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Aug 2021 · 53
My child outgrew me
LJW Aug 2021
bigger than I am,
more financially resolved,
he rejected tents
and festival colors.
now he walks with big steps,
I imagine 1000 ft. tall,
swishing in a blue suit.
all that I could hope for.

I hope he wins from life
what he desires.
May 2021 · 79
A mother's lament
LJW May 2021
The child remembers my failings,
so much so he separates.
The day he disembarked from the bus,
leaving me in my seat,
doing what he was told.

I can't even say if he turned around,
to wave. Was he scared?
Off he wandered,
on his 10 year legs, into town, alone.

Did anything traumatic happen to him that day?
Did he cry because he had noone with him?
Does he hold resentment from being left
to fend for himself
the entire day?

A small child
with no one to watch over him.
So much so
He doesn't care
to know me?
I wish I could go back in time and grab that little boy, and redo that whole time in life. What was I thinking leaving my young son spend the whole day alone in the town park as I took the bus on to work. I know I didn't have anyone to turn to, or I thought I didn't, and I had to work so we could find a place to live. But I can't imagine how scared he might have been.
May 2021 · 38
Alone, Lonely, Only
LJW May 2021
You don't know how this feels.

Most probably
there are people at your table
fighting over puffs of corn
or raging pink and blue rings of sugar laced

You might be wrapped in an embrace now,
a man creeping up behind you
smoldering a fire between your shoulders with his lips.

Or your mother is smashing beans or broccoli,
your father is relaxing in front of the news,
or sweating after a day of work.

Perhaps, your friends are calling to invite you out to play.
Apr 2021 · 227
Simple Poems
LJW Apr 2021
Poetry is the voice of the simple.
Even the simple understand grief
c. April 7, 2020
Apr 2021 · 201
My Child
LJW Apr 2021
The agony of love
can know nothing
of the blood
that spills
niagra style
out of my heart.

You are walking, I am walking;
We breathe in the same-exact-moment
We are both alive.

It is like my womb still holds us both
we are twins being warmed by the same pulsing beat of life.
Our skin is the same one made from the other.

I am following you,
seeking you,
my mind reaches for you.
c. April 7, 2021
LJW Feb 2021

three women looked in at me
one black man barely glanced,

I couldn't step onto the stage
that year, or any other year.

thirty thirteen year-olds
moved into the arena like cattle

wearing too much lipstick. unstoppable.
385,000 babies entered the world that day,

all crying. I became irritated, anxious,
like I needed to go back in time.

I kept reading, losing my breath, until I had to leave the room.
c. Feb. 27, 2021
Feb 2021 · 240
LJW Feb 2021
There is a hope in our children
when we birth their tiny hands
waiting for them to make their
first markings.

They are bluish, cloudless skies and
miracles, like magicians
out of thin air
waving wands coaxing
a future mother has been
dreaming of.
c. Feb. 27, 2021
Jun 2020 · 76
Beyond Motherhood
LJW Jun 2020
Empty nest of twigs broken
against arms holding,
reaching, straining to take back
the damaged days burnt under
a sunlight.
the beginnings of a collection of poems on the phases of motherhood
May 2020 · 108
There was a child
LJW May 2020
story idea
Apr 2020 · 81
Who becomes a wife?
LJW Apr 2020
Not I in this life,
though I wished so hard,
and prayed every night.
Not God's dream for me,
though it hurt much
not to be.

Still with each breath, Lord,
though you may not give this,
I can feel one man, arms long, singing
craft, and peace, loving creatures
gently, and waiting for only my tune.

Though a wife I will (probably) never be,
though hope refuses to leave my soul,
it is what I listen for, the sound of
rugged wood, of fire, and reason.
Apr 2020 · 73
LJW Apr 2020
Scoffers and fools
wasting away
chafed by the wind
ruined, crumbled
stolen from, rejected.

The poverty of the poor is their ruin,
I am in poverty.
A rod for the back if you have no sense,
I make foolish choices.
I worry and dread,
and yes, it comes true.

