The good ache, resonates.
I like the pain of a long day's work
and I like sharing yawns with you.
Blurry eyed and smiling, come give me a kiss
because baby I missed you today.
It was warm, but misty with rain,
and my boots slipped in the mud.
I tweaked my ankle a bit, but it's a good pain.
The kind of ache you get from working
hard for someone you love.
Justin Wampler Oct 2017
He watches the world pass by
as streetlights periodically flood
the inside of his cab with the orange
glow of the buzzing arc sodium bulbs.

Everything is painted lines
on wet asphalt and the streaks
that tiny beads of water make
as rain splatters the windshield.

Tones of exhaust and the RPM
of the engine vibrate within him
as the tachometer races back and
forth between each changing gear.

When he isn't busy working the clutch
he likes to steer with his knees, and
reaches his hands outward, stretching
the sore muscles of his arms and neck.

The night is bountiful with subtle gifts
of empty highways and a full moon
in a cloudless sky that hovers above
the horizon like an absconded balloon.

Sometimes life makes sense and it's
times like this that he can begin to
add everything up into a simple sum
of sensory input, emotion, & memory.

Sometimes life is a singularity to each
within their own mind, and other
times it seems a broad umbrella that
covers us all equally with similarities.

Sometimes life is as easy as keeping
on trucking down an empty road in
the middle of the night. He does his
best to remember this.
Justin Wampler Sep 2017
A picture of a blazing inferno,
flames frozen in time,
is as I burn for you,
forever this house on fire.

If ever the wood should
wither to ash and ember,  
I would bathe in the soot,
I would burn to remember.
Our love is light and warmth and crazy
I love you Emily
Justin Wampler Jun 2017
Looking at you, I've missed my train of thought.
Forever blue, earth in a flowerpot.
Justin Wampler May 2017
Turning the page
has never been
as rewarding as
it is with her.

Finally I've
started a
new chapter
that's actually
worth reading.

The kind of book
that has me eager
to learn what
happens next.
I'm happy.
Justin Wampler May 2017
Standing beside you, I ponder...

...was the grass always this green and lush?
...has the baby blue sky seemed this vast before?
...where have these infinite possibilities arisen from? my hand too sweaty to hold?
...have the stars forever shone this brilliant?
...where does time go? does her smile warm me like the radiance of the sun?
...will my face crack from smiling this hard? it possible to love her any more? can I prove it to her?

I'll figure it out, I'll find a covered porch and a glider or a pair of rocking chairs. I'll count the cars and admire her hair in the breeze blowing between our knees as the future unfolds itself out of thin air.
A love I've never felt before,
a beautiful pair...

"what're you thinking about?"

Oh! Me?
I'm just thinking about...
Justin Wampler Apr 2017
This is all so different,
yet also seems familiar.

I guess the words are the same,
it's just the way they're presented
that has changed.
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