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I keep waking up
And falling asleep,
Each day somewhere else.
The days keep passing by:
Hours like minutes,
Minutes like days.
I forget, or become
Mentally unconscious,
a machine on auto-mode,
Then at times I awake,
The trance, the coma,
It stops,
And then once more,
Me again...
Lost, stranded,
In a sea of people.
My world has become
A revolving door
Of people entering and exiting
My life.
Give me an empty corner in an empty room in an empty house at the dead end of the street:
And lock all the doors and all the windows then close the curtains and seal the doors shut:
Then cut the phone line, and the electricity and the gas bill can keep stacking up for all I care,
But leave the water so I can keep it running from the bath tub and the bathroom sink till it floods the kitchen and the basement becomes an indoor pool.
Leave me with music like Waits or Dylan blasting at two in the morning, while the neighbors argue with each other,
But I can no longer hear them,
Any of them,
To hell with everybody.
Entre la locura y la razón,
Esta el escondite de mi corazón,
Y las palabras que te quise decir
Más por cobarde me conforme con escribir.
Me perdí en tu mirada una noche de martes,
Con la esperanza de que pudiéramos ser amantes.
Tal vez de ti me enamoré muy deprisa,
Pero deje de pensar cuando mire tu sonrisa.
Camine hacia tu como persiguiendo el viento,
Buscando la manera de decirte lo que siento,
Pero tuve miedo no te miento,
Y ahora sólo me arrepiento,
Ahora, que te veo con el.
In my endless search to replace you,
I've traveled the world in 80 days,
And still I cannot find your substitute.
I've looked for you in my reflection through so many eyes believing the lies and promises I once promised you.
I've searched for your love in the many carnal fantasies of women that in the darkness looked like you.
I've wandered like an explorer through so many islands called mattresses, but no matter my expeditions, I could never make port in an island quite like yours.
I've tasted and drank from the poisonous fruits of love many evergreens have offered me,
But nothing tastes quite like you, the dew of your love and your thighs is not the same in any branch I've reached for.
I've heard the song of the many sleepy voices of seraphs in the morning,
But an "I love you" doesn't sound quite as good when it's not coming out of your lips.
I've tried endlessly to satisfy the void left behind by your indifference,
But I've come to the conclusion that it would take a thousand broken hearts and their pieces shattered into smithereens to try to fix the ticking bomb that now beats in my chest.
-DeVille's Poems Sep 2018
In those lonesome moments,
When the distance closes in on you,
Look up at the night,
And notice we share one sky.

No matter how far we are,
The moon shining brightly upon you,
Is the same moon that reflects on me,
It connects my love to you.

Close your eyes as if waiting for my lips,
And feel the wind kissing your cheeks,
Reddening them the color of cherries,
Know that it's me blowing kisses your way.

When the morning breaks,
and you're still awake,
Forget time exists,
Simply think of me,
I'll be there with you.
-DeVille's Poems Sep 2018
This lethargy is far greater than any I ever had,
Far lengthier,
I feel like a part of me has left.

Might be punishment from a sentient being in the cosmos.

Why does it feel so numb?
How long have I been sleeping?
May be there's nothing more left to say.

I could compare the skies to lets say,
An expansion of thoughts,
Or an endless supply of "what if's"?

Does that make sense?
Not really, not to me.

I could write about love?
No, not that, that's already been done.

Maybe sadness?
But who really feels like weeping?

That's enough question marks for a poem, no?

Maybe some excitement!

Ah that's enough of that!
I'm starting to look crazy now!

Maybe switch the point of view?
Why am I still talking to myself?
Are YOU still reading?

Again with the questions?!


I got to add some emotion,
And a good cliffhanger...

Let's make it rhyme:
"Love" rhymes with "dove",
"Send" rhymes with "mend? Lend? Bend?"
What else rhymes with "send"?
Oh I know! THE END!
-DeVille's Poems Sep 2018
Te amo,
Te amo implacablemente,
Te amo con una fuerza tan fuerte como las mareas oceánicas.
Te amo en muchos lugares,
Te amo en público y en secreto,
En los secretos, que mi corazón esconde.

Te amo sin decir,
Te amo cuando te miro,
Y cuando me miras,
Te amo más.

Te amo cuando te cuento todo,
Y te amo cuando no digo nada en absoluto.

Te amo con las rosas que mueren en unas semanas,
Justo como ellas se marchitan y mueren,
Te amaré hasta que me convierta en tu rosa.

Te amo sin pruebas,
Siendo yo el único testigo,
Testificaré que es cierto,
Y si el veredicto es amarte hasta la muerte,
Hasta entonces, te amaré.

Te he amado,
Te amo,
Y yo te amaré.
Te amo ahora, mañana y ayer.
Cada día más que antes.
Te amo, incluso ahora,
Y entonces,
Y una vez que este verso termine
Todavía te estaré amando,
porque eso es lo que hago
Lo qué haré,
Hasta que amarte
se convierta en lo único que quede por hacer.
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