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Liam Jan 18
Thank you Mom, thank you pop
You raised me to be strong, you taught me to be kind
Thank you Aunty, thank you Uncle
You encouraged a young boy’s inquisitive mind
And thank you no one, for from you I learned the rest
For when it’s only you, you’re put to a grueling test
Left alone I realized that God was not for me
But that I longed for a people, my own community.
In a space so dominated by what you all thought,
I wasn’t supposed to be.
A small boy full of fun and creativity
A young man full of angst and anxiety
A creature who just longs to be free
So thank you school, you told me I could be anything
It’s a shame you lied to me
I achieved by myself, a personality
Incomplete but full of joy that was slowly robbed from me
An adult with only ideas of what he should even be
No concrete facts just examples and advice
“Get a solid job, then everything will work out”
Well isn’t that nice…
So to cope I found a vice
A bottle then a pipe
I rolled the dice
And still, I could use some advice
So thank no one
For the nothing that I’ve figured out in life

— The End —