-Light 1d

I was looking at the night sky from a hill,
feeling the fresh breeze kissing my face,
with nothing running through my mind,
except for the portrait of you,
the one I keep in the right wall of my heart.

The moon looked like a giant disco ball,
and the heavens were the dance floors,
the passing satellites were microphones,
you and I were the dancers,
and the stars our record players.

We danced through the constellations,
forming love hearts with our feet,
the minutes became millenniums,
and it was just you and I,
dancing alongside the angels.

But a morning light began ascending,
and the sun arose from the horizon,
burning through the portrait of you,
the music stopped playing,
and my stars were dying out.

My dream became a nightmare,
but it was just reality waking me up,
alone in the high mountain top,
and it saddened me to see,
you'll be happier without me.

-Light 6d

Mi labio está partido,
y derrama sangre hasta el suelo,
de tanto que lo eh mordido.
Mi labio está herido,
porque extraña el toque de los tuyos,
de tus besos, tus cariños.
Mi labio como mi oido,
buscan el vibramiento de ti,
de tu voz y de tu aliento.
Mi labio seco y frio,
muere por las aguas dulces de tu amor,
y el cálido refugio de tus labios.

-Light 6d

Baby I've met someone else,
she has gorgeous dark hair,
she likes to hear all of my tales,
I think we make a beautiful pair.

Baby her hand fits in mine,
just like yours did back then,
but maybe I'm wasting her time,
comparing her to you back when.

Baby she listens to the same music you do,
she even likes the same singer as you,
her favorite song is the one we danced to,
Oh baby, I'm still loving you.

-Light Jul 11

They've cut your wings off or so you say,
to keep you trapped in this golden cage,
you've been a hostage day after day,
a prisoner of your fading age.

Oh bird of spring,
one day I'll set you free,
I'll pull that ring off from your feet,
and I'll write a melody for you to sing,
as you soar far above the trees.

Oh my sweet dove,
I promise you one day, but not today,
and some day soon, that I will say.
I'll loosen your string and change your tune,
and you'll fly so high towards the moon.

One day my friend you'll catch your train,
where you will find your love the third,
and Caesar's nephew to you will gird,
"But for the rainbow, first comes the rain"
and on that day you'll be a free bird.

I'll set you free my bird of spring,
it shall be just you and me,
but for now, keep on dreaming with the wind.

-Light Jul 2

Love always ends in heartbreak,
be it a month, a year, a decade,
or a lifetime.
Love always ends in heartbreak,
one leaves, one cheats, one dies first,
but it will always end in heartbreak.
The point is how long we can prolong it.

-Light Jun 28

Let me be the first to say that I was wrong,
that I'm gonna miss you for so long,
because I know you're not ever coming back,
and yet all I can do is play the same sad track.
I would never beg for you to stay,
so I'll just miss you another day,
the clock keeps moving and I'm running out of time,
sitting here wondering if you were ever mine,
and I'm dying for you to know,
just how much I love you so.
I could measure our romance,
if you just gave me one more chance,
I'd count the pebbles on a courtyard,
or the streetlights on the boulevard,
and you'd know I love you at that amount,
with strength so much more than I can count.
I see you on the reflection of mirrors on the walls,
and on the shadows, galloping down the halls.
will you stay with me just a little longer?
at least until I can forget,
or until I feel a little stronger,
but not strong enough to regret.

-Light Jun 28

My painter friend looked at me and laughed,
"I can't draw, I've told you that," I said.
"What a sad life to not be able to place your emotions on a canvas,"
he grinned.
"I don't paint but I write," I replied, "Want to know the difference?"
Intrigued he awaited for my answer,
"Your art is for the eye, but mine's for the heart."

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