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Who are we without it, verses, who can we become with it...
Hope is not a feeling or emotion but the desire to believe good things will happen. A believer knows that their HOPE is solid; concrete evidence that is grounded in the knowledge of facts that cannot lie. Many people think that hoping for a good day or hoping for a loved one to survive but there is no guarantee it will happen. That's is called "wishful thinking" and it is undependable, also it has no power to bring anything passed it.
In my case, I didn't always have it and at one point... I was absolutely defeated by dismay. My 7th-grade year started off great but towards the end, I had classmates bullying me. They belittled me in numerous ways by taunting me with my mistakes and purposely making my life a living hell. I was threatened to be "ganged'' and ambushed on a daily basis, to the point of administrative leave was forced for my safety and well-being but it didn't stop there... My classmates cyber-bullied me to believe this world was a better place without me. Honestly, I had literally no idea from the start it would end up being this bad. I often cried until I tried to end my very existence on multiple occasions. Because I had no Hope and often couldn't cope with what was happening to me.
Until one day, my mother sat me down, talked to me about her story and how her life was similar to mine. I realized I was entertaining my enemies by allowing them to torment my emotions in dangerous ways by practicing destructive habits and I learned to turn their undermining comments into fuel...
My own mother placed a seed of hope in my mind and it bloomed like a Cherry Blossom Tree. I have hoped for the light and the end of the tunnel but now I have restored my sight to my blinded eyes and the desire to live a full happy life Mentally and spiritually. Hope is a sure anchor of the soul and is far superior to that of my world.
Today I am stronger and happier than ever. I have suffered but learned so much, that with Hope, I will always have this feeling of relief.
I am grateful that I found HOPE. Because if not I probably won't be writing this. My story would have faded in the years to come.

— The End —