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The little refulgence
A decanter of i n d i g o
Should not be left alone
Or taken over
Laura Trueman Oct 24
A shadowed birdlikened creature
Rustled in Juniperus
As I sang a psalm
A glue sapped cheaping feathered imp
So then offered a shrine of fare  
With beguiled gaze
An awe
Laura Trueman Dec 2019
I created the poem ‘Bl Bo Br” using a new word called ‘Bo’ meaning greenish and above greed.
Laura Trueman Sep 2019
We go towards the sky

And dream of the rainbow

From wild flowers

We meditate to set in our orb
The wind can bewild’r dandylion
Yet yon beauty triumphs
Laura Trueman Jun 18
Set sail
With wispy glistening gloss tossed froth
To the sparkling shelled shore
And the ideal of a goddess bless you
If the tide is yonder
Inspired and written with her family&friends
Laura Trueman Sep 2019
I make a new constellation
I postulate a new zodiac animal
Save a woman
And we’ll try
To meet at noon
J o v e was respected
As the o r a n g e g i a n t
Too b i g for E a r t h itself
As if it was the c e n t e r
Of the c o s m o
Laura Trueman Jul 30
It’s them not me
Give a way out
Don’t set a trap
So we can be fae  
Dancing in the wind

— The End —