Jun 2017 Lilly MacArthur
kyle Shirley

I had a woman who I thought ignored my beast like shell and saw the Prince I was on the inside, as I called her my beauty; now my meloncoly heart must break all over again longing for the day when she comes back to me.

  Jun 2017 Lilly MacArthur
kyle Shirley

It took great strength to forget you and leave you behind, you have me that strength which is unbelievable irony.

I break down every day.
I struggle every day.
I see that glimpse of lying hope, every day.

I cry because It was real.
I clench my fists in agony
I'm done trying to feel.

I lose sleep, I can't eat, I die every day inside, just the pieces of you.
My body and mind are trying to fight this infectious disease, the love and idea of you.

Lilly MacArthur Jun 2017

You gave away your soul
Bleeding and pleading
Searching to only find emptiness

You find yourself in darkness
Clawing and digging
Screaming to only the echos

You burned your life at the crossroads
Lost and broken
But this is the path you chose

The nicer
you’re to people
The faster
they run away

Story of my life... Looks like people find my being nice too oppressive.....
Lilly MacArthur May 2017

I have changed from whom I use to be.
I use to beg for those to notice me.
Dance crazy just for them to see.
Screaming just so they can hear me.

I'm not that girl anymore.
I will not beg for your love and affection.
I will not demand to have a place in your heart.
And I will not cry for your attention.

If you don't notice me by now, you never will.
If you can't hear my voice, then listen to silence.
If I'm just here for your convenience, then store is closed.
If I'm nothing to you, then so be it....

I guess I'm just not that girl.

Don't ever stoop low enough and beg for someone to notice you. You're beautiful just the way you are. Ifor they can't see if, someone else will.
Lilly MacArthur Apr 2017

Insecurities crawling and biting
Doubt and fear smashing and burning
Safety and trust sreaming and hiding
Love and hope lost and broke

When the darkness blinds you
And the cold burns your skin
Barley moving while running away
Growing numb the the simple touch

Who knew the silence could be so loud.

Silence broken truse deep dark alone fear reality

You're so beautiful and you don't even know it that's my favorite part
Your laugh is so cute and innocent that's my favorite part
Your smile makes me melt and that's my favorite part
Your wall you put up falls apart when I'm around that's my favorite part
Your will to be honest about your insecurities that's favorite part
Your will to talk about anything that bothers you that's my favorite part
Your eyes make me lose track of time that's my favorite part
You feeling like you can be yourself around me is my favorite part

I could keep going on and on but I just wanted to make your day.
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