How much more of me and mine will be destroyed?

Turn me around, O Lord.
Make my mouth, my lips, my words righteous.
Guide me with your instruction
and keep me only along your path
that I may find men and women,
brothers and sisters, to learn with,
to pace my life with, to encourage one
another towards your solid way.
Apr 2020 · 66
LJW Apr 2020
The only person who calls me today is
the creditor man.
God told me I was supposed to date him from now on,
and I guess I'll listen to him this time.
There was a fear I had at 25, that I would crawl out
of an old apartment house each day,
stinking of agedness.
People, that fear is about to happen, and I don't know
how to stop it.
Death has me in it's grip, and despite everything
Christ promises, I can not feel the light.
Apr 2020 · 199
LJW Apr 2020
I can feel my leg still,
cut off still,
bleeding still.

My leg looks like a cabin,
a dark shingle, logs rotting
from being loved.

Phantom cabin pounding
my frontal lobe, I hear the hammer
pounding still to build.
Apr 2020 · 751
LJW Apr 2020
Foiled at every turn
some say this as cliche,
for me it is true.

Every love affair spoils,
each chance at wealth stolen,
any opportunity to get ahead blocked.

Flower petals fall when
the bee refuses it's kiss, or
light reserves its brilliance.
LJW Apr 2020
I can hear him laughing from his grave,
he found a way to take back the cabin.
He sent an emissary from Hell
to conspire,
a ***** Demon riding on the same fiery wind
the Hells Angels fly upon.

God called him home,
I can hear the violence in the house of the Lord.
He refused to go through the gates,
Instead, sailed into the flames,
swan diving into the raucous-
heat, sweat, blood, and laughter.

A throne awaited him.
While he sat in the high backed seat,
gorging on the sights of sensuous agony,
red devils dancing like gypsies upon his lap,
he laid his plan. He sent a dark messenger
to whisper in the ear of the demon soldier,
animating his eyes until he found me.

Out to plunder me. Devour me.
Trap me. Convince me. Surround me.
Bait me. Test me. Sample me.

How many of them were there? How long
had they been watching me?
Sniffing me, digging around,
until they heard the words "the cabin".  

The ***** Demon had the job of waiting.
Of seducing, tempting, arousing, convincing.
And steadily, with solid consistency, with daily reliability,
like the morning train into work,
like a husband who comes home every night,
he sent lyrical promises,
called me "baby",
kept me swooning with his stillborn smile.

Even when I knew he was a lie,
like a fiend scratching the street
for a dollar to buy a hit,
a gambler who can not quit,
I kept asking the sky, "what if he is real?"

But he wasn't, he was sent,
by the other who would not rest,
until he wrestled from my grip,
the cabin.
LJW Mar 2020
The land was worth half a million,
with the large log cabin and
the tiny one on the edge of the hill.
He found the property for $10,000 just,
and logged it gaining $11,000 back.

I was worth the potential of half a million,
I had value at last. I had trees, and a home to build
and design, with family history and stories written
along the roadway.

I could have walked that road, carrying my granddaughter
telling the tales of our men,
how they came, saw, conquered for themselves,
and how their women held onto their gold as though they
would have to be killed first before they let someone take it.
Mar 2020 · 141
LJW Mar 2020
Another day, stewing in the lies you told.
My head aches,
Will I ever feel right again?
Why would men and women do this to people?
One pocket is not emptier than the other.
Mar 2020 · 61
LJW Mar 2020
Every moment I feel the gaping hole that is the home I once owned.

The earth under its foundation, the moisture of the air surrounding it's log walls, the history of tiny feet padding over soft mud.

My heart dies when I understand I can never re-earn that wealth.
That I am too old to recover from this loss.

And I know, whatever gain you found from the dollars collected from this cabin can not be equal to its true value on the earth.
Mar 2020 · 73
48 years old
LJW Mar 2020
I already feel dead,
not because of the virus,
rather because of my grey hair
I refuse to color over to
hide the white of my nature.

