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Oct 2019 · 130
Tell Yourself
Lee Aaun Oct 2019
It's okay if you can't tell yourself.
“ I hope you are ok? ”
It is okay to not be okay.
Because sometimes you need
those times,
When you are sick and vulnerable.
You have to see who stands with you
when you are not yourself anymore.
Those are times,
when you need someone else
to make sure that they make you
ask yourself
“ It's okay if you are not okay
Cause I will still love you.
So take your time and heal.
Then come back.
I will be waiting.”
Sep 2019 · 83
Lee Aaun Sep 2019
Time doesn't heal.
It reminds you,
where it hurts
the most.
Again and again.
Sep 2019 · 574
Lee Aaun Sep 2019
There's difference in

in love.
Aug 2019 · 637
Lee Aaun Aug 2019
Take time to make
your soul
happy in love.
Jun 2019 · 210
Aura To Drunk On
Lee Aaun Jun 2019
“ Don't get intoxicated by others poison.
You got your own aura to get drunk on.”

© Lee Aaun
Jun 2019 · 172
New Me
Lee Aaun Jun 2019
I forgive myself
to see the
new me.
Apr 2019 · 656
About You
Lee Aaun Apr 2019
Wait for the
Who is sure
about you.
Mar 2019 · 241
Your Memories
Lee Aaun Mar 2019
I wish.
I could drag out
your memories
from my mind
like you did.
Mar 2019 · 607
Words Heal
Mar 2019 · 252
You And I
Lee Aaun Mar 2019
Fly me to a place
You and I
can be
Mar 2019 · 63
I Am An Artist
Lee Aaun Mar 2019
Hurting and healing
at the same
is an art.
And I am an
#heal #hurt #art #artist #I #time
Mar 2019 · 194
Silence Behind The Noises
Lee Aaun Mar 2019
They only knew
my noises.
You know
Lee Aaun Feb 2019
There are feelings,
I haven't
discovered yet.
My soul needs time
to come across
Feb 2019 · 872
My Heart Whispers
Lee Aaun Feb 2019
My heart whispers
in a tune,
which only
you can
Feb 2019 · 725
Her Love Can Heal
Lee Aaun Feb 2019
Her love can heal
all those places
in my heart,
that hurts.
Feb 2019 · 167
Tangled In Your Love
Lee Aaun Feb 2019
I am tangled
in your
head to toe.
Feb 2019 · 181
Born As A Daughter
Lee Aaun Feb 2019
It's not your fault
That you are born as a daughter.
Whether the whole world shouts
that being a daughter is curse.
Don't mind them.
They restrain conservative thoughts.
It's not their piece of cake
to understand what a blessing it is,
to hold a little fairy in their arms.
Don't worry that their is no one
to whom you should narrate your story.
Remember little fairy,
You have ALLAH
who belongs to you.
Tell your stories; he will listen.
Have faith in him,
he will make your life easier.
If it's not getting easy but difficult
then remember
he is the one who created you.
He knows best than anyone.
Who are you to question
that it's your fault,
that you are born as a daughter?.
He is the one who has written your fate,
whose known as Al-Rahman and Al-Rahim.
He is the sculpture of word " Justice ",
So how he can do injustice with you?
as giving you a body of women?..
Being born as a daughter is not your fault,
but considering yourself weak
in a feminine body
is your fault, little fairy.
Don't you remember;
when ALLAH is happy
he bestowed the couple
a token of strength
in the form of you; a little fairy.
You belong to that linkage
who was born strong,
who live strong.
So, how can be your birth
as a daughter can be fault?.
Don't suppress your strength
under the conservative talks of other.
Dogs just bark, that's their duty.
So, let them bark.
Release your soul from the chains of society.
Ask guidance from your Lord,
as he is waiting to answer your call.
A feminine body is the strength
that your body holds.
So, everyday go on a journey
to see the secrets hidden in your soul.
The warmness of tears that you will shed
when you endure the pain,
believe me little fairy it's worth it.
So, don't say it's your fault
that you are born as a daughter.
Cause their's no precious gift
which is given to you by your lord
as being a women.
Women's are the symbol of " Patience".
So, little fairy wait, have faith
and endure.
It's not a curse but a blessing,
keep it in your mind
little lost soul.
Feb 2019 · 267
She's A Pure Soul.
Lee Aaun Feb 2019
She's a pure soul,
made to love
whom ever her heart's want.
Who are you to judge?.
Who are you to decide
if she can love or not?.
She belongs all to hearself.
Her decisions also
belong to her.
So, don't bother
by saying conservative things
So she can stop
loving whomever her heart's want.
She's a pure soul,
made to love.
She will feed her soul
with your useless talks
and ignite her heart
with your conservative thoughts.
She will roam
in the whole wild world
and learn the tricks
of loving herself
more and more.
So don't judge her.
Don't decide for her.
Cause she's the boss
of her own life.
She can judge herself.
She can decide
for her pure soul
whether to love or not.
Feb 2019 · 217
She Needs To Recharge
Lee Aaun Feb 2019
It's okay.
Sometimes brave girls
also need to recharge.
To heal again,
To smile again,
To hide tears,
To feel better.
It's okay
to recharge yourself.
Feb 2019 · 140
I Can Survive
Lee Aaun Feb 2019
The moment that you left.
My heart was torn apart.
It bleed with pain.
My heart was filled with
Dying to shape the presence
of you along with me
once again.
But you were no where to found.
Your soul already cut off
all the ties with my soul.
And the bond of our love
was already terminated.
My heart was always busy,
