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Apr 11 · 134
over-thinking —> kills
Lee Aaun Apr 11
overthinking is like
killing yourself
with your own hands
this way you don't need
to hire a killer for yourself to die
you don't need to
Apr 3 · 176
it ain't betrayal
Lee Aaun Apr 3
those whom you love
if their eyes seek somebody else's sweetness
then don't feel sour
because it ain't a betrayal
it's their choice
to see someone by their side
when they open eyes in the morning;
somebody whom they love
isn't you wish the same with them?
but always remember
only one of you
will get a chance to be with someone
since your love is one-sided;
they don't know about it
will you sacrifice it
to see them happy with someone else?
hard choices to make
Apr 2 · 209
once upon a time
Lee Aaun Apr 2
if history  r e p e a t
itself then why they say
it happens only
once upon a time?
Lee Aaun Mar 30
curiosity alone
can cause problems,
but when it mingles
with resilience
you create a different story
your story, you create it
Mar 27 · 264
keep the door open
Lee Aaun Mar 27
you just need to
keep the door open
love will arrive
when the time will allow it to
let your heart open
Mar 26 · 240
shall i name it love
Lee Aaun Mar 26
a song created by them
that makes you addicted,
shall i name it love?
if love has a name
Lee Aaun Mar 24
just to become someone
who never get hurts;
i try to become an  i m m o r t a l
who lives long,
without feeling sad
to say goodbye to those
who was once standing by his side
my wish to be happy
Mar 21 · 99
tears don't care
Lee Aaun Mar 21
i wonder if tears
really dry out,
or we don't care anymore
we don't feel it
Mar 20 · 1.1k
Lee Aaun Mar 20
not every
Q u e en
asks for a King,
but Kings sure do ask for
q u e e n s!
queen got it all
Mar 19 · 88
Lee Aaun Mar 19
don't label what i do as wrong,
because what you do
is what i can't
r i g h t
who knows
Mar 18 · 745
moon and sky
Lee Aaun Mar 18
m o o n
can make you gracefully
in love with it's phases;
if you can look
up to the
s k y
look up
Mar 17 · 221
am i a memory to you?
Lee Aaun Mar 17
if everything is just a memory,
tell me if i am
worthy of
that time
where you think of me
or in the end,
even when your heart
thinks of me, is really just a memory
who am i to you?
Mar 15 · 78
make a difference
Lee Aaun Mar 15
looking up at the sky,
wishing to be a part of is
what we all dream of—
then come those
who stitch up their feathers to fly;
to prove that you can own that sky
with your efforts
rather than chillin'
if we really desired for the sky,
we had been one of those
but sadly, we can't make a difference
though it's not late
the difference you'll make, matters
Mar 15 · 88
your continuing
Lee Aaun Mar 15
it is important to continue,
but more crucial is to know
what to continue for
follow the continuity
Mar 14 · 473
Lee Aaun Mar 14
your rainbow deserves a better sky
you deserve more
Lee Aaun Mar 14
it will be a sin
if you will use someone's love for you
to forget someone's pain
left in you
don't take someone for granted
Mar 12 · 112
how your love starts?
Lee Aaun Mar 12
love always start with yourself
or maybe ends
with others
do you start your love with you or end it on you?
Mar 11 · 376
pick your own tears
Lee Aaun Mar 11
i won't forget,
when i cried you just looked at me
and what a silly heart of mine is—
it kept thinking,
you will pick those tears for me
and say 'i am here for you'
but you were just standing in front of me
like a stranger
pick your own tears
Mar 10 · 376
peace in pieces
Lee Aaun Mar 10
when you will seek peace
and you will find it in your pieces,
it's the real peace
peace is in your pieces
Lee Aaun Mar 9
erasing my existence,
to make a mark of your existence
isn't a permanent solution.
because those who are meant
to stay forever they won't
try to end up someone's life over this.
they know their value,
that's why they will wait
when you will create a hurdle for yourself
which you supposed it is for them.
they will think, you are gone forever.
but that forever is theirs end.
as when their breath will end,
karma will rise me up from the ashes
where i have been sleeping—
to live my life for eternity.
from the start, it was their lose.
so fool to understand the schemes of life.
fool will become a fool, of he will fool you
Lee Aaun Mar 8
finally, she has learned how to
love herself, till the sun shines
and moon comes back—
to lighten the night
the storms calm down,
waves become ceased
and the ocean is tranquil
in all chapters of her life
she has mastered the techniques
of surviving in hell
everyday can be special, if you can treat her right
Mar 7 · 242
you can't hear' em
Lee Aaun Mar 7
they will say so many things
but not the ones,
your heart desires to listen
Mar 6 · 240
why they don't stay?
Lee Aaun Mar 6
they say, they will stay with us
then why when our tears
fall down,
they don't even look back at us?
their lie is all they say
Lee Aaun Mar 5
i am never gonna cry in the rain,
as i can show the world
who has hurt me and let me bleed pain
just the way you never cared
either if someone will watch you
tormenting my blood, flesh and bones
i will not stop telling my saga to those
who need courage to get out of that love
which is just a fake illusion
as souls like me deserve love whose
stars shine on the sky
you deserve more
Lee Aaun Mar 2
if you can't accept my rejection,
its not my issue
as i can't love you anymore,
because i have realized my worth
just like you did back then—
when my heart was crumbled down
under your feet
i am not doing it to take revenge
it's karma, who is back
to give you, what you gave others
you get, what you give to others
Mar 1 · 109
journey of a memory
Lee Aaun Mar 1
make memories,
to keep memories
and then become a memory
face the phases of memories
Feb 28 · 394
if you love me!
Lee Aaun Feb 28
if you think, i love you
and i should take a step towards you
but what if you also love me—
why don't you close that distance then.
do what you expect from others first!.
Feb 28 · 927
what's self love?
Lee Aaun Feb 28
if my wishing for myself makes you insecure,
then baby you need to fall in love
with yourself rather than chasing
someone else's 'the one'
choosing yourself should be a trend!
Lee Aaun Feb 28
i have never tried drugs,
some pills that could make me intoxicated
as i was already high on happiness.
but then i realized,
self love which was the spark
behind my positivity is vanishing.
i was horrified.
it has become a drug to myself
that i couldn't imagine my soul working without it.
my passion needed more doses
of self love, and i couldn't make it anymore.
at that time, i wished—
if self love can be found in forms
of pills and drugs,
then i already would have been intoxicating.
but i never got it.
i thank myself at that time
for stoping myself as sometimes
self love isn't important as long as
you are breathing.
other than your blood, flesh and bones
anything can make you go insane.
so it's better to stay on earth
and stop doing our drugs of different obsessions.
Feb 26 · 170
Why you killed my dreams
Lee Aaun Feb 26
i was a soul whose life was all about
my own blood, flesh and bones.
i never indulge into your flight,
but you envied my sky
which was offer to me, to fly.
it was you, who compared
yourself to me.
then why you are blaming me
for your choices.
i was fine with my imperfections;
my demons and angels.
just because you couldn't
tackle your negativity,
you had no right to raise your finger
at me, as i never caused your problems.
when all i did was pass by
from your life.
i was a stranger to you.
yet you stabbed me with your
poisonous words.
shot me with your negativity.
cut my wings, by accusing me.
if you couldn't achieved your dreams,
why you killed my dreams?.
was i an easy prey—
or your failure hurt your ego!.
Apr 2020 · 814
Lee Aaun Apr 2020
If you still are an option for someone to choose than darling,
it's better to change your route
as those who love you dearly,
they don't take you as a choice.
Apr 2020 · 378
Lee Aaun Apr 2020
You were given to me,
by twists of life
wrapped into a box,
like a gift.
you were exclusively made
just for me.
how could i not appreciate
your existence for me?.
my love.
Apr 2020 · 512
Lee Aaun Apr 2020
Friend: “ How are you spending your time in quarantine?.”