I am poor, I wasn't poor
until I was lied to and stolen
from. Now I am pitifully poor.

I need to rebuild, but I am old,
I am weaker, I limp, I sag, I
have no youthful beauty, I have
nothing to attract anyone to care about me.

I am terrible at the job I
choose to attempt as a second career. I
might lose my job and become penniless
and homeless.

There is no one who wants to help me.
You can read the progress of my life here...
I was not always this sad, there have been happy
moments in my life,
when I was young.
Jan 2020 · 86
Honoring the kindred
LJW Jan 2020
I accept this award for all the other writers who
weave stories through finer mesh with deeper complexity
and with a genius of the human psychology.
I feel as though someone may have bought this award for me.
Although, out of respect for the possibility that a phrase of mine
may have reached out to another,
I accept this on behalf of all of us who speak to one another
through words and characters that tell the hidden thoughts of our own lives. If any grouping of words I have written pierced into your core enough to stir your spirit giving you the feeling that you knew me and I knew you, that we were kin or kindred, then I accept the award in honor of that moment.
LJW Jan 2020
My ranking was 115 out of 300 or so
people at the high school I attended in
Kansas. Ineffectual. By most standards.

The university denied me membership into
the honors community, blacklisted by peers,
ignored, forgotten like a transient looking through
the cafe window at the revelers eating and drinking.

young voices contributing to publications, singing
thoughts, shaping the tenor of future days, heralded
like shining angels transcendant of mortals, supremacy
allowed to decide the shape of our cities, schools, feelings.

Entrusted with the duty to chisel our lives into a shape, the approval to think for us, or be the catalyst of our own thoughts, or rather simply, the winners who wrote it best, they ran faster, they ranked higher, they knew more.

Not one of them my voice. my voice was silence,
shoved back by the bouncer
at the threshold of influence.

Words floated inward, I witnessed the streams
of phrases float passed me on soundwaves,
reaching the ears of luminaries, academicians, renegade thinkers.
crowds rallied, wept, and devoured the ideas embedded in the poems, essays, articles allowed to reach the readers of the day.
Minds opened, wealth shifted, a flight towards a new horizon saw people preparing for the liftoff.

Yet, nothing changed.

The wounded continued to bleed upon the sidewalks
outside my apartment. Tiny children ignorantly ran past schools
refusing to walk inside. Men and Women preferred to dance viciously, like celebrating heathens, rejoicing in their ****** rituals, unashamed to entice one another into poverty.

SHOULD things even change?

Would the presence of my voice even make a microscopic difference? What vanity did I carry that imagined one hope
of a thought birthed from my mind might create the tipping point for human recovery? Wouldn't it be better to remain silent and let the masters continue with their work? Let the fittest push me out of their way, leaving me in the trench to camp and rebuild my primitive shelter. I will die soon enough. My dust enriching the soil as best it can, preparing the earth for tomorrow's crop of leaders.
themes: Intellectual superiority is not the fault of the more intelligent person, nor is it a power play on the part of individual.

Institutions may control the direction of thought.

The less scholared, intelligent voice has a purpose, importance, and role in the continuation of independent thought and innovation of ideas.
Sep 2019 · 1.3k
Goodbye Sorrowland
LJW Sep 2019
I am sitting here, or lying there, yes, across this bed, penning in my diary as the tropical winds off the Argentinian jungles
breeze through my curls and a whisper tickles up my thighs.

I have left the din of sorrowland,
I have taken flight into the drifting clouds,
I sit atop a cottony cumulus, bouncing surrounded by delight,
for I have found love.
Jun 2019 · 149
The History of Hysteria
LJW Jun 2019
There is a window through which I climbed
out towards an edge that promised me
pain and painted lights and desperation too sweet
to pass up the taste, a lust, a danger, a disaster
of life and I wandered happily out towards it's calling song.

Singing repeated songs, the strong arms of men,
playing around and around as I sifted through the moments
of thought and image flashing in day by day.
a young woman swept up in the transience of the traveling musician.

