He sits on the floor,
Behind the counter by the door.
It lays in bed all day,
Like a ragged coat thrown away.

He's dirty and unpolished,
Like a rule that's now abolished.
Its sole is out of rubber,
He can't find its pair and it can't find its lover.

One would think they're not the same,
Their only contrast is their name,
What's the difference? I do say,
They're both hollow anyway.
Poetry is beauty,
Poetry is the essence of expression
When simple words will not suffice.
Why do tears taste like saltwater?
When we're so far away from any shore.
Why do our eyes turn red?
When all we feel is blue.

Why does time never go back?
We make so many mistakes.
Why must it always be too late?
To say I'm sorry and to forget.

Why does time only slow down
When its "goodbye" and nothing else,
The only words that we can say.
Forgive. Hold on. The silence yells.

Why do tears taste like saltwater?
Might be the reason the ocean's blue.
Why can't we face the mirror wall?
Why do we do...the things we do?

Why must we become contenders?
What happened to the word "partners"?
I ask my reflection and I ask you.
Why do tears taste like saltwater?
Your heart's a vase,
And I'm the last drop of water.
I'm a ten foot rope,
And you a twenty foot tower.

I'm a candle that's melting,
Burning for you.
You're ice that's melting,
Slowly changing too.

Loving you is like loving a star,
Only at night I see you,
Only at night and from afar.
I can't reach you.

I say I love you.
You say "love me not!"
Why can't you see I'm burning for you?
"Cause it's too hot."
Yesternight I dreamed of us,
I was driving somewhere,
You were in the passenger seat looking out the window,
A song I cannot remember started playing,
I knew the song, so I started singing for you.
I thought maybe you'd like it.
You turned towards me and told me to be quiet.
I woke up wondering whether I sang good or not...
"It makes me wonder"
You whispered in my ear,
So many questions, so many answers.
Too many songs to hear.

So we let the guitar solo play,
Silent both at the red light.
Traveling without a destination ,
"Who cares? We have all night".

The lake looked dark and empty,
So you reached for a hand,
"Hold me tighter, I'm sinking down".
I lifted you, but I could barely stand.

"I never learned how to swim",
The land was too far, the waters too deep.
We'll find a way, so long as you stay,
"I'm scared". Hold me. Now sleep.

I won't fail you, reach over my shoulders,
"You must go, or we'll both drown"...
I tried, believe me, I couldn't swim.
I'm sorry, I let you down.

And as I head back down the road,
I can still hear your voice like a track,
Your whispers still echo in my ear,
"Don't go! Please! Please come back!

"Good bye, kid", so long my friend.
Must've been time for a new eve,
Guess this really is the end,
"I'm sorry still, but I must leave."

We only wanted to have fun,
But it was half past seven,
"I really must get home".
It was my fault, but now,
Now you're in heaven.
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