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can ac
tually dest
roy lives with
its      wine      in
side and it's lov
ely taste of happ
iness wich we w
ill never find ou
tside this bottle
of alcohol and s
ome ****** lies
alcohol is trash
It doesn't sound that obvious right away,
The fact that hands can change lives
But they can, in a special way
With words, and poetry
They create words
They create art
They Love
They are
i don't really know

You laugh
Hearts start beating rapidly
Angels stop singing out of jealously
Prayers are silent in harmony
Adrenaline rushes quickly
Poets lose their words immediatly
Smiles turn around peevishly
Thieves run to the other side secretly
Paintings lose their creativity
Knives cut me inhumanly
Fire turns cold deathly
Your eyes shine desirably
Two lovers love desperately
Teardrops turn into blood instantly
Happiness feels nothing but misery
Demons rise up miraculously
You Laugh

Too much poems
Same old depression
Same old Lies
Too much poems
Too much stories
Too much love
Too much Hate
Too much desire
When will it be?
I've had a lot of conversations with myself lately,
At night.
"Who told you to?"
"He made me tell myself."
"How do you know?"
"I don't."
Me, myself, I.
All different people
But all the same.
The contemptuous person behind this glass that i can't see because i'm desperately trying to see what i can't be.
I really want to know,
Who this person is i'm talking to.
I didn't know
I've been doing this for so long
I met you online
We had only one chat
About an hour
But you changed my life
In a bad way
In a way I can't describe
At that exact moment
The lies started
And have never stopped since
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