The tornado that lifted me out of my shelter
never did settle me, and I fly still, gazing down upon the
distant patterns of grids and circles, laughing
with a miraculous hysteria,
at what the breeze blows in each day.
c. 6-25-19
May 2019 · 436
Birds of the Dawn Chorus
LJW May 2019
Springtime awakens the concerto of fliers,
fluttering awake, rejoicing in their strength,
They sing to sound the morning and life itself,
calling through thin airs, while the cicadas sleep,
dominating the cathedral with their sunrise choir.

And you, as you rise, are showered by their concert.
May 20, 2019
May 2019 · 128
LJW May 2019
It's funny when you look back
to find out you have been erased
from the lives you thought you'd
played a role in. Who will remember
me? Did I even exist? There is no one
around me to remember I am alive. I
disappeared from the memory books,
covered up, erased.
LJW May 2019
I will die alone
closed eyes remembering
how it felt when he
chose me to be the
girl he called each night.

dying alone with the wind
blowing maybe.

A fire might burn and
I hope there is someone I know
holding my hand or wiping my brow.

I will die alone, all these days,
these faded blue jean years,
brown boots dirt. Music soothing,
I hear Noah Gundersen singing my death.
He sways the tunes of woe,
I hope my death sounds like his song.
Apr 2019 · 157
Terrible Dreams
LJW Apr 2019
Terrible for all the days there
is nothing a fortune teller can see
Between sundown all the way to marching into our
last breath.

Waiting, we shall watch, foxes all,
like calculating merchants ticking out pennies,
wiping our counters, holding onto towels moistened
by water dripping off the glasses of laughing diners.

After hours we walk out the kitchen door,
sit down on a stool in the alley way,
in the glow of the low tangerine sun.
Exhausted, we are, from dreaming all the day.
April 4, 2019
Apr 2019 · 172
I wish you were...
LJW Apr 2019
on the dating site I subscribe to
poor like I am, but full of quality
content to never be perverse
thrilled you found me
like the boys I used to run with down the railroad tracks
free, unimpaired, undefined
open to change, open to evolving slowly
discovering me
cutting wood or planting a garden
listening to soft music
keeping time to my footsteps.
Mar 2019 · 191
Hello Poets
LJW Mar 2019
Hello Poets,
my only friends
those who understand
why we sing into night.

Life is terrible, I can finally
say that now. Love, love,
It bludgeoned me twice.
Men, men, shiver at my song
sung to them while laughing.

Never did I intend to wound.
I hurt, with the sheer honesty
of my ignorance.

Age, Age coming near.
I am begging you for a home,
where I can be humble, earthbound,
dusty, and poor.
Where the heat of the sun is my only luxury
and wood on the fire means I am rich.

Life, life bring me back my youth,
just two years ago, when I thought the sky
was still open.

Crying today, I wish I'd done things otherwise,
I remember a day  when we walked down the lane,
I was more innocent then,
you had been the one hurting me.
Mar 2019 · 113
LJW Mar 2019
It was the quietest day of the year
when I discovered I knew nothing at all
except the loss of everything dear and knew then
it had been all my fault.

Without thought or time to think I'd wounded
every last one. Because I had no filter to speak
of, and I thought people were made out of stone.

Not so, as it turns, we are flesh, mostly flesh
with very little bone.
Oct 2018 · 439
Little River
LJW Oct 2018
There is a little river that I sit by when I'm sad,
I'll stay there everyday
until I'm no longer mad.
When the rains fall down
upon my head,
I'll shelter under cover
of the trees growing tall
by the river.

There is a little river where I can be all alone.
No one can find me there
I can disappear and disappear.
Oct 2018 · 125
Do you believe
LJW Oct 2018
That you are able to say anything you want
and our actions will determine
our metal?

Satan uses people too you know,
how do I know you are not filled with his grace?

Is God silent
while Satan plays his chess?

