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Latifah Aug 22
You ***** my mind of its freedom
and filled it with the thought of you.
Latifah Aug 21
Some people grow
and some don’t change.
Some people don’t stay
and some are stuck in one place.
Some people are repeatedly visiting the past
and some are impatiently waiting for the future.
Some people are living in the moment
and some are thinking about tomorrow.
Latifah Aug 21
You’re lo lost
In a place you don’t belong
You’re trying to find your way out
But you don’t know which is the right direction
You keep roaming around in circles
Coming back to the starting point
I just hope you won’t stay lost forever.
Latifah Aug 21
Some things feel like
They’re going to stick with me forever
But they are my choices and decisions
Whether i was or wasn’t fully aware of the consequences
And I have to live with them
Remember them each and every day.
  Aug 20 Latifah
Winter Child
In case no one gets it,
i collect my excerpts
than i spell my prayer.
Spills my personal feelings
and trouble,
longer than i bow
on my knees.

i memorize every shame
and quote it
in a piece of paper,
the same stroke
they did to break
my bones.
Marks down
every of their tone
when i got yelled at,
being degraded.

In case no one gets it,
i use my fingertips to fight.
Being sure of my words,
but never myself.

They can take off my guts,
break down my sanity
into pieces of insecurity.
Yet i’m here to remain bold
until the last spill of ink,
and my pen
can no longer stand.
the battle is in my head
  Jun 21 Latifah
Justyn Huang
An itch in my heart
I'd like to scratch but no one
to rub feelings with
  Jun 21 Latifah
Jeramy Souder
We all see the world in different ways
Experiencing the same situation
But never really understanding it the same

I see this more as an art
Being spoken to individuality
Each having their own story
Waiting to be told
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