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Slipping into
Something more comfortable;
This sordid state of mind,
Feels almost

I've been here before,
Angry and petty,
Wading through red water,
Knee deep in my contempt.

Sometimes the little things
Can have the biggest impact.

Meanwhile the grand scheme
Goes on, obscured by routine.

Blind to the signs,
Willfully or maybe
Just through a
Simple lack
Of self

Is there a benefit
To being ignorant,
To feign stupidity?

Motivation and the lack thereof.

I am saturated with sudden
Icy clarity,
As the autumn sun
Tickles my memory
And paints my heart
With nostalgia.

To live in ignorance,
To merely waft through existence...

Or to change?

Time is short.
I know I've been here
A thousand times before.
Yo ****.
Disere trans ain't long for living.
She gotta bouta hunnert miles left inner,
If dat.
Limp er on down Alan's,
Dem dere'll see what's dere to see.
Maybe she got but grit inner gears,
Maybe first just gone and done quit.
Captain Trips Oct 15
Ma'am now don't you see?
This conversation,
As fulfilling as it may be,
Try to keep it short and sweet,
Because I got business at the bottom.

Close your eyes, come with me.
Flying south on vacation,
Landing strip lined up beneath,
My tongue, my mouth, my teeth,
I got business at the bottom.
Captain Trips Oct 12
Of gray
Rainbow stain
A cloud
A sign
A single spoke
Work together
Drive the rest
Captain Trips Oct 12
I don't write for me

I write for you to see

Because it's how I please

Captain Trips Oct 12
Up on the bed
On your stomach
With your ankles in your hands

Tongue out
Looking up

Pulling out
A gasping breath
Glistening face, getting wet

Spit on it
Slap it on your cheek
Hair stuck to your lips

A tear mixed
With the sheen of spit
Dribbling down your chin

I'll take a photo
And savor it
As you look into the lens

Knotted up in your hair
Control the rhythm
A lack of air

Gagging, deeper
Faster now
Trying not to black out

You cough and try
To pull away
A slap, a spit, you're here to stay

At least until it's
Said and done,
Finish line here I come
Captain Trips Oct 12
I fret and twist my hair into little knots
I twist and I twist until it all falls off
I like hit my teeth with a hammer
I pick my skin until it bleeds
I pick the scabs I pick the moles
I peel off my skin in layers
And leave them on the desk to dry
I scratch my scalp and shed my dandruff
Onto the kitchen counter
And line it up with a dunkin donuts gift card
And snort up the lines of dead skin
I pick my nose and eat my boogers
The wet and bloodier the better tasting
They stick to the roof of my mouth
And I hawk a loogie on the ground
I *** right onto the ******* carpet
And never ever clean it up
The crusty hard spot that forms
Is dark and yellow with time and accumulation
I clean my ears with my pinky
Then lick it out from under my nails
I slam my head against the wall
Until all the photos fall
I play with knives and fire and drugs
I love to give myself a hug.
The look on my face inside the mirror
Is pure bliss from popping all my zits
My eyes shining the same color
As the flecks of **** inside the toilet
I never ever clean the shower
I **** in the sink sometimes too
I hung all my posters with glue
I stack my laundry in a tower
And wear my clothes until they reek
Drank every night for 20 weeks
I hide my toenails under the carpet
I dry myself off with the drapes
I like to live all alone
I'm finally free inside my home
I saved those photos on the shelf
Someone save me from myself
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