I don't want it to be true,
but if you are a brother,
why am I struck down by you?

Why are you here in my place?
Why could you not keep
a kind moment kind
and our lives at rest?
LJW Oct 2018
Hello strangers
wishing to just share
a tiny moment
to fellows
without really knowing you
only joining in camaraderie
of being alive,
and tormented,
and seeking refuge
without ridicule,
or chastisement,
or lies,
or false words.

I sought this place,
for days and years,
only to have never found one
small corner.

So here i stay
spied upon
and stymied.

I only hope there are a few
unknown eyes with whom I might
share my song.
Oct. 4, 2018
LJW Oct 2018
There is no relief. Death could come faster.
My only fear is who will take care of my child.
Nights like tonight,
I wish someone would die,
he or I. Take one or both.

Send me to hell if that be my home.
Or is this chamber on earth
just the first of many.

Why did you send him to torment me?
Why does he choose trespass?
Why can he not stay anonymous?
Why did he have to signal me his presence?

If it is God's work he does, why does he bother me?
Why does he not keep a timely distance?
Why does he not disappear into his own time and place
that is not mine.

Give me my private hollow,
forget me from the minds of anyone,
let me die in the minds of everyone.
oct. 4, 2018
Oct 2018 · 224
Near Hayfork
LJW Oct 2018
This is like a spirit circle
feathers in our hands
none of us listening
just given a private moment to express.

breathe spirit
sigh into your chest
cry into this troubled night
where you dream of a midnight sky
twenty years ago.
October 4, 2018
Oct 2018 · 88
Our deaf ears
LJW Oct 2018
this song is not for you or you or you
to hear. Our deafness blocks all sound
or feeling.

These songs left here
are simple prayers
sung over and over
and over again.
October 3, 2018
Oct 2018 · 72
How I will fight
LJW Oct 2018
with grace I hope
fraught with wickedness
to my shame.
brought to madness
through lies and sin.
I forgive you if I am able.

Found and watching,
this is my singing place
simple and slow.

That is how I will fight.
October 3, 2018
Oct 2018 · 121
Where there once was light
LJW Oct 2018
I'll ***** the pin through the paper
to bring the light back through.
Not all darkness persists.
In our desperate cries
into the void
God does listen.
Faithful to us
until the end.
October 3, 2018
Oct 2018 · 89
Here's to you
LJW Oct 2018
Just not smart enough
All your disguises
I knew from long ago
you were a black box
a blank canvas
a bored interloper
toying with all the rest of us.
Until one day, there will be a maiden fair
she will laugh, joke, cut, chop, hit,
powder you
until you can not resist.
Follow me some more,
I led you there, and here, and
wither and nither until
what happened?
An answer.
October 3, 2018
Oct 2018 · 250
Is there an order to this?
LJW Oct 2018
Will there ever be a time when fallen love
releases me from it's talonous grip?
Allowing me to flow into my own
pulse, like river water free?
Like freeing air blowing from the West,
Like the crack of dawn, all yesterdays forgotten?

Will I ever be reborn, will the night purify
my new day until I awaken and only  
warm arms to keep me
welcome me back to life?

Order I say, order.
October 2, 2018
Oct 2018 · 184
Dandelion Walk
LJW Oct 2018
This tide sweeps over me
until I no longer want to live.

despair invades every breath
until I agonize over the pain of
going through each day alone,
walking over dandelions, watching
children sing,
spotting young men and women
while I have only known rejection.
October 2, 2018
Sep 2018 · 241
A Prayer
LJW Sep 2018
A prayer for today. Bless you. May Christ give you the lessons in this day that might guide you further into his grace. For all of us, may we learn from our struggles and trials, and know that among those who sing with poetry, our souls are heard by our brothers and sisters in Christ.
Sept. 29, 2018
Sep 2018 · 147
Hello New Day
LJW Sep 2018
This is a new day so they tell me,
hello new day, I want to thank you
for what you have given me.
A chance to become myself again
to be true to myself,
to love myself,
to not sacrifice myself,
to not compromise myself,
to find hope again,
to just love this one more new day,
and see what amazing moments you contain.
Sept. 28, 2018
Sep 2018 · 728
To Be A Christian
LJW Sep 2018
God didn't give me an epiphany
He didn't give me the tragic life of a *******
or drug addict
that brought me to him
in a spell of repentance and tears.

