Lonely old man,
what do you see?
From your old chair,
when you look at me.

Lonely old man,
you live all alone.
What have you lost?
What do you own?

Lonely old man,
what has time borrowed?
What has he taken?
What do you sorrow?

Lonely old man,
life went by so fast;
leaving you stranded,
holding on the past.

Lonely old man,
what do you regret?
Tell me so quickly,
before you forget.

Lonely old man,
you passed away
on a winter morning,
on a lonely day.

Lonely old man,
what will I see?
When I sit on that chair,
and they all look at me.

I saw a rocking chair today,
nobody sat on it,
but the wind blew hard enough
to make it move.

I imagined you sitting there,
with your Jack Daniels bottle;
crying for an old lover,
and between us,
sometimes I missed her too.

I saw her early one morning,
she seems happy, she doesn't need us.
Her indifference became my gain,
I've moved on, I hope you did too.

Something else while I'm at it,
you were a great ally,
a father and a son.
Who would've known we'd become friends,
you were fire and I was water,
but I guess we both burned out.

Remember that crazy night,
we fought for an eternity,
like bear and tiger, with claws and teeth.
We were both so filled with pride,
trying to prove we both were right,
seems though we both lost the fight.

Though both so different,
we both were so alike,
maybe that's why neither would surrender,
but maybe if we both had,
we'd still be eating at that same old table,
probably fighting for that last slice of pizza.

"Enjoy every sandwich". Remember that?
I took a bite and poured you one,
maybe one day you'll come back,
then we can finish that last bottle.

I played the man in black,
and he spoke for both of us.
"What have we become,
my sweetest friend.
Everyone I know,
goes away in the end."

So here's to you,
my bestest friend.
I hope you still need me,
I surely still need you.
Take care old pal.

Your name is that of a flower,
but one I cannot mention.
Your surname is that of a mountain,
but one I cannot climb.

You smiled at me with those baby teeth of yours,
almost as if laughing at an old joke only we knew;
and your eyes, by god your eyes,
I could still see us many years ago.

We held hands under a blanket once,
remember that?
We've grown so much my precious flower,
but deep within we're still the same two children,
the ones that ran out and hid from your father.

I still see the obscurity of that armoire,
when we first kissed.
I still sing that Elton John song,
it reminds me of you,
did you know he wrote it?
It was probably about us.

The shadow fell,
and the cloud formed.
Cast me to hell,
and leave me thorned.

The masquerade,
and games of fate,
they all do fade,
and turn to hate.

The smoke cleared out,
and freed my lungs.
Left me with doubt,
with all my wrongs.

Please set me free,
and bring me back,
or let me beat,
my dying heart.

I saw your eyes,
entrapped in time,
they promised lies,
when they met mine.

She says forgive,
I say forget.
They come and leave,
and I regret.

She cries and asks,
what shall I do?
Just wear the mask.
"I'll miss you too."

You're not to blame.
It was too fast.
Our hopes were lame.
They could not last.

Your love is real,
but not for me.
Time all things heals,
so let it be.

Don't think me poor.
Don't ask for more.
Just lock the door,
on your way out.

And quiet still,
the violin,
the player's ill,
hurt from within.
"check mate".

If I got lost in your eyes,
would you help me find my way back?
If my hands held yours too,
could we dance a song or two.
Could you? Would you?

Tell me can you feel it?
The beating of my heart,
Tell me can you hear it?
The tempo of our feet.
Hear it. Feel it.

The lights shine brightly,
your lips seem to glow,
hold me darling a bit tighter,
let the dance floor grow.
Brighter. Tighter.

If I kissed you, would you forgive me?
And if you liked it, could I have one back.
If the camera's on us, let us be actors,
forbidden lovers for play pretend,
just hold me closer,
don't let this end.

So take this night and hold my hand,
freeze the whole world,
capture the moment,
for when it's gone and I awaken,
I know I'll miss you,
I hope you will too...

To the hero that fell with a sword in his hand,
and at the doors of Valhalla he made his stand.
To the tigress mother who for her cubs she fell,
and at the pearly gates she rang the bell.
To the unsung heroes who stood their ground,
a toast to them and another round.

This ones to you oh bravest knight,
who met his ending with a heart of might,
though they don't know you or sing your fame,
I know you well I speak your name,
may the gods grant you all your heart desires,
and may your noble deeds never expire.

Though you fought great you fell with honor,
and to the afterlife you went as donor.
Know well your actions were not in vain,
and on the map of history you've left your stain.
Rest for now you courageous defender,
for while the fight lives on we shall never surrender.

Spc. Dennis K. Samson
KIA 24 July 2006
"Rest easy soldier, well take it from here."

She said to me "Do you want to play races, or hide and seek?"
"Whichever one you want hun", I replied with a smile.
"Heck, let's play both". And she hugged me for a while, "you run and hide first".
So I did, and time passed, and we weren't kids no more, and as most stories end, she moved away, and never said good bye.
So even till this day, I'm still playing her game.
I've been running for so long, that I ran into myself.
I've been hiding long enough, hoping I would find myself.

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