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  Dec 2018 Erikah22
Talking Back
I cannot help but compare people to plants.

We are born,
Blooming throughout our lives
We sow seeds and bear fruit.

Like trees,
We take root spreading far and wide
And yet we wither and die in the same soil

Even still,
The flower petals dance through the sky
And our greatest adventure continues.
Erikah22 Dec 2018
Not a name, a lesson.
Gulp throat, the feeling rings in my memory as a constant reminder of the feeling that leaves me restless.
Restless, tossing and turning.
ANXIETY my terrist holds me hostage with every word I think.
I clutch my jaws tight as I embrace my next blessing,...
my next lesson more or less.
Im hot an sweaty, head heavy with thought,
Just keep breathing he whispers so deeply into my mind.
His voice brings me peace when the storm hits.
His voice brings me clarity when, when nothing else makes sense.
Ahhhhhee I can breath again, like a gust of wind releases in my body and im no longer my own victim.
Late night thoughts, turn into early morning poetry. Im sweaty and feeling all the worlds emotion. Glad someone else takes my pain
  Nov 2018 Erikah22
Dawn Bunker
I saw that man fall in the street.
It was like he suddenly
lost his feet.
His sign went flying,
as did my mood.
I should've been crying,
will work for food.

I saw my friend breaking down.
She needed those pills,
but they weren't around.
Her hands were shaking,
as was my mind.
Her heart was breaking,
yet I left her behind.

I heard the sirens again tonight.
My stupid neighbors,
another fight.
I've seen that girl,
we spoke once or twice.
She's not in my world,
I've been more then nice.

There will always be something wrong.
Some lost soul
some sad song.
There will always be people,
to rearrange it.
But God, just once,
can we try to change it?
  Nov 2018 Erikah22
Carl Webb II
why look to the sky for answers
when life is all around? why even utter a sound, when the only person that really needs to heed your words and hear your thoughts, is you?

what do you do when the only thing left for you to do is pray?

you say your prayers
by writing them down
and live your life a better way.
Erikah22 Sep 2018
Tomorrow comes.
Don't wait for it, its coming.
Not promised, but your always gifted.
That’s His love,
better yet His grace!
keep hope
Tomorrow comes!
Thank you.
Erikah22 Jul 2018
Im green and old inside and out.
4 rooms, 2 doors, 1 bathroom and unleveled floors.
My walls are decaying but filled with memories I hold your love, your life, and your soul.
Here we came to relieve, but were forced to relearn.
Here we fell, and were conquered.
Consumed by defeat day in and day out.
Depression, and agony linger between these walls.
Future hopes to get out, so close we nearly grasped it.
Not close enough and we are back, back to this dusty old house.
Returned to our rooms paint jobs half finished.
Potential forgot, motivation consumed with dark and a heavy urge too sleep.
In the monster house we lay at home sweet dreams, not a peep.
My depression started @1207 and continued @505
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