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 Apr 2020 Thomas Burge
I'm so happy now
I have snapped out of my Depresion
My anxiety has waved goodbye
Life is beauful
People are accepting
I only cry like once a day

I lied.
I lied
 Feb 2020 Thomas Burge
I used to be this person
Who thought she would make
The one person she loved the most happy

But now i can't even
Make myself happy
 Jan 2020 Thomas Burge
How much I have cried in the night
Nobody knows
I have cried in the loneliness
Forigve me
What kind of crime is this
Why should anyone share my pain
Or the thorns in my heart
When all this was written in my fate
Sad hurt
A lot
 Jan 2020 Thomas Burge
A happy day in an expectation world would be a day with no tears
A day where I could embrace my mama
And tell her I love her
And I am sorry for not protecting her
Stay in her comfort arms sleep in it
A happy happy day for me in reality
Would be if I died
And nobody cried
 Jan 2020 Thomas Burge
 Jan 2020 Thomas Burge
I'm tired
I am tired
Tried of everyone
And everything
 Jan 2020 Thomas Burge
Why is my living so hard
And so is my dying
The coward inside me
Doesnt let me do either
Too scared to be selfish
To end my life
In the fear  All who pray for my existence
Yet I pray i die.
And I don't even beleive in God
Thank you to everyone but in particular the people listed above
 Jan 2020 Thomas Burge
The person that saw my worth
Liked me for me.
Passed away without me
Telling him
I saw him the way he saw me
My best friend sadly passed away. And he had a crush on me I  was there for him throughout his worst days. He had Depresion. He died from an astmah atack
 Jan 2020 Thomas Burge
I done it again
Induced my pain
Onto me.
I hate me
I wish I could see
The day it all ends
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