taking a walk down
the memory lake
of you and me.
They said, " Your memories are with me,
So I can survive."
But how should I tell them,
There's a huge difference lies in
Remembering you and
Missing you.
Your memories are a heartache
that I hold in my heart.
I try to hold on to them tightly.
But they keeping fading
from my heart.
The presence of you
is fading, leaving me alone.
So I decided that
In my memories,
I will keep you alive.
Feb 2019 · 436
Piece Of Our Love
Lee Aaun Feb 2019
It is not a
common story.
It is a
of our
Jan 2019 · 340
More Sins
Lee Aaun Jan 2019
At least,
I admit that
I am doing
more and more
by loving
Jan 2019 · 143
My Poems
Lee Aaun Jan 2019
To heal my
bruised self,
are the
Jan 2019 · 498
Empty Me
Lee Aaun Jan 2019
He filled the
empty me
with his
" LOVE "
Jan 2019 · 250
His Words
Lee Aaun Jan 2019
His words
work like
on her.
Jan 2019 · 706
Birthday Girl
Lee Aaun Jan 2019
Once upon a time
I came into this world
Where I've made bad decisions
and wrong choices.
Where I don't like everything.
Where everything's different
than my expectations.
Where my strength seemingly
lost beneath the shadows of my soul.
Where I had trusted the
wrong people once again.
Where everything I do,
I am at loss.
I find myself standing no where.
I cannot achieve my dreams
So, I have to dare myself.
Dare myself to dream.
To fly high and high
in the starry sky.
I have to stand again
to make a change in my life.
I have to let the colors of
my heart take command
that " Yes, this time I will. "
I have to paint myself in a picture,
where I am nourishing my soul.
Where I am reaching my dreams.
Opening up my heart
and letting go all
the sorrows and grief
from the past one year I have endured.
Closing my eyes
and searching for self love
which can make my soul glow.
Telling myself once again
that everything starts with me.
One warm hug can make me
full of life and energy
to appreciate myself more
for all those mistakes
I have made.
I found myself reflecting
on the memories of the past.
And I wish I could hold my broken self
in my shattered hands.
Strengthen myself and
wash away my all fears,
Give the world around me
peace and happiness.
So, my innerself can once again know
that I still have time for
the breaths I have yet to take.
For all those unwrapped memories,
I still have to unfold.
For those passions, secrets and dreams
I have yet to discover.
I have strength in me for all
the new adventures of my life.
I know, destiny is strange with
its twists and turns.
I've learned that I still have to
learn a lot.
Again, I am going to live this day
like the first time.
I make promise to myself
that I will make the most
of the moments again and again.
Maybe I will mistakes again
for the first time.
But I will smile,
I will feel hurt and cry old tears.
I will try for myself again.
I will pray to ALLAH for
guiding me on they right way.
After the completion of every year
On a special day of my birthday.
I will write something again to
encourage myself for the next year.
I will write some words to
heal my injured soul
with the bruises of last year.
I will console my soul.
The birthday girl
on her birthday will
appreciate her soul
and gather courage
to complete one year more
with the words " In Sha Allah"
on her lips.
The best gift I always give myself on my birthday is a poem written to me by myself.
Jan 2019 · 533
Lee Aaun Jan 2019
I wonder
are extraordinary
stories for
ordinary people.
Jan 2019 · 309
His Love
Lee Aaun Jan 2019
It will be magic.
If he can
wash away
my scars
on my body
with his love.
Jan 2019 · 213
Waiting For A Magic
Lee Aaun Jan 2019
And I live everyday of my life
with my exhausted soul,
Which is waiting for a magic
to happen with her.
Releasing her from such burning fire,
Making her full of strength
that can make her able to
forgive herself for all those
times she tries to remember him..
Remember him in vain..
The pain will start to lessen
On its own,
When she will take a breath
So light as her soul.
Jan 2019 · 681
Written with Blood
Lee Aaun Jan 2019
Our love story
is written
with blood,
that's why
it hurts.
Jan 2019 · 418
To Ease her heart
Lee Aaun Jan 2019
When the day's are rough.
She pour down
her thoughts
on the paper,
to ease her
Jan 2019 · 371
She's The Only One
Lee Aaun Jan 2019
I need her to know,
She's the only one ruling over my heart;
As always, she'll be the
only one.
Jan 2019 · 533
She is Karma
Lee Aaun Jan 2019
is not
   going to forget.
   She is karma.
Jan 2019 · 1.5k
Consume Your Soul
Lee Aaun Jan 2019
can consume your soul,
destroy your
of your hope.
Jan 2019 · 161
I Will Choose Our Fairytale
Lee Aaun Jan 2019
And i had choose you;
in a hundred lifetimes,
in thousands galaxies,
No matter, which
fairytale will be
written for me in
my destiny.
I will choose the path
that lead me towards
our fairytale.
Like our old one.
Dec 2018 · 383
No begging in love
Lee Aaun Dec 2018
Everyone at least once,
fall in love.
As I did with you.
But I know,
Your feelings differ from mine.
So, I am not going to
beg for your love.
As I will only request you to
Remember me as all things wild.
Dec 2018 · 438
Just Remember
Lee Aaun Dec 2018
I don't know
If there's a tomorrow
of our friendship
when we're not together.
To hang out, to laugh,
to talk to our heart out
like we used to do now..

