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Alexa Malyn Aug 31
And I sure hope she does
He then takes his pocket knife
And carves his initials into my heart
To remind you it's mine
He says to me
This would be fine of course
If he wasn't already holding one
Beggars can't be choosers
But you are choosing
And I am begging
She is waiting
Alexa Malyn Aug 31
Is your will to live stronger than your dance with death?
if it is, which will you choose?
Alexa Malyn Aug 31
Your words say you love me
You have even learned to trick your eyes
Maybe even yourself
But when you see him
You remember where your heart is
You are filled with warmth and love
Leaving me
Watching you
Be in love
  Aug 31 Alexa Malyn
In the beginning
I didn't know of his existence
In the end,
He was the end of my existence.
Alexa Malyn Aug 31
Swimming in the ultimate void
With many other souls
Walking blindly on the path of life
Looking at trees till they leave my peripheral
Life is pointless even with a positive outlook
We are more intelligent animals
With the tendency to make false rules and expectations
Nothing more nothing less
Floating through space in a sea of consciousness
Never the option to leave
Hopelessly in love, hopelessly in fear
No change or flux
To each their own.
Alexa Malyn Aug 31
I accidentally spent all my time thinking about you.
I convinced myself you were all things good. When you were all things evil in disguise.
I thought I saw a goddess
But I had saw a demon
Thought my heart was finally safe
But it was in the hands of the enemy
Thank you universe!
She screams
Thank you for this life you have given me.
She fronts
I'm alone and depressed
She posts
I Love You
She says
I Love Him
She thinks
I have been tricked.
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