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More of the light in the sky
is reflected off the storm
Yielding tears that I've cried

I hold my breath
against my dying of my light
my heart goes west
hold my face

my soul goes south
ultrasonic is just our second pace
im trying behind sewn shut
my mouth

i cant im screaming
silently. im so "strong" they tear
solar storms erupting melt
like silly string

a solar flare, an endeavor of less than
a lightyear
high caught in a snare
Feb 22
lol im struggling to self regulate. i cope with my last braincell
You dreamed it once
The slow bend in the road
Past which the world delves
Into the realm of the unreal
Unrealised futures selves
That are as material as
Anything will ever be
In this stretch of land
Between here and infinity
Where a million bonded yous
Could be living in flawed
Synchrony, a dissonance of
Possible lives you will never see
Even now at the precipice
Of all that waits to come
The time it takes for a hum
To bloom into the vibration
Of a body growing wings
Is that step that lays down
The brick for the next
Two feet never together
On the same square inch of ground
There lies the sound of cracking shells
A chrysalis to which you are bound
By birth, where inside you lay the
Stones of the inverted pyramid
With each clean bone leading
Cleanly to the edge, the rising temple
Held up by the apex of the roof
Long before belief has penetrated
The invisible heart of the root
  May 4 Kitten Yvad
Wish I could find the words to say
They are just meant
Beating inside me
And this makes them
The deepest words can't escape from the heart
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