He quietly, gracefully, gave me a child.
He gave me the fear of keeping my son safe
in a world that so readily devours it's young.
I chose Christ, in a long, slow, up hill climb to him.

Taking my time to shed my Jewish heritage,
sinning over and over again on the quest
for marriage and a happy home.

Still climbing, now one more attempt has left
and I can resume my journey, my pledge,
my desire to be a Christian. To give that to my son.

What does that mean, even, to be a Christian?
Where can I find others who truly live that life?
So many I have seen, men and women, in love, married
But one man I knew denied even them the title. I guess they were doing it wrong.  

Who is right in the game of Christianity?
Some will say Jesus, Jesus, yet he will say
He does not even know them.
Which one of us are they?
September 27, 2018
Sep 2018 · 132
The People You Keep
LJW Sep 2018
The people you keep in your life are the people you love.
Only them. Only them.
Sept. 19, 2018
Sep 2018 · 127
My only comfort
LJW Sep 2018
Is that God is in control.
His almighty power
knows my life.
Guiding me,
giving me the life he has planned for me.
All pains and troubles are a lesson,
Where was I before dear Lord?
Where am I now?
For you I shall live. To love you.
In the emptiness where there is noone,
the loneliness of being alone,
I will sit here in solitude,
knowing this is how you wish my life to be.
Sept. 19, 2018
LJW Sep 2018
New friends, old friends took you away.
had you loved me, you would have seen
all that I gave up and gave for you.

It was like you took every step I made towards you
and moved in a new direction.
it was like every move I made gave you a reason to back up
and create a life for yourself that did not include me.

You found new friends because you thought I had new friends.
All I was doing was trying to find a job I enjoyed
so I could feed you and make a home for us.
I had co-workers,
you retaliated with getting your own social life
that did not include me.
Perhaps you are emotionally 14.

And it is true, I broke up, and I looked.
I ran, and you stayed. I considered other men,
but could never. That didn't matter. I was guilty.
Never mind I always came back.
Never mind that last weekend, you said you loved me
only to throw me away.

Now you have your guys to hang with,
and a woman you can talk to every night on the phone
the way you used to call me.

You say she is just a friend, but you saved her deep in your phone,
then when you were ready to reemerge, you sought her out.
You did something much different than I ever did.

No dear, you never did love me,
because love does not behave like that,
love is blood, something you can not live without.
And now you very much, and happily live without me.
Because you made the choice to call her.
And there can only ever be one.

Look at me and all my flowers,
look at me and all my mess,
do you see yourself in what I have to offer?
Or are you more like her? Two peas.

But we were a disaster from the start.
So really, the disaster drove us apart.
But why all the blaming? Why all the hate?
Why all the lying? To ourselves and one another.
Had we loved, we would still be together.
September 19, 2018
Sep 2018 · 137
Turn away
LJW Sep 2018
If you do not like what you see,
Reading my words,
Gazing at my photos,
Then turn away.
Do not enter my life.
September 16, 2018
Aug 2018 · 73
Dusty Skin
LJW Aug 2018
Before time began I had no name
nor face, nor home
I needed no future, nor plan
no clothing.

only skin with sand blown against
the rough dry surface, tan, dusty.
desert worn. Earthened.

The days promised to carry on without end,
I never aged, never grew old
the silver in my hair fit.

I could climb the sierras, scale rocks,
swim the American river if I wanted to.
Men and women smiled at me.
I had beauty.

Time steals, and now I only wish to make peace
so she might return my aim towards grace.
So my silver might return,
so the sand of my skin might roughen me
into a well worn woman of the hottest day.
August 30, 2018
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