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I can feel the gravity
savage sadness grabbing me

like a stabbing agony
panicking heartbeat rapidly

like a drastic atrophy
my own tapestry of travesty

applicable calamity
catastrophe is my canopy

the faculty of tragedy
with no strategy for amnesty

the laxity of sanity
I can feel the gravity
  Feb 23 Liquid Bear
Styles 12
Light misty rain

free from anything
that dulls or dims.

Great Heat fell down on me.
Large task landed clear

writing for my life
tell no one

travel light
silent moon slippers cutting grass

hollow straw man
decided to taste electric

wave your wands

sweaty sticky pens
trapped in spider's shadow
stretching down walls

far away her web still burns

it is here I leave
the paved path
wet grass stomping in rain

under melted pastels
squinting at her summer halos

butterflies inhaling splinters
absorbing flares like asphalt emergency

show me your mansion
make it disappear

treasure beyond any riches

searchlight memory
writing for my life
drunk on fire

an unforgettable sunset
scars a vultures shadow

a healed poet
marching moonlit miles
over another bridge
pausing over railroad tracks

skateboards cracking through concrete bowls

light mist crying
on homeless camps
miles and miles
of pain and love sleeping together
in ripped sleeping bags

one more poem
before all words vanish

staring through inhuman eyes

silent moon slippers
gliding on river
spelling your name again

free from anything that dulls or dims

writing for my life
ten mile marches

drunk on fire
exhaling splinters
dissolved again
in the painted nectarine dawn

of her best smile
from darkest dark
to lightest light.
Liquid Bear Feb 23
Splattering shades of somber sepia
on my pitifully painted picture
comes crawling an icy inertia
to jeopardize my jagged structure.

Counting the times I’ve tasted ****
won’t sweeten this plangent pill,
shutting myself in my shrunken shell
won’t make the monsters sit still.

Another black hole beckons me,
it howls my black, brittle name
through lips laden with cruelty
no penance nor prayer can tame.

So I fall into my fraying soul
where blighted blood boils
as acid aphids burn a hole
in a torso that twists and recoils.

Entering a dreadful dimension
of morose maggots and worms
I resign to a reverse ascension
into a realm of roaring storms.

My sorrows on a million mirrors
synchronously echoing and clanging,
hyperrealist reflection of my errors
on screens screaming and hanging.

Begging the clock for closure,
I wait swathed in sweat
for some form of future
to vanquish this vile threat.

Until next time, until ordeal
begins again, I fall flat
on a surface of frozen steel
like a unlucky seven cat.

Somehow I’m still hanging
tough by a thread of torn twine,
another black hole howling
this black, brittle name of mine.
Playful yet dark, somewhat personal in nature.
  Feb 20 Liquid Bear
There's a hole in my heart

A void in my mind

A deep desire for nothing but want

A need for something like fun

Adventure and thrills

Seekers and pills

Falling into a blackness

So dark I'm turning blue

Such stark it's only true

Helpless and innocent

Forgiving and iridescent

I bond with strangers

Act bold, I'm not the tamest

I am stuck, so stuck

I don't know how to get out of here

This place, this room, this hide

This mask, this facade,

This glass, this wall, this broken bridge

It is all burning up into flames

Watch it, sink

Down it goes deep into

Black Waters

- soulwriterj
Written in a state of fragility and lostness.
IG: @soulwriterj
Liquid Bear Feb 16
Tuned to channel 666,
counting the filthy tricks
like wicks of black candles
in my mind, a thousand devils,
end of the line fast approaching,
paranoia and fear encroaching
with every thought, I fought
the urge to submerge my soul
in gasoline, burn a hole
as big as my spleen, make me clean,
but now, I don’t know how,
that deceiver turns me
from a believer into a giver
of pain and sick glee,
put myself on a shelf
like a cursed butterfly
who can’t fly nor die,
just stare at the screen,
a maddening scene
I’ve seen a million times,
all my crimes amplified,
petrified and condemned
to life in this cell,
an empty shell ******,
blacklisted and scared,
covered in hot wax,
follow my red tracks
if you want to fall,
if you want to crawl
in the blood-stained hall
of mirrors and horrors
where my mind perished,
my life vanished in vain,
only a stain remains
of my former days
of freedom and hope,
I can’t cope anymore,
every pore bleeds,
my ***** deeds
around my head
like a crown of lead,
dead yet breathing,
screaming without
a mouth, calculating
the number of years
I’ll spend with my mistakes
and fears around my neck,
a wreck of tears in heck:
Just playing with words and imagery. The situation described does not reflect my personal life.
Liquid Bear Feb 4
Somebody painted the moon black,
left it to rot in a pool of rain.
The tides rise like unwanted thoughts
of something I could never have.
All I have is the taste of your tears,
gall mixed with sweetest honey,
all I remember is being close to you
among lightning and thunder,
so fragile in the angry wind.
What did you want from me?
I guess I’ll never know.
You’ll stay forever locked
in my red box of memories
like a golden key sharpened
into a knife.
Memories, memories...
Liquid Bear Jan 28
Come, rain, come to me:
how I long to bathe
in your freshness,
your timeless joy.

My roots are dry,
my branches bent
by the years.
Birds have fled
this hollow heart.

Come to me, rain, come:
kiss my rugged bark
with your liquid lips,
your endless life.
A simple prayer.
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