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Anthony 19h
The sun set on saddened faces
Bringing with it the hearts of the people
As the night was lit up
By the light of their lives in their pockets
And their humanity was stolen
Modern culture.
Anthony 1d
Your light was too bright
For their ***** eyes
So they felt the need
To put you out
A young girl was killed here a while back and there's still news updates every day about how it happened, it came out recently that she wasn't liked because she was seen as “weird”. It breaks my heart that beautiful people like her are taken so easily and at such a young age. This world is filthy.
Anthony 1d
Whenever I feel the tight grasp around my neck
Choking me
And I feel like giving up
I see innocent eyes
Bright smiles
And hear midnight cries
Yelling a single word that shakes my soul
And picks me up from the floor

Love keeps you alive.
Anthony 3d
Eyes are much prettier
When they shine for someone
Little note.
Anthony 3d
I have made some mistakes
And by that I mean I have been too overzealous
Giving in to my desires too often
I'm guilty
I acknowledge it

I have been brought to my knees
In pure regret
Wishing for mercy
And I have made a pledge
Silently to myself
I will be smart
I will be courageous
I will fight my sinning self
For the love of innocence
For the love of the people I love
And the people I have lost

I will be better

Anthony 3d
I sit here
Weaving words together
Connecting the goings on in my head
Trying to find myself
As I cast my words out
Into infinity
Anthony 4d
I looked to the sky
In fading hope
And saw nothing to comfort my eyes
From the darkness I see ahead of me
I lowered my head
And cradled my uneasy heart into silence
As I walked further along
Escaping the worst

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