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If someone would ask me if I would rather be shot or have my heart broken.
I would say “shoot me”because i would rather die than have my heart broken.
having your heart break into the smallest pieces once, is enough for me.
They say time heals your wounds
so tell me why then doesnt mine heal?
Lindiana Mazari Aug 2017
Let me love you
He said
Directly looking at me
He wanted to *play

Like with any other girl
He wanted a game
That's what I gave him
I looked him in the eyes
And saw the hint
He was nothing but a liar
No-one likes a girl
Like me
My heart as cold as stone
Something he could not see
In the name of the ones who suffered
I will make his life miserable
From me
He had gotten time
For proofing himself
Before walking away
I told him to
*Let the game begin
Hopefully you will like it
Lindiana Mazari May 2017
another poem came straight into my mind
with it majestic flight
with a mind of its own
my fingers write everything down that i know
awareness of my thoughts
that is what i should have
but they are far to fast
Lindiana Mazari May 2017
4 Letters

the word
that everyone
needs to know

no matter what,where
it fills the air

in the night
when the lights are off
the shadows are creeping
and find everything out

so beautiful it might be fiction
the nerve-wracking tension

between us
me and you
there is nothing
I wouldn't do

that is how strong
my love is
for you
in the middle of the night it came in my mind
hope you like it
Lindiana Mazari Apr 2017

Everyone says that *Diamonds
are a girls best friend
Everyone says that jewelery are a girls best friend
Everyone says that make up is a girls best friend

but they do not know the truth
i do not think they understand

if she could she would be a shadow
which no one can see
away from society

in the night she stays awake
because he is cold and unforgiving

I don't think you understand
she'll never walk away
because she has no where to go
she is alone in this world so cold

she puts up a mask to not answer the hurting questions
so she can go further on the hurting road full of diamonds

if she had the choice between life and death
she would choose death
because she can't stand the pain anymore
the pain of diamonds cutting through her skin
Lindiana Mazari Apr 2017
a system of life
where i shall follow your orders,
your majesty
I'm startled from your cruelty
danger is looming ahead
excuse my charisma
but you should beware
'cause I'm the *SIGMA

the sigma
the knight
who stands up
and fight
the mighty sword
in his hands
standing up
against the King
He's fighting for the good
the sigma is the traditional knight who fights against the evil even if it is his king
Lindiana Mazari Apr 2017
Love Dust*
in the air

Head in the clauds

I'm standing here
in the middle of roses

thinking of you
what we would do

if we were together
a bond which lasts forever

but it
ain't reality
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