There is something
I want to tell
that you must remember.
You are braver than you think.
Stronger than you seem.
And smarter than you believe.

Many people will try to
make you have a fall.
A deep fall.
But you must rise.
Because my friend,
You are not made for a fall.
You are made with
wings to fly,
fly high in starry sky.

Your hope may tremble
but don't let it
make you weak.
If you feel weak
just remember
what I told you

You are braver than you think.
Stronger than you seem.
And smarter than you believe.

The most important thing
is even if we are apart,
So far from eachother.
I'll always be with you
just remember.
The best gift you can give to your bestie is writing a piece of peotry for her. So you can always stay close to her heart.
Lee Aaun Dec 2018
I know,
You worked so hard
For the pain to go away.
But it stays, I know.
It stabs you.
Makes you go through
a torture
Again and again,
I know.
But you are strong too,
I know it too.
You can get out of that pain
that's what you need to know.
Dec 2018 · 276
Don't curse the Darkness
Lee Aaun Dec 2018
Let the darkness in you rise.
As darkness is solitude and peace.
Let your heart feel it,
It's silence, demons and loneliness.
So don't curse the darkness,
let it rise and rise.
It will make the hell home
you will not feel fear anymore.
Fall deeper and deeper
as darkness is calling your name.
See the stars shine,
As darkness is the one
granting their wishes to shine.
Always believe that the
Darkness can show you the light
Hidden in gloomy releams.
Dec 2018 · 104
Lee Aaun Dec 2018
She made herself again
by the broken pieces,
with her cracked hands.
She doesn't remember the
memories of her own beauty.
All she knows is that
she has to prove that
she is not going to break again
by his selfish desires.

— The End —