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Laura Trueman Sep 2019
I make a new constellation
I postulate a new zodiac animal
860 · Sep 2019
Laura Trueman Sep 2019
We go towards the sky

And dream of the rainbow

From wild flowers

We meditate to set in our orb
711 · Dec 2019
Bl Bo Br
Laura Trueman Dec 2019
I created the poem ‘Bl Bo Br” using a new word called ‘Bo’ meaning greenish and above greed.
143 · Aug 2
A Cull of the Crowd
The little refulgence
A decanter of i n d i g o
Should not be left alone
Or taken over
129 · Oct 24
Laura Trueman Oct 24
A shadowed birdlikened creature
Rustled in Juniperus
As I sang a psalm
A glue sapped cheaping feathered imp
So then offered a shrine of fare  
With beguiled gaze
An awe
124 · Apr 5
J o v e was respected
As the o r a n g e g i a n t
Too b i g for E a r t h itself
As if it was the c e n t e r
Of the c o s m o
124 · Aug 2
About Laura
90 · Jun 18
Laura Trueman Jun 18
Set sail
With wispy glistening gloss tossed froth
To the sparkling shelled shore
And the ideal of a goddess bless you
If the tide is yonder
Inspired and written with her family&friends
89 · Aug 1
Save Her Majesty
Save a woman
And we’ll try
To meet at noon
89 · Aug 1
The wind can bewild’r dandylion
Yet yon beauty triumphs
54 · Jul 30
Wisp On
Laura Trueman Jul 30
It’s them not me
Give a way out
Don’t set a trap
So we can be fae  
Dancing in the wind

— The End —