Our love story
is written
with blood,
that's why
it hurts.
When the day's are rough.
She pour down
her thoughts
on the paper,
to ease her
I need her to know,
She's the only one ruling over my heart;
As always, she'll be the
only one.
is not
   going to forget.
   She is karma.
can consume your soul,
destroy your
of your hope.
Lee Aaun Jan 4
And i had choose you;
in a hundred lifetimes,
in thousands galaxies,
No matter, which
fairytale will be
written for me in
my destiny.
I will choose the path
that lead me towards
our fairytale.
Like our old one.
Lee Aaun Dec 2018
Everyone at least once,
fall in love.
As I did with you.
But I know,
Your feelings differ from mine.
So, I am not going to
beg for your love.
As I will only request you to
Remember me as all things wild.
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