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𝓛𝓐 Jun 2020
I’m not scared of life after death,
I’m scared of life before death.
I’m not scared of dying,
I’m scared of not living.
It’s been a minute.
Haven’t written anything in a while.
  Feb 2020 π“›π“
Put down the knife,
Untie the noose,
Don't end your life,
This battle you can't lose.

Put down the gun,
Don't take the pills,
Dying isn't fun,
This isn't God's will.

Don't take the fall,
Don't listen to the lies,
Don't lose it all,
Don't say goodbye.

People would miss you,
It's God you should turn to.
I hope this helps someone. I hope the person who needs this sees this. I just hope I can help someone.
  Feb 2020 π“›π“
Sal AK
We have a strange relationship, truth and I
She never speaks in my presence
I don’t dare look her in the eye,
We exist in each other’s reality
We feed of each other’s pain,
I shame her with my being
Her loss becomes my gain.
  Feb 2020 π“›π“
A Freedom
In the depths of winter, I finally learned that in me, there is a great summer, where silence becomes a symphony of a blind man's privilege to hear. I, pleased needn't be, as God knows I tried too hard, too long, too many times! I do not know, nor I belong. Freedom, so sweet, there's no flavour left in me for you to master.  
𝓛𝓐 Feb 2020
She breathes passion
She’s a wild fire
Overflowing with untamed emotion
Magic slips from her fingertips
Creating a masterpiece with words.
  Feb 2020 π“›π“
Hamza Ali
The difference between you and I is,
you grab a drink to surround yourself
with madness and I,
a soulful person.
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