Me: “ Wake up, eat, watch netflix, more netflix series, eat, again some netflix series and then finally have a good night sleep.
Repeat every day”
And that's how we spend our time these days
Apr 2020 · 252
Lee Aaun Apr 2020
I know,
how to bleed on paper
so nicely that
bleeding lead towards healing.
Apr 2020 · 283
Lee Aaun Apr 2020
Someone's happiness can never be yours.
So, learn to be happy
With what you have
Been blessed with.
Oct 2019 · 291
Tell Yourself
Lee Aaun Oct 2019
It's okay if you can't tell yourself.
“ I hope you are ok? ”
It is okay to not be okay.
Because sometimes you need
those times,
When you are sick and vulnerable.
You have to see who stands with you
when you are not yourself anymore.
Those are times,
when you need someone else
to make sure that they make you
ask yourself
“ It's okay if you are not okay
Cause I will still love you.
So take your time and heal.
Then come back.
I will be waiting.”
Sep 2019 · 178
Lee Aaun Sep 2019
Time doesn't heal.
It reminds you,
where it hurts
the most.
Again and again.
Sep 2019 · 652
Lee Aaun Sep 2019
There's difference in

in love.
Aug 2019 · 713
Lee Aaun Aug 2019
Take time to make
your soul
happy in love.
Jun 2019 · 363
Aura To Drunk On
Lee Aaun Jun 2019
“ Don't get intoxicated by others poison.
You got your own aura to get drunk on.”

© Lee Aaun
Jun 2019 · 248
New Me
Lee Aaun Jun 2019
I forgive myself
to see the
new me.
Apr 2019 · 733
About You
Lee Aaun Apr 2019
Wait for the
Who is sure
about you.
Mar 2019 · 316
Your Memories
Lee Aaun Mar 2019
I wish.
I could drag out
your memories
from my mind
like you did.
Mar 2019 · 674
Words Heal
Mar 2019 · 313
You And I
Lee Aaun Mar 2019
Fly me to a place
You and I
can be
Mar 2019 · 106
I Am An Artist
Lee Aaun Mar 2019
Hurting and healing
at the same
is an art.
And I am an
#heal #hurt #art #artist #I #time
Mar 2019 · 253
Silence Behind The Noises
Lee Aaun Mar 2019
They only knew
my noises.
You know
Lee Aaun Feb 2019
There are feelings,
I haven't
discovered yet.
My soul needs time
to come across
Feb 2019 · 934
My Heart Whispers
Lee Aaun Feb 2019
My heart whispers
in a tune,
which only
you can
Feb 2019 · 787
Her Love Can Heal
Lee Aaun Feb 2019
Her love can heal
all those places
in my heart,
that hurts.
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