it's subtle
like hundreds of little life boats
bringing us all to safety.

I find those subtle hints
of her honest love
floating towards me
whenever I start to sink.

I wear that shirt she got me,
I come home to a made bed
and folded laundry,
I see her letters and notes
on my mirror,
her face pops up on my phone
and when I answer all I can say is
"I love you too."
Apr 2017 · 293
Captain Trips Apr 2017
It seems that I have not only
fallen in love,
but I've been ****** into it
with enough force
to leave earth's atmosphere.

Because when I see her,
I feel like I'm floating
through space.
Mar 2017 · 333
Captain Trips Mar 2017
Look all around you,
and just take everything in.
Isn't life lovely?
Mar 2017 · 361
Tongue tied
Captain Trips Mar 2017
My beard is fragrant
with a hint of wet rosebud,
it makes me miss you.
Mar 2017 · 323
Mindfulness at work
Captain Trips Mar 2017
Incredibly I
feel exquisitely alive,
savoring each breath.
Mar 2017 · 433
twenty-two inches under
Captain Trips Mar 2017
Each and every flake
wafting down from the heavens
brings her warmth to mind
Captain Trips Mar 2017
Crispity crunchy,
Zagnut bars are delicious,
do you like this watch?
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