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You was once somebody I’ve loved
You sat in the clear view of my world and I’ve watched you from close view move further into the distance
You went far beyond my reach that I seen what appeared to be a dark spot
In the end I couldn’t chase you even if I wasn’t that far away
You was once somebody I’ve loved
It seemed like we breathed each other’s air in the only thing is you’ve taken all of mine away
In the end I’m at lost

By: Relaire
I don’t wanna do this anymore
I quit
A flame settled
And my soul rested
My passion became the depths of that settlement
I don’t seek helping hands
I seek the end of this meaning
I don’t wanna find out the end but create my end by the forces of my willpower
My willpower pushes me to jump
Jump with a splash of faith that I’ll wake up from this nightmare
God take me away
Faithful end take me by the soul and leave this shell behind to decay into soil
I can’t do this
I don’t wanna keep pushing and world take my seeds of living into consideration
Allow them to forget the past
I don’t wanna do this anymore

By: leory Santana dawn
I’ll become a stain in your sheets
Let myself go to be without you
A fragment without choice
Dye your dreams vividly

By: Ilah Relaire
Other in me
Maybe I'm use to you
Desiring all your love
Touching me with your weight
Brushing your hands against me
Your hair falling free upon my chest
Your fragrance heightening my senses
Your breath touching upon my skin

Maybe I'm just as faulty as your love
A single touch can tell lies
A single kiss can mean so much
And you're like weeds ready to root
I'm use to you... Maybe

Maybe your thorns have spread
Maybe I like the pluck
Each thorn goes a little deeper
Each bruise over-layered

Maybe you're not as bad
I'm use to you

By: Ilah Relaire
My other side
If it sounded too good to be true
I've never chose you
I just came here
Life just threw you

I've never looked so hard
I just let it go
Let the time escape
Watch you pass by

If it wasn't so good
I would let it go
I would let you drift
I would let this fall

If the time was wrong
Then I’ll watch you
Watch you walk away
No feelings no attachment

When the timing was right
Did it matter?
Did it matter that I loved you
Was in love with you?

When the timing was wrong
Did it matter?
Did it matter that I still wanted you?

If it sounded too good
I never looked for you
Life just drew you here
Life just went too far

if it wasn't for love
Then I'd let it go
Let you go from here
Watch the tides
Fall Apart

By: Ilah Relaire
Other side of me
You find a story to read it out
And I imagine you to write.
You are a photographer
And I'm a dream painter.
If you want more rain
Then I will bring it again,
You are who I'm dreaming
But I couldn't be your darling!

You like my poetry, but not me
Because they're all about you
I love you as like tide to the sea
But you don't care about me.
I always think of you
Even I'm dreaming of you
But you keep blaming me,
I'm not perfect, but trying to be!

Maybe I couldn't be your good friend
So you treat me like you should
I'm alone, but being very good!
It's just I need to halt your trend.
Here I'm enjoying my loneliness
'Cause you love someone else
I'm in a cage, but you're free indeed
Wherever you go just remember me, friend!
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