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Lily08 Oct 2020
They say doing it all is an impossible task,
But I’ve come to find doing it sane
Is the impossible part.
Lily08 May 2020
Life is full of promises
And yet few promises remain unbroken
Lily08 Mar 2020
People Fall,
Friendships die,
And all that's left to do is lie.

Every word you say, memorized.
So bad, so much
You've already pre apologized.

They keep yelling,
You keep telling.

Rumors spread leaving you in fame
and in the end no one even knows your name.
Lily08 Nov 2019
Heaven or Hell?
I know of many that are sure to have fell.
I don’t fear falling.
My faith has fished me out of the great fiery cell and landed me in the forgiving hands of God.
Rather than groveling with the demons,
Set to rebel,
I’ll dance with the angels,
Whom I know quite well.
Lily08 Jun 2019
We live our lives not for ourselves,
But to effect the lives of those around us.
Everything makes a difference.
Lily08 May 2019
Hey, hey
It’s Star Wars day.
Gather around.
The rebellion needs you.
Yoda’s here to teach,
Obi wan, to show the way.
Now it’s Luke, stepping up
What an exciting, adventurous day.
Lightsabers and blasters are good to have,
When the stormtroopers come around.

It’s over Anakin,
I have the higher ground.
May the force be with you.
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