She danced around on the balcony floor, then balanced herself on the metal railing, tip toeing like a circus acrobat.

I was walking home down on the street and noticed her presence when her keys fell just beside me.

She ordered me to come in with her index finger, then blew a kiss my way, jumping carelessly on one foot.

I ran to the fourth floor tripping over steps, dropping my suit case on the second floor,  
I threw myself to unlock her door but noticed it slightly open.

She blew a kiss once more from the balcony, her small round lips now locked to the mouth of a small caliber gun. She winked with her green eyes blood red, salted with tears. For an eternity of a second nothing but silence, then a flash, then crimson red, then nothing.

I walked towards the tiny acrobat, hoping some sort of net had caught her in her fall. Past the railing, down on the street, she posed towards the stars, as if she were one of them,
finally returning home.

I feel nothing.

I don't feel happy.
I don't feel sad.
I don't feel angry.
I don't feel mad.
I don't feel...

I feel empty.

I'm not inspired,
I can't write,
I dont feel that fire
That once burned in my heart...

Even in rainy days the sun is still out there,

Therefore I have faith that one day you'll return,

-Light DeVille Nov 2017

When it's someone else kissing you,
and his lips just aren't enough.
When it's me thats missing you,
Will you remember me then?

When he makes love to you,
but he cant take your breath away.
When his home becomes your cage,
will you remember me then?

When silence is your only companion,
and the darkness in your room fills your soul.
When your heart calls my name,
will you remember me then?

When you finally think of me,
and of all the times that you hurt me.
Remember love the words I said,
beauty fades but love remains.

But by then, I won't love you.

-Light DeVille Nov 2017

I wish you'd feel the fear I have at night.
I wish you'd kiss my lips and make things right.
I wish you had the strength to hold on tight.
I wish my darkness had a ray of light.

If you could see the future through my eyes.
If you could see there's truth between my lies.
If you could see the things that my heart hides.
If you could take me in to paradise.

Maybe someday we both will have the time.
Maybe one day I'll find that perfect rhyme.
Maybe some day our spirits will entwine.
Maybe one day I'll finally call you mine.

-Light DeVille Nov 2017

Let it flow through you,
as cold waters in an icy river.
Let the steam within you cool down,
though it may cause you a fever
let your spirit drown.

Lay still and blend in with your room,
let the darkness stain your rags.
Open the window for the moonlight,
let it be your soul companion,
be calm, don't fight it.

Drink from the springs of youth,
don't let the waters pass you by.
Let the emotion over take you,
no matter how much you cry,
it will be worth in the end.

Tear the paper and start over,
sharpen the pencil then snap it again.
Think of me or think of your lover,
the paper the ground, your tears the rain.
Let it flow through you, yes even the pain.

Don't rush it, take your time,
let it flow through you.
Don't worry if no words come out,
let the darkness encase you.
Cry if you will and spill on the page,
let the emotions over take you.

Let it flow through you.
Let it flow through you.
Let it flow through you.

-Light DeVille Nov 2017

Oh my sweet flower,
I confused you for a rose;
I see now you were just a weed:
I saw you spreading on my neighbors backard.
I think it's time I cut you out.

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