Let it flow through you,
as cold waters in an icy river.
Let the steam within you cool down,
though it may cause you a fever
let your spirit drown.

Lay still and blend in with your room,
let the darkness stain your rags.
Open the window for the moonlight,
let it be your soul companion,
be calm, don't fight it.

Drink from the springs of youth,
don't let the waters pass you by.
Let the emotion over take you,
no matter how much you cry,
it will be worth in the end.

Tear the paper and start over,
sharpen the pencil then snap it again.
Think of me or think of your lover,
the paper the ground, your tears the rain.
Let it flow through you, yes even the pain.

Don't rush it, take your time,
let it flow through you.
Don't worry if no words come out,
let the darkness encase you.
Cry if you will and spill on the page,
let the emotions over take you.

Let it flow through you.
Let it flow through you.
Let it flow through you.

Oh my sweet flower,
I confused you for a rose;
I see now you were just a weed:
I saw you spreading on my neighbors backard.
I think it's time I cut you out.

Oh how 'bout it?
Sitting in this bench till I fall dead,
waiting for the ravagers to feast.
No sir not me,
"I rather blow open my head".

Been walking around for too long,
"Exploring this town is such a drain".
Age is just a number and I'm done counting,
"Maybe its time I explore my brain".

"Look at the trees drying out outside",
it's winter and the leaves have fallen down,
death seems to overtake the city,
"tonight's the night I go to town".

The town looks rusty and old,
it hasn't had a good party in a while;
it's always empty and devoid of sound,
but the grass is green enough to walk that mile.

I'm all dressed up and loaded,
I sure feel sorry for the poor dumb digger,
the ground is hard this season.
Still, it's about fucking time I pulled the trigger.


I'll fly and spill my blood over the canvas,
and I'll paint once more over this blackness;
to me the saints shall fructify what I now lack,
all this will happen, when I get my powers back.

I shall laugh and cry and feel once more,
it will come when at last I find my core:
I feel it soon my talent will return,
move out get out once it's my turn.
Inspiration will strike me like a fire,
and once more against this world I will conspire.

I shall live a writer,
Or I shall die a fighter.

If by the time you wake,
I am no longer here,
darling please don't miss me,
don't even shed a tear.

You won't find me in other people,
don't bother searching for my face.
Sweetheart I hope you'll realize,
I'm in a better place.

I pray that you'll forgive me,
When you call and no one answers the phone.
I hope you won't forget me,
when you're living in someone else's home.

Darling I'm sorry I won't come back,
please know I fought the good fight,
but this time I lost the war.

What do you see when you look at me?
When within your eyes you reflect my soul.
What do you taste when you kiss me?
I taste the burning passions that are now cold.

What million thoughts go through your mind?
When the words I love you sprout from my lips.
What countless secrets did your heart bind?
When it was someone else holding your hips.

What won't you tell me when you hold back?
Why is silence better my dear?
What did he do that hurt you so bad?
Why do you cry or what do you fear?

What was so wrong when I kissed you last night?
You quickly moved back and covered your self,
What darkness within you extinguished your light?
You've been hurt darling that's easy to tell.

I don't expect you to share your past,
I promised to love you that much is true,
I'm not your first but I'll be your last,
know pretty girl I'll be here for you.

There's a slumber party in the cemetery going on,
yet here I am trapped in my bed all by my own.
There are dressed up corpses shaking in their caskets,
while I lay here like an apple in a basket.

The concerto of hell is playing tonight,
and in the rings of fire there's a fight.
The cadavers are all dancing till they rot,
I may as well place my head inside a knot.

To the six feet under ball is where I'm going,
tonight I let the rivers of blood start flowing.
This year's monster mash I cannot miss,
so good bye I wave you with a kiss.

You can come too and I'll get you a matching casket;
common now all you got to do is ask it!

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