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Thomas Burge Dec 2019
I guess friendship means nothing to you anymore
You new that I'd be angry but na my feelings you'll ignore
I saw you as a brother, so much more than a friend
By each others side until the very end
You snaked me and it hurts, things will never be the same
The worst part is, you don't feel any shame
I never thought you'd ever do this to me
Some friend you turned out to be
Thomas Burge Nov 2019
I'm sad all the time and I don't know why
Sometimes I just wish I could just die
Ended, gone, not here anymore
I won't spear you with the details I know its a bore
Thomas Burge Nov 2019
11th of November we stand in silence
And just for a minute we forget all the violence
We pay respect to those who fought
And carry the lessons that they taught
This poppy hold strong, pinned to my chest
Thank you to the soldiers you may all rest
Thomas Burge Nov 2019
Keep your head up and hold it way up high
Just let the negative things in life pass you by
Its an imperfect world so be your best
Never give up when the world puts you to the test
When life puts you down get back up because you're strong
Get up right now and prove them all wrong
Thomas Burge Nov 2019
Slowly drifting away from reality, guess I've died
My words are now forgotten whispers, whispers that hide
Though life is an echo of my past that I cannot return to
I pray my words gain new meaning for inspiring you
Thomas Burge Oct 2019
You're Gods art, I describe you through poetry
A picture so perfect everyone should see
Thomas Burge Oct 2019
My feeling grow each day
So many things I wish I could say
Your beauty's incomparable, you're second to none
Stuck in my mind, I can never get anything done
A voice so angelic its all I want to hear
I can be myself around you, I have nothing to fear
I love your laugh, so innocent and sweet
Seeing you happy makes my heart skip a beat
Your eyes are so beautiful and your smile is pure
I've never felt like this for that I'm sure
You have a mysterious aura that draws me to you
I've fallen, fallen deep and I don't know what to do
I would write forever about these feelings I can never show
This is to my love, my love will never know
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