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Lily08 Jan 20
Maybe I’m not enough.
Cool enough
Pretty enough
Smart enough
Good enough
Maybe I’m fooling myself
Or maybe worse,
I’m fooling everyone else along with me.
Lily08 Jan 15
Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
I’m laying in bed,
And I’m thinking of you.

A knife in the back,
Years down the drain.
Yet you keep coming back,
A fresh round of pain.
Lily08 Dec 2021
One path in life
And you’re not on it.

The more they try to pull you back,
The further away you go.

Eventually they give up
So you walk alone.
Lily08 Oct 2021
Isn't it ironic that
We fight for peace?
That we **** murderers?
That we'd do anything to live when we already know we're going to die?
Lily08 Sep 2021
Nothings wrong but nothings right,
I've been walking this tunnel,
but there's still no light.
The pace is slowing down,
I'm just so over this fight
Lily08 Mar 2021
A weary traveler
Destination postponed.
Keeps missing their exit,
reason unknown.

A license to flee yet nowhere to go,
I'm running from my problems
But my gas is running low.
Lily08 Nov 2020
No one likes the waiting game,
Yet it's the game that offers the most.
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