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Lee Brewer Dec 2021
the blood drips down my legs
oh my
what have i done this time?
The warm feeling of
the blood leaking
is the worst,
but it's comforting
knowing the blood is real
knowing that I'm still alive.
The blood drips down my legs
Its stings a lot
what happened to the happy
little kid I once was.
"That's okay though"
I whisper to myself
as i close my eyes and
fall asleep.
The blood drips down my legs
Lee Brewer Nov 2021
I feel like my thoughts
are pouring out my ears
everyone can hear things
that i don't want them to hear
that's not a good thing
they'll make fun of me
if they hear my thoughts
they wouldn't leave me be
they'd all bully me
I'm being sincere
these types of thoughts
I want no one to hear
Lee Brewer Jun 2021
I bet if we jumped
from my window together, our
fall would shake the earth.
we both want to die together
to be with each other forever
this plan is not the worst.
maybe the day we jump,
our souls will go on forever.
may the day we die, only be our first
for if we are together
my life will no longer be
the worst
Lee Brewer Mar 2021
Do you ever wonder why
People fight about what happens when we die?
I do.
This shouldn't be a fight
It's death, alright.
It'll happen to us all
We'll know what happens soon enough
Lee Brewer Mar 2021
Nothing goes my way
Everything is wrong
My world is crumbling
This is Hell
Let me leave
My mind is Hell
I'm ready to go
Go where?
Don't let me go insane
I'm scared.
Lee Brewer Mar 2021
Why am I always so depressed?
Why can't it stop?
Tears well up in my eyes
Words stuck in my throat.
I try to get help but I can't move
Feet stuck to the floor
And hands Jittering quickly
Make this stop
Make this stop
